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GAHANA NAVYA JAMES UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 6, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about Gahana Navya James the 6 th Rank holder in UPSC exams.

NameGahana Navya James
All India Rank6th Rank
Roll Number2409491
Number of Attempts2
Optional SubjectPolitical Science and International Relations
Hometown/CityPala, Kottayam

Gahana Navya James Biography

Hailing from the enchanting town of Pala in Kottayam, Kerala, Gahana Navya James has emerged as a prominent contender in the UPSC CSE 2022. Her educational background lays a strong foundation for her remarkable achievements. Pursuing her undergraduate degree in Political Science at St. Thomas College in Pala, Gahana showcased her academic prowess. Continuing her educational journey at Alphonsa College, also located in Pala, she further honed her knowledge, earning a BA in History.

Gahana’s journey towards this exceptional feat in the UPSC examination serves as an inspiration to many. Throughout her academic years, Gahana exhibited a passion for learning, excelling in her chosen field of Political Science.

Gahana Navya’s Educational Background

Gahana’s academic accomplishments include a first-class MA degree in Political Science from St. Thomas College in Pala, alongside a Bachelor’s degree in History from Alphonsa College, also in Pala.

In the classroom, Gahana consistently excelled, displaying exceptional aptitude without any formal training. Since childhood, she avidly read newspapers, allowing her to stay informed and prepared for UPSC exams while broadening her perspectives on various subjects and current developments.

After achieving the Junior Research Fellowship in the UGC NET exam, Gahana is now actively engaged in her doctoral studies, focusing on the field of International Relations. Her academic journey began at Chavara Public School, where she completed her education up to the tenth grade, and later continued her studies at St. Mary’s School for the eleventh and twelfth grades.

Gahana Navya James Struggles and Challenges

Gahana encountered her fair share of challenges along the path of self-study she ultimately embraced. It demanded immense self-motivation, a well-structured study routine, and the ability to stay focused amidst distractions. Gahana’s accomplishments were profoundly influenced by her unwavering determination and the discipline she cultivated, empowering her to unlock her full potential and showcase her abilities.

Gahana’s remarkable feat in the UPSC exam, achieved without any professional coaching, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless candidates across the nation. Her triumph highlights the significance of self-confidence, resourcefulness, and a thirst for knowledge. It exemplifies how these qualities can pave the way to success and drive one’s aspirations forward.

Preparation Strategy of Gahana Navya James

Achieving success in the UPSC exam necessitates a comprehensive understanding of every subject. Gahana’s preparation was grounded in her genuine passion for learning and her strong academic background in Political Science and History. Gahana’s self-study journey serves as a testament to her persistence, focus, and unshakeable self-belief. She recognized the significance of staying updated on current affairs and effectively utilized the wealth of information available on the internet and in newspapers to her advantage.

Success Story of Gahana Navya James

Gahana’s unwavering determination, meticulous planning, and focused approach played a crucial role in her achievement. She sought guidance from mentors and experts, prioritised her education, and adhered to a disciplined schedule. Her preparation strategy involved regular practice through mock exams, solving previous year’s question papers, and staying updated with current affairs.

The accomplishments of Gahana Navya James serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring candidates preparing for the UPSC exam. Her achievements highlight the notion that with hard work, a strong educational foundation, and unwavering dedication, anyone can overcome challenges and accomplish their goals. Gahana’s exceptional performance showcases the brilliance and potential of the nation’s young individuals.

Gahana Navya James Optional Subject in UPSC

In her pursuit of knowledge, Gahana made a deliberate decision to study Political Science and International Relations. She was drawn to this field as it offered a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between politics and global affairs.

Gahana Navya James, a successful UPSC topper, was particularly captivated by the practical implications of these subjects. She recognized the significance of international relations in shaping the destiny of nations and societies, including emerging concerns such as space security.

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