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The Row of Playful iPhone 5C & Royal 5S

iPhone’s latest updates!

In the recent past, the world famous gadget manufacturer has come up with two of their latest creations, iPhone 5C and 5S at the same time. Both of them were making much notion in the gadget planet. It seems the whole world was waiting for this twosome. And when they come out of their secret masks, they start mesmerizing the consumers. Moreover the Apple iphone 5C 16GB Price in India is comparatively affordable for the mid-range phone seekers. Let’s check out the highlights of this duo to spot out their prime differences and specialties so far.

Way Different Designs

Although 5S did not disturb the royal and magnificent look of the iPhone series, but it exudes much sheen and a refined exclusivity that locks the stares instantaneously. However, 5C did not walk through the same boulevard. It packs a full-fledged funky, cool and trendy stance that amuses a lot. 5S is manufactured with Apple’s signature metal touch. On the other hand 5C boats a plastic made body with playful shades. 4.0 inches display comes outfitted with both of them. The design of user interface is what makes this duo exclusive than any other iPhones. They ship with the latest iOS 7 which presents cartoonish icons and much trendy look in and out.

Fingerprint Scanner!

iPhone 5C has almost the same machinery that you have seen or maybe used in 5S. But 5S makes the difference with its fingerprint scanning feature. Yes, it’s not only new but also it is something that’s going to totally win you over. The moment you get your fingerprints scanned at 550ppi image resolution, it uses the scan result as a verification sign and each time you access something on it, it first confirms the touch of your fingertips and then responds accordingly. Even the app updates will require such verification. Ah! A perfect protection belt to your privacy!

Your Snapping Delight!

You cannot spot out any distinct difference between the snapping capabilities of these iPhones as both of them deliver almost the same configuration of camera. 8 MP iSight camera on the back and a dazzling front facing clicker. Still, looking at the clarity and crispness of snap shots you can choose 5S as the winner in this face-off. That’s true that Apple iphone 5S 16GB price in India will make you shell out a little more money from your pocket. But that’s absolutely fair for its feature packed qualities.


iPhone 5C still ships with the old processing unit of the iPhone technology world, A6 chip. That is why it will render a bit slow performance as compared to 5S. On the other hand, 5S packs much strong and robust processor that is 64 bit A7 chip and M7 motion to compliment multitasking and hoards of chores in a buttery smooth way.

In Nutshell!

Drenched in colorful frames, 5C attracts the young eyes much effectively than the 5S. But still, if you love to carry the usual splendor and glory of iPhone with your style statement, then 5S is the nicest choice you can go for with a smile on your face. What is more important is the budget limit that you have before pocketing any of these two palm-sized devices. If you have some limitation in your expenditure, then choose the latest designer iPhone 5C that absolutely a fresh bottle of the old wine i.e the specs and features of iPhone 5. And if you can shell out more without compromising, then 5S is all in your way.