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Full form of AFMC

The Word AFMC stands for Armed Forces Medical College. The establishment was set up on 01 May 1948 by the suggestions of the BC Roy Committee by the amalgamation of different protection clinical associations. The “Graduate Wing ” of AFMC was set up on 04th August 1962 for Indian Armed Forces. This foundation is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and is perceived by the MCI for leading undergrad and different postgraduate clinical courses. AFMC is Ranked in 9th position among the topmost medical colleges in India

Military Medical College is a head clinical establishment of India recognized as a focal point of greatness for instruction and research. The school gives preparing to under-graduate and post-graduate clinical and nursing students with guaranteed vocation prospects in the guard administration


  • Nursing
  • College of Nursing
  • Postgraduate Departments
  • Anaesthesiology & Critical care * Anatomy * Biochemistry * Community Medicine
  • Dental Surgery * Dermatology * Forensic Medicine * Hospital Administration
  • Internal Medicine * Microbiology * Physiology * Surgery * Pathology
  • Super Speciality Departments
  • Cardiology
  • CT Surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Radiotherapy
  • Medical Education

AFMC Admission Process

Applicants who keep on getting information at AFMC will be required to apply for registration by enlisting on the DGHS site inside the enrollment window reported by DGHS. Admission to all the projects is given based on the entrance test as well as the national qualification, trailed by a meeting led by the school.

Just 150 understudies including 30 young ladies, 115 young men & 5 NRIs are admitted to the MBBS program. To acquire admission to the program, candidates are required to qualify the NEET-UG test held by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). After the end of the enlistment window, applicants are shortlisted by their score in the NEET-UG. Shortlisted applicants are called to the school for the screening procedure. This procedure comprises a Test of Logic and Reasoning (ToELR), Test of English Language, Psychological Assessment Test (PAT) and an appreciation test followed by a clinical assessment and meeting. The last choices are made based on the competitor’s NEET-UG score and their exhibition in the screening procedure.

AFMC Placements

AFMC furnishes students with ensured vocation openings in the guard benefits of graduating. Students are lawfully dependable to serve in the military’s clinical administrations for at least seven years on the effective consummation of the MBBS program.

Awards and Allowances

AFMC offers instruction to its students practically complimentary with no messing and boarding charges. Additionally, it offers different recommendations and awards to students including travel remittance for returning home on get-aways. Following remittances are allowed to students:

  • Book and hardware award of Rs. 4,000 every year
  • Money award for messing of Rs. 12 every day
  • Once uniform stipend of Rs. 6,000 and an upkeep stipend of Rs. 1,250 every year
  • Haircutting stipend of Rs. 140 every month
  • Award in-Aid stipend of Rs. 1,800 on admission to the school and Rs. 900 every month then onwards
  • Washing stipend of Rs. 560 every month during term and Rs. 210 during term break
  • A financial award of Rs. 210 every month for extra-curricular and club exercises
  • Mess support stipend of Rs. 25 every month
  • Mess material washing stipend of Rs. 28 every month
  • Stationery award of Rs. 140 every month alongside Rs. 1120 every year