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The role of Vastu in your career

Selecting a career comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are so many critical aspects that need to be taken care of and one of the unknowing ones is Vastu. In simple terms, Vastu is the science of energy that affects all individuals in their career point. Matters related to this can be termed as both positive and negative energy. These have an impact on our lives in one way or the other.

You might not be acquainted with Vastu but it greatly is a part of your educational life. Being supported in your career and getting a job without much apprehension, is the work of Vastu. In fact, Vastu is half responsible for the career you are holding.

Therefore, if you are a student and you want this energy to be motivating you and creating something big, then let us look at some Vastu facts that need to be taken care of:

  • Which direction is best to study is a common question that comes under Vastu reading. Usually, the east is the best direction of study, owing to the fact that the positive energy comes from the east and goes out from the west. If your study table or your room is facing in the east direction, then probably you would be doing well in your studies.
  • It is advised that no student must ever sit under dim light for studying. Dim light can form a shadow and this shadow denoted negative energy. Therefore, make sure that you have adequate light and your room is well lit.
  • Never sit with your back towards the front door. The front door helps in achieving success and can lead you to a greater path in life.
  • Sitting cross-legged while you are studying is a big no-no.
  • The workplace of your study area must always remain clean. De-cluttering is really essential and creates a big impact on your studies. If your study table is dirty, you won’t be having good and positive thoughts around.
  • No place for studying must be too noisy. Vastu states the fact that noise would be really harmful to a student and he or she might be too successful.
  • The workplace and the bedroom must never be adjusted. In short, they must be apart and must be well lit too.
  • No plastic furniture or even metal furniture must be used for sitting. Make sure that you use wooden or another set of furniture for allowing the positivity to come in.

How can Vastu affect your career in a positive manner?

Vastu affects the career aspects positively in various ways. Some of the possible facets are as follows:

  • When you are attempting to study, make sure that you have a wall behind your back. This represents the fact that you have continuous support.
  • Even if you have a mountain poster behind your back, it also denotes support of all kinds.
  • If your study or work area is open, it is actually good for your mental health. it denotes the fact that you are open to various choices in life and can also make decisions with complete openness.
  • The furniture that you are opting to study with must be either rectangular in shape or square.
  • Wooden furniture again is best for your study atmosphere.
  • Even if you are sitting on the west side and you do not have any other option, make sure that the table is made of glass.
  • The chairs you have must be higher and not too close to the ground. It means that you are not ready to give up and can take matters seriously.
  • If you have a tap nearby, make sure that water is not leaking from it. It signifies the loss of money and other forms of wealth.
  • If you are starting to do business, make sure that the direction is east or north. West is a strict no-no. East is where you get all the energy and positive vibes attracted towards and therefore, is good for your success.
  • The study place must be lit and never dark.

Following all the above tips can actually help in settling your career goals accordingly and making you highly successful in life.