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Making Your Junior’s Budding Years Unforgettable Memories

Do you have junior James Bonds or Spy Kids or Hannah Montanas at home? Do your kids always dream of being geared up in all those high-tech and fancy gadgets, they see on the television sets? Well instead of worrying about what good a television does to the children development and keeping it off them, parents can limit the television viewing of the kids and carefully choose the kind of programs and shows which can help them grow mentally and socially.

You can make television a powerful learning tool by watching it together with your kids and explaining them and clarifying what they do not understand. Keeping the children and development in mind, you can also try to introduce few other educational toys that can prove beneficial during the milestones of children development.

Children and development go hand in hand.

For example during the first year of your child, when a child usually is able to walk 2-3 steps without support, can sit up and stand up straight, fun games like building blocks can prove to be of great learning experience. Not only at this tender age of children development they can put the building blocks on top of each other, but also they tend to start recognizing colors, shapes, numbers and letters by using simple pictures and toys. Though you might think it’s a bit early for your kid to understand these concepts, this definitely helps in building the foundation in your child’s brain which might prove to be useful in later years.

During the development of toddlers, you might have the pleasure to see their first exclusive artworks. By now they start taking interest in painting, drawing, observing aqua life, etc. They also develop ability to walk up and down the stairs safely, and are able to put away their toys after they are finished playing with them. Though you might need to help them initially, you will be surprised to see how quickly they are able to grasp things. As they keep growing you might want to increase their daily chores by adding things like watering plants or clearing off their spills, for better development of toddlers.

Children and development should occupy the prime importance in our lives as they are the future of a nation, so it’s every parent’s responsibility to plan out a schedule of their child’s development while keeping in the mind the fact that “every child is unique and deserves to be treated the same”.