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IAS Preparation-Should you move towards the decision on becoming an IAS?

Being an IAS officer seems to be a tough job owing to the authority and power it grants to an individual. Apart from this, job security is another perception that attracts most of the aspiring candidates to apply for the post.

Every year, a large number of students take initiative to appear in the Civil service exam, but those who don’t carry some unrealistic presumptions about the post and its service effects.

Though thousands of students apply for the civil services preparation every year, still many follow the general perception that this post is not worthy of gaining any good points as Civil servants are mere the personal servants of politicians.

Well, such a perception is completely wrong. It’s true that politicians attempt to intersect the Administrative works on behalf of improving the law and order in their constituency, but an IAS officer is expected to be clear on the rules and regulations amended by Indian Law.

What an IAS officer do?

An IAS officer is expected to play a fair role while performing the duties conferring administering land laws and the development schemes. In the initial years of services, expectations from the civil servants matter on the basis of developments and changes they brought to society and the country.

It’s not that during the later stage of service, the civil servant should act in the way, the politician wants him to act. Instead, things go more fearlessly on the deployment of the policies and decision making processes that sound factual and in progression with the country’s and people’s development.

Nature of work posted by an IAS:

IAS being the most versatile service department offers a wide variety of challenging career fields wherein expectations are made from the selected applicants on grounds of serving the country’s people with the best of everything. The fields are public administration, law, finance, social sector, agriculture, service sector, and many other fields.

Those who are keen to serve the public or work in the field that affects the people or society will find a great exposure in being an IAS. Otherwise, other fields like; being a doctor, engineer or businessman is still open for those who feel satisfaction in excelling in any particular field.

Growth prospect for an IAS officer:

Life of an IAS officer is always unexpected as it is filled with unforeseen situations that recall him to run on his toes sometimes. Owing to this, it is expected that an IAS officer must maintain his intellectual level that can bring on high prospects for future growth.

The job of becoming an IAS officer is filled with a variety of situations that bring in a wide variety of decision making periods wherein the actual competition begins.

Coming on the decision that whether you should continue your journey to becoming a public servant or not, it’s totally up to you. If you seriously love your profile and you love to be a people-friendly person, then this career choice is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can choose your own way. Remember, preparation for IAS asks if your soul appeals for the job or not.