Pulse Phase

Shortlisting Color Combination for Your Interiors

The simplest way to bring a drastic change in the interiors of your house id to change the wall paint colors. This gives a new look and feels to the house while also keeping your choice intact.

However, other ways to change the budget may not always be as specific to your choice because you may not always get the accessory or upholstery you are looking for, but you can always a shade of wall paint to match your preference.

So no matter you are looking for a burst of bright, stimulating combinations or a soothing palette, you can be assured that you will be able to find your shade/s easily and change the way you interiors space is perceived.

While designing this personal space is entirely up to your choice, you still need to keep certain factors in mind while planning paints can help you get that perfect look.

Get Inspired

A design bliss can be easily achieved if you have a concept in mind before you approach a paint store to find a good combination of shades. So it is better to find some inspiration for your color ethics from anywhere and everywhere. As far as searching an impeccable blend of wall colors is concerned, your universe is truly cosmic.

You could get this idea from your wardrobe, your old photo album, your best vacation, a magazine about interiors, etc. It is just about identifying the shades that generally appeal to you and locating them on a color wheel to see how these common color dominators will finally appear.

This will tell you what kind of environment your mind will feel most relaxed and comfortable. It will also help you understand if your choice is that of muted or bold colors, or is it variations of the same shade or multihued? Knowing your personal choice and using this as inspiration and basic for interiors is the critical first step.

Design According to What You Already Have

There surely are some features which cannot be changed and some which you don’t wish to change. Make sure your choice of wall colors is in tune with this aspect. For instance, the flooring and furniture are a most important pre-existing feature which should blend well with the wall paint shades to achieve a harmonious design.

So, make sure while selecting your mish-mash, you don’t forget to keep the shade of flooring, carpets, hardwoods, tiles, woodwork like windowsills, doors, furnishings, artwork, upholstery, etc. everything in mind. This helps you achieve a unified design to suit your preference.

Once you have shortlisted your shades you can take swatches and observe them at different times of the day, in the morning, when sunshine falls on the walls, during the night when artificial light is used, to see if you are actually getting what you are looking for or do you want a different appeal.

Set Mood

It so happens that when you finally identify your preferred choice of wall paint color combinations, it may not suit the mood requirement of the room. For example, you may like a combination of lemon yellow with green but that may be too boring for a kid’s bedroom and too subtle for a living room. So, try to suit the purpose of each room.