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7 Step Approach for IAS Interview Preparation 2023

IAS interview is the last stage of the UPSC examination. To become an IAS is a dream of many students. It’s not easy to clear an IAS interview without preparation. If anyone cleared Prelims and Mains, it does not mean that he cleared the exam. Most of the toppers get good marks in interviews and it helps them to score well. An interview is a last but most important step to clear the UPSC exam. Don’t take it lightly, start preparing for the interview.

In this article, I am going to tell you a 7 step approach for an IAS interview Preparation.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy: 1. Start Preparation for Interview

Start preparation for an interview along with Prelims and Mains. It is better to start preparing for the interview before the main results. It’s important to give equal time for interview preparation. As UPSC is a 3 level program, it needs consistency and hard work. The interview is more of a personality test.

You need to work on your personality too. Watch the interview of toppers and observe them. You can score good marks on the basis of an interview. Give enough time for IAS interview preparation. You will face the examiner in an interview.

So, it’s important to be confident. Face the real challenge.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy: 2. Read carefully your DAF

DAF means Detailed Application Form. Read your DAF carefully before facing the interview. Always fill in real information in your DAF. The interviewer can ask anything which you have mentioned in your DAF. read and revise every single piece of information provided by you. When you are in the interview, you should not get stuck on any question. It can give a bad impression. They can ask anything about your personal details. It’s better to have knowledge about your hometown as well. They can ask home district-specific IAS Interview questions.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy :3. Mock Interviews

The IAS interview is the toughest part of the IAS exam. If you have good marks in Prelims and Mains but didn’t score well in the interview, you can not be an IAS. It’s important to prepare for the interview also. Mock interviews help a lot in IAS interview preparation. Candidates can get the feel of a real interview. In UPSC mock interview panel is graced by renowned personalities. They ask questions based on their DAF so that the candidate remembers all the details for the IAS interview Preparation Strategy.

SIAS Interview Preparation Strategy :4. Current Affairs Preparation

Current affairs are the most important part of the interview. It’s a vast topic to prepare. Aspirants remain confused about how to prepare for current affairs. Current Affairs part has the potential to score as a number of questions being asked in the UPSC IAS exam. A proper IAS Preparation strategy is required to attend the current affairs section. Aspirants must prepare on a daily basis and reserve some hours for current affairs preparation.

Some of the current affairs preparation methodology and strategy are given below,

Newspapers– News Papers are the authentic resources of daily current affairs updates.

PIB website- Press Information Bureau is another authentic source of official news.

Monthly Current Affairs Magazine– Monthly current affairs magazines are good sources of authentic current affairs news.

Internet- There is a lot of information about current affairs over the internet. But, be careful about referring to information sources.

Radio FM – Radio is a good source of information.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy :5. Preparation of optional subject

Optional Subjects are a very important part of the UPSC exam. UPSC allows you to choose one subject as an optional subject of your choice to appear in the exam. Aspirants must be careful while choosing optional. It is understood that if you are opting for a subject, it means you must be well aware of its contents.

So whatever subject you choose as optional, be careful and confident enough to explain the subject contents. Aspirants must devote some time on a daily basis to strengthen the subject. Always try to refer to study material that is well-aligned with UPSC Syllabus.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy :6. Dress Up accordingly

Your first impression is your last impression. This quotation is worth up to some extent in the case of the UPSC IAS Interview exam. Your Knowledge and skills appear secondary when you start talking to the interview panel. Dress Sense is your first impression of the interviewer. The dressing style must be simple, attractive, and decent. You must be confident enough during the interview.

For female aspirants, a simple sari or formal suit is a good choice. Try to avoid high heels during the interview. For male aspirants, Formal Pant Shirt is a good choice. Wearing a tie is a choice. it’s not necessary to wear a tie. A wristwatch can be an add-on for both but it must not be party wear or sports looks.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy :7. Answer confidently

Your Confidence must be reflected while having a conversation with the interviewer. Try to avoid rudeness, Shyness, confusion, or overconfidence in your answers. Try to stay balanced while answering the questions. Interviewers have expectations of an Easy, relevant, and detailed explanation of their questions from you.

Never waste your time in gamble or guessing the answer. It is ok if you don’t know something the interviewer asked. In such a situation you simply reply that you don’t know the answer. So that interviewer can move to the next question and you can get a chance to answer the next question. This will give a good impression of yours. Always opt for a communication language of your command. It can be your regional language or it can be English.


Aspirants must prepare a proper strategy for the interview. UPSC interview is a task to examine your Explanationatory skills, command over the subject, decision-making ability under pressure, communication skills, etc. The panel contains experts from various backgrounds and expertise. So, never try to bluff there. If you face any problems or get confused while preparing for UPSC Interview. Legacy IAS Academy Bangalore is the best IAS coaching in India is always there for you. The team of experts there is always available to guide you as per your requirements.

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