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Mobile internet user base is on its way to rise

How many times you use your mobile internet? One, two, three or the counting is continued. It might be possible that you don’t even remember the number of counts you check internet on your phone. Either for checking mail or for configuring social networking platform, you keep on figuring out the internet after a while or so. Frankly, this is the common practice followed by every individual of modern era.

Undoubtedly, behind this big chunk of growth of mobile internet user base, Smartphone plays a crucial role. They are getting more powerful and offering new technological advancement to the users. Owing to this development, people are following several needs through internet. Be it there banking transactions or online shopping platform, people are accessing internet from the cozy comfort of their lifestyle. About 94% of users access the internet through their mobile phones. They summon the mobiles as their private source of browsing following the comfort of applicability.

Not only this, a recent study has revealed that compared to the year 2014, a raise of 49% is observed in the internet user base by mobile users in the previous year 2015. This rise is unexceptional as still some places are there which are ignorant of basic internet services. But the study reveals something else. Apart from this, a recent research made on the future perspective of internet user base through mobile platform is also shocking. The study states that year 2016 will see a vibrant rise in the number of internet accesses. It is estimated that more than 2 billion people or around 44% of world’s population will make the use of mobile internet globally. Among several countries, India, China and Indonesia are the ones which are about to lead the way in terms of highest number of internet accesses.

Comparable to last few years, Smartphone companies have worked upon lowest prices devices and low cost mobile networks which are pushing this expectation. Previously, high prices of devices and heavy loaded networks makes impossible for the people to afford such things. With the passage of time, consumer internet startups have been improved thereby working towards maximum pick up made by the consumers.

Today, every second individual is using a Smartphone wherein counting of women is high. Especially urban non-working women is covering highest ratio i.e. around 70 % from the block and capturing the largest user base among those who access internet from their phone. Also, top metro cities are covering larger area of around 31% among the user base compared to other cities.

Some big firms like Google and Facebook are also working on capturing the remaining population about 4 billion people over the matter of internet usage. It is estimated that mobile commerce and mobile advertising growth will indirectly seed up the usage of internet possibly by 25% every year. Possibly by few coming years will bring out the growing scenario of internet access done by maximum number of users. It is expected that people will definitely access internet to do several tasks right from banking online, streaming music to finding jobs and also from checking mails to making online shopping.