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Research Paper Step-by-Step Writing Guide

If you have to write a research paper, you know that it might be now easy. A research paper is more complicated than any essay because it is not about your thoughts and ideas, but it should be based on the results of your own research. In a research paper, you should not only present your ideas but compare them with the ideas of scientists and make conclusions that will persuade your teacher and the commission, if any.

However, to write a perfect paper, you might need to have some useful instructions. If you don’t have enough writing experience, you might need even to look for the services of a reliable paper writer, and this website link will serve you a good service if you need professional service or a detailed instruction and useful tips.

A research paper is a complicated and responsible stage in your studies process. These useful tips will help you to write it in the best possible way.

Make Sure You Understand the Requirements

Requirements are a must if you want to get the highest grade. Read them attentively and make sure you understand each detail in them. If something is not clear, ask your teacher immediately. This is the base of all your work.

Perform a Research Properly

For your paper, you need to read a lot of sources. We recommend you start with the sources that your teacher has recommended. Usually, the most valuable information is available there. In many cases, the information that is available in the recommended sources can be sufficient for a research paper. Of course, other sources should be used, as well, but those that your teacher has recommended are the base.

Make sure that you write down all the needed citations with all the data that will be required for the list of references. This detail will save you a lot of time in the future when you come to this stage. As well, if you see some interesting ideas and thoughts, you can write them down, as well as your ideas that come along. Later, you might want to use them for your paper.

Make a Plan

Many students and even specialists ignore it. However, a plan is a very important stage in your writing process. When you are writing a plan, you are arranging your thoughts and ideas in a system. You check in which order they can follow in your research paper and think about how you can connect different ideas to make a smooth text.

First of all, mark just the main stages. It might look just like:

  • An introduction;
  • The main part;
  • A conclusion.

Further, make short notes related to each point. What are you going to write in the introduction? And what ideas are you going to discuss in the main part? How are they connected with your ideas? Do they contradict your ideas or support them and in what way do they do it? Finally, what conclusions are you going to make?

Develop initial ideas. This process can be very productive when you are reading the resources. You can just write down the ideas, and later, you will arrange them and create some system.

Do not be afraid if you discover that your initial ideas are being transformed, that they are changing. It is a normal process and your teacher will be proud to see that you can analyze and make smart conclusions.

Start with an Introduction

Your introduction should be interesting, to the point and catchy enough to make your reader want to read your paper till the end. It is a complicated task especially if you consider that you are writing a research paper. In your case, you can show how your research can influence the future and solve the existing problems in the field you are working in.

Move on to the Main Part

In the main part of your paper, you should discuss all the relevant ideas and your own points of view. You can discuss each idea in a separate paragraph or even a section if the paper length allows. Even though each paragraph is going to contain a separate though, a different idea, make sure you connect them logically. These different parts of your paper should constitute a text.

It is possible that during the discussion, you will find out that your ideas are not correct and that the entire research direction should be changed. It is fine, just show how the process and explain why you have changed your ideas. Many students are afraid to do so, but this will show your ability to think critically and make reasonable decisions.

A Conclusion Should be Concise

Make sure you include in the conclusion all the main ideas and solutions, in their short for. State once more where you started and with what ideas you ended up. Make it concise and do not include anything new in it. If suddenly, a new idea came to your mind, add one more section or one more paragraph in your paper.

The List of References

This is the most complicated stage of any paper writing: any list of references makes students desperate and stressed out. That’s why we have recommended to write down all the citations while reading the sources. If you have done so, now, all that you need is to arrange them according to all the rules. Research on the web, there are step-by-step instructions about how to write a list of references in the case with each citation style.

Proofread the Paper

This is a must-to-do stage. We know that many students prefer ignoring it. But don’t skip this stage. Even insignificant mistakes will make your paper look worse, and this is something you don’t want. Check each word, each sentence. Edit all the errors, replace all the parts that are not clear. Only after that submit your paper. If you follow all the instructions, you can count on the highest score.