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Geography Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC

This article is dedicated to those students who are looking for Geography Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam. This will you to obtain good marks in Geography Optional Subject.

UPSC stands for “Union Public Service Commission ”.UPSC exam is a civil service exam. It is a very important test by the aspect of getting a job at a high rank.It is a competitive nationwide exam in india. It includes the job of Indian Administration,

Indian Foreign Services and Indian Police Services.It is a paper based standardized

test.This 3xam is specific for the people of india. This exam is held in the different cities of india. It contains two types of exam.

1. Preliminary Exam

2. Mains Exam

Its syllabus consist in two parts

  • General Studies Paper I
  • General Studies paper II

There is a tough competition in UPSC exams.Everyone is trying hard to achieve his goals .There different optional and compulsory subjects for this exam. The Geography Is the main optional Subject described below.

Geography as Optional Paper

There is only one optional subject to choose in the UPSC exam. Which contain two papers each containing 250 marks. The optional paper has 500 total marks. The syllabus for the two papers of Geography is very lengthy . There is a need to do more tasks in a little time. Every book or topic contains something about the base or the main point in the topic. Geography helps a lot as an optional. Major part of paper and paper iii almost inside from the geography. It is easy to study as well as not any specific notes for this.

Geography Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC

Students get nervous and become a victim of depression by just seeing the lengthy syllabus . There are some important strategies which would be useful for all the students of India who want a brilliant success in the UPSC. Smart strategies save our time and maximize our output whatever we are putting here. If you have very little time you have to follow these strategies to get a higher rank.

Start with NCERT

One of the best ways to get a good grip over geography is to start from NCERT text books. Those books are sanctioned by the government and it will be very helpful in getting to know about the basics of geography. You can start from geography text books of class 6 to 12

Read from different sources

Reading from different sources will help you to cover all relevant information regarding a particular subject. It’s better to read topics from particular sources to ensure that you haven’t missed any important topics. Do this for all topics related to geography and revise for a maximum of 2-3 times

Making short notes

Making short topics for paper 2 syllabus can be very helpful in saving your time and it will help you to understand the topics better. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind while preparing short notes. Make sure that you are writing the most relevant points and you’re writing only the topics that are included in the syllabus. Make notes with the right definition of things


Diagrams play a pivotal role in the geography optional. There are a lot of diagrams you need to study. So it’s very important to practice these diagrams. Diagrams can be used in the answer to improve the presentation and it’s a great way to score more marks. You don’t need to draw the exact diagram. A rough idea of the diagram is enough to present in the exam since it is enough for the examiner to know that you are well informed about it.


Practice makes everything perfect. One of the best ways to score good marks in any subject is to practice well. Practicing to write answers will help you a lot in the exam hall. Practicing on a regular basis will help you to prepare yourself for the main exam. It’s very important to make sure that you have practiced the state and Indian maps too

Passing geography optional for UPSC is not a tedious task. It is not easy either. It requires a strategic plan and preparation to crack this exam. A good strategy is which ensures that you learn everything and pass with flying colors.

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