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How to Prepare for IAS Effectively – Ultimate IAS Preparation Guide

Before you start the IAS exam preparation, you should know well about the kind of service you are going to offer society after clearing the three stages of exams. If your aim is to earn more money, then this field is not for yours.

An IAS officer should aim at serving for the nation in the best way and doing the top welfare activities for the public because in India no other jobs offer such opportunity to an individual to serve for the nation with terrific powers and rights.

When you are going to apply and prepare for such kind of a special, you definitely need to do something more than ordinary because that is the only way for you to effectively crack this exam.

Do you know How to Prepare for IAS? Here we bring you some useful information’s to follow during the IAS preparation which helps you to clear the exam in a much easier way.

Do smart work:

Start to Prepare for IAS Exam 10 months before the final exam because that is far enough for you to crack it. If you have more time, you will start to waste it. Many people say studying for more than 10 hours a day will only help candidates to clear the exam. This mindset is totally wrong because by doing own smart work like proper time management, proper revision, and taking the mock tests will help candidates to easily clear the prelims without any hassle.

Attend coaching classes:

Many offline and online IAS coaching classes are offered by the Best IAS expert teachers for the students to clear the competitive exam by giving useful IAS Preparation Tips. If you are finding difficult to schedule the time to cover the portions, visiting these Best IAS coaching centers or attending the courses through online will help you to get the timetable to study in a better way.

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Sit in a peaceful place:

If you are studying in a place where TV is continuously running in your home and your siblings are continuously making noises constantly, then this won’t help you for sure.

You are preparing for an exam which is one among the most difficult exams in India with three stages, so pick a room in your home or choose a peaceful environment where you can sit and prepare for your exam for hours without any disturbance.

Your concentration level will never get reduced when you sit and prepare in a peaceful place rather than a place with too much noise or people.

Don’t skip the portion:

If you are finding difficulty in understanding a particular portion on the book, do not skip the portion and keep it aside for later preparation because if you start to skip from the first day of study, then you will skip one by one in the upcoming days.

Instead of skipping, take a few more extra times for that portion and complete it. By doing this, you not only complete that portion but also your confidence during the exam preparation automatically gets increases.

Help your friends:

If any of your friends is struggling with any portion while preparing for IAS Exam, teach them once you complete your study because this will increase your knowledge in that particular portion. Make sure you only spend your free hours for explanations.

If you take hours to make him/her understand the portion, then your value will get lost. If you find your classmate is not listening to the classes or studying properly, it is better to avoid him/her because he/she will not only waste his/her time but also spoil your studies.

Install mobile apps:

A lot of mobile apps are available for you in the play store to install and hear the daily news, so install the best IAS Preparation app and make use of it daily. As you need to score good marks in current affairs, these apps will help you to achieve your IAS Goal.

At the same time, do not depend on these apps too much. When you are traveling in a bus or train, you can put on the headset in your ears and can listen to the news to get the trending current affairs. On the study time, close the apps and go through your books.

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Refer to previous year question papers:

You can get plenty of previous year question papers from online, coaching centers and bookshops, so go through as many as possible before approaching the final exam. Many students are clearing the exams at their very first attempt.

Do you how candidates are making this possible in the first attempt? Along with smart work, they keep the practice on many previous year questions before entering into the exam hall.

You cannot clear the exams unless you see the previous year questions because you never know how a question will be asked, so don’t fail to refer the old questions during your exam preparation.

Make quick notes:

Although you get a lot of notes through online or coaching centers, your note making ability will only help you during the last15 days of the exam preparation.

Taking the effective notes for the optional topics, GS and current affairs will help you to go for the quick glance before the exam because you won’t get time to search everything at the last minutes, but your notes will save you in the last minute.

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Avoid multitasking:

When you are preparing the time-table for your exam preparation, don’t add the multitasking study method.

For example, when it comes to current affairs preparation, you need to read the newspaper, a yearbook, and events magazine (2-3).

Instead of doing all at once, complete the newspaper reading first and then proceed with the next. Single-tasking helps you to gain confidence during the IAS exam Preparation.

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Books for IAS Exam

Read the book selectively:

A lot of books published by different authors will be available for you to learn. Do not read two author books at the same time for the same subject as that will not only confuse you but also consumes a lot of time during the exam preparation. Read only one book at a time, and read it well.

Also, picking the standard author books will help you in the right way rather than choosing the books that look shiny but no valuable information inside.

Preparing yourself for the IAS exam is not that easy, so one should work effectively to sit on that seat. Hope the IAS Preparation Guide we shared here will help you in the best way during your exam preparation. All the best!

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