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The Reason behind LSE’s Consistent Top ranks

One of the world’s best-recognized and prestigious institutions is the London School of Economics. Considered to be an opportunity for students in the field of commerce and social science, the school is said to be a hotspot of culture, patience, and experience.

The amalgamation of students from all over the world has made these schools the most popular business school in Europe and in the world. The school takes immense prise in its recreational sector and that is why students surely take pride in being a part of the LSE family.

Eligibility criteria for admission in London School of Economics:

In answering the question as to how to get admission in the London school of economics, let us look at the eligibility criteria that all students must follow:

  • Students must have completed their high school with commerce or science. He or she must also produce their board exam mark sheets in order to show the record of marks.
  • Every student must prepare their own resume about their own achievements.
  • Extra-curricular certificates must be produced along with the mark sheets.
  • A letter of recommendation that is signed by any two senior teachers and then forwarded. The letter must state in detail the reason for joining the school and what is the main source of motivation.
  • A cover letter that must be purely written by the student must be prepared and presented for admission.
  • Character certificate along with migration certificate, stating that the student was part of the school and is an individual of proper character.

Other than the above, some of the other set of qualifications are as follows:

  • The application form that has been filled up for the course at the London School of Economics.
  • The grades for the qualifying exam of LSE
  • Call letter, which has been sent by the London School of Economics.
  • The offer letter for the course stating the date of commencement of the course.

Students flying to London to study at LSE must also have their passport along with the student visa, which can be renewed when required.

Why is LSE on the top of the world?

As an institution of eminence, London School of Economics heartily congratulates its students to be a part of the LSE family. The school is considered to be a place that smells of intellectual capability and excitement and is also outstanding in the field of research. LSE’s constant progress in the field of education and the hard work of the students has contributed to its top rank, which has likely remained consistent over the years.

The main aim of LSE is to produce the best research environment in order to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. It aims at equal work and equal play and therefore, heavily concentrates on extra-curricular as well. As a part of this institution, you must be able to participate in one or the other activities that are held on a yearly basis.

The perspective of this institution in this unique approach has rendered great stability in the teaching sector and therefore, students try their level best to take admission here.

LSE has always remained at the forefront in relation to its academic record. There have been toppers here and scholarships are provided to the students so as to continue their studies in other countries of the world.

At the end of each year, the placement committee of the school organizes a joint venture, where top firms from all over the world come forth to recruit the students to various companies. Therefore, the level of expertise is well appreciated by both the government as well as the private sector.

London School of Economics has an outstanding location. It is well connected to all the local markets and students find it really efficient to reside within the campus in the hostels. Hostel life here is undoubtedly amazing and this is all because of the benefits and other necessary amenities that are provided.

Since the school is the crossroad of all cultures, students love the interaction and learn to live together in a happy environment. LSE helps in building and strengthening the bonds of every student for their own career growth!