10 Best Online Coaching for IAS 2023-24 – Ranking & Reviews

Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS/UPSC Preparation in India 2022 -2023

Nowadays, online  IAS coaching for UPSC Exam preparation is getting popular in the education sector. Through online IAS coaching Resources, students can prepare for IAS Exam anytime anywhere.

This is the most helpful resource for students, employees, and housewives. Additionally, They can prepare for the IAS exam according to their comfort either in the morning or at the night as per their best suitable time.

It is exciting when technology gives you amazing resources while staying in the comfort of your home or having the flexibility to travel. 

Online IAS coaching is now available in each sector for students whether they prepare for IAS or any other job field.

However, there are still some hesitations for students with regard to choosing the Best online coaching for IAS Exam Preparation. 

To help them make the right choice, here’s a low down on why online IAS coaching is better than classroom coaching for Prelims and Mains Exam.

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Top 10 online coaching institutes for IAS in India that you can go to for IAS EXAM preparation

Table of Content

List of 10 Best Online IAS Coaching in India Ranking 2022

  • Legacy IAS Academy
  • Vajiram and Ravi
  • Rau’s IAS Academy
  • Elite IAS Academy
  • Vision IAS
  • Unacademy IAS
  • Byju’s learning app
  • Clearias.com
  • Vajirao Institute
  • Neostencil.com
Best Online IAS Coaching

Ranked at 1st Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#1. Legacy IAS Academy, Bangalore

Legacy IAS Academy is Ranked 1 Online IAS Coaching 2021 for UPSC Preparation. Aspirants who want to prepare online for IAS. can opt for India’s best online UPSC coaching in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Legacy IAS Academy offers live interactive classes and Recorded Sessions at Legacy IAS’s Online Plateform. each student who enrolls for ONline IAS Coaching with Legacy gets a personalized dashboard to access the online study materials.

Detailed tests on each topic are conducted for the students to deepen their knowledge base. Moreover, you are allowed to join its Whatsapp and Telegram group.

Legacy IAS Upcoming Batches – Online Coaching for UPSC Preparation 2023

Legacy IAS online Coaching Upcoming batch details for 2022

Time-bound online tests to check your knowledge base and feedback are given accordingly.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the best online IAS Coaching in India.

This online IAS institute also offers Civil Services Students to shift from online to offline later on.

The Fee is around Rs 1,20,000 for online classes. 

Name: Legacy IAS Academy, Bangalore

Address: 1535, 39th Cross Rd, Kottapalya, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Phone: 9606900005

Ranked at 2nd Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#2. Vajiram & Ravi, Delhi

Best Online IAS Coaching for UPSC Preparation in India

Vajiram & Ravi is India’s Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for Online IAS Coaching that provides students with the best guidance and always keeps on motivating them to become IAS officers.

Vajiram & Ravi offers courses at very subsidized prices and lets students learn from the best teachers in the Industry. 

Online Course Offered By Vajiramandravi for UPSC 2023

Vajiramandravi Online IAS Courses

Ranked at 3rd Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#3. Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Delhi

Rau’s IAS Study Circle is a premium institute that has more than 67 years of IAS coaching. This coaching is always known as the best IAS coaching for offline.

This online IAS coaching is offering full courses on its online platform. The teachers of this institute are also very reputed.

The success record of this IAS academy is impeccable and has produced ⅓ of all bureaucrats of India. It is itself a record. 

Rau’s IAS online Coaching Fee

Rau’s IAS is charging Rs 1,40,00 for the complete course. Moreover, Rau’s IAS also provides an option to shift from online to offline. 

Read out the full brochure by clicking here 

Ranked at 4th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#4. Elite IAS Academy, Delhi

Elite IAS Academy is not limited to classroom coaching. This Institute provides the Best online coaching for IAS, Civil Services (UPSC) Exam Preparation in Delhi. 

Notably, the Institute has a team of experienced consultants (faculties) in their specific subjects.  Elite IAS Academy provides quality coaching at an affordable fee structure in Delhi.

The Faculties of Elite IAS does not require any Introduction, Mr. Bibhash Sharma and Sanjay Singh have more than 15 years of experience in Online IAS Coaching.

 And, classroom programs, and hundreds of students are selected under their guidance as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, and other affiliate services.          

Online Coaching Fees of ELITE IAS – Fees for Online Course is Around Rs. 80,000/One year support

Ranked at 5th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#5. Vision IAS

This online and offline IAS coaching enjoys producing rank holders every year. 

If you remember Kanishak Kataria who was the UPSC topper of 2018 also studied in this coaching. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vision IAS started online coaching at a very affordable price. 

Vision IAS provides many salient features. It has “Never Miss your Class” features which allow you to take recordings of missed lectures. 

Vision’s IAS all India Test series are opted for by every second aspirant who aspires to become IAS. 

The next batch is starting on 17th September’20 and the fee structure is Rs 1,25,000.

You can download the brochure by clicking on this link.

Ranked at 6th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#6. Unacademy IAS

Unacademy is co-founded by one of the youngest IAS officer Roman Saini and one of the leading institutes for online IAS Coaching In India. 

Recently, it arranged a 3 days summit exclusively for IAS preparation. There were leaders of yesterday and leaders of tomorrow at the summit. 

The summit covered all the problems related to the UPSC problem and how Unacademy is solving it like the boss of the industry.

The best part of Unacademy coaching is that you can subscribe to the monthly teaching plan and it also offers a discount and EMI facility. 

Teachers like Mrunal Sir also provide lectures on this platform. Therefore, if you are planning to take online IAS coaching then Unacademy is the go-to website for you. 

Additionally, it offers unlimited access to online resources and provides high-quality teaching. 

Test series and live test quizzes are conducted very frequently.

Unacademy Online Coaching Fee Structure:

Mainly, this is a subscription-based service.

Unacademy Subscription DurationUnacademy Subscription Charges
1 MonthRs 8000
3 MonthsRs 20000
6 MonthsRs 36000
12 MonthsRs 44000
24 MonthsRs 64000

Additionally, you could get a discount by applying UPSC10 code while making the payment. 

This is by far the cheapest to offer 2 years subscription amongst all online IAS institutes. 

Ranked at 7th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#7. Byju’s learning app

Byjus is an online learning app that is exclusively designed for students who dream about scoring more marks.

If your mind never gives space to take a book and read and sleeps in the class during boring lectures then you must join Byju’s learning app.

This app is an interactive app that lets students help understand the concept more easily with the help of creative means.

It mainly focuses on making learning visual and contextual, rather than just theoretical.

Students understand and grab things easily and in ineffective or fun ways.

Byju’ Fee Structure for Online IAS Coaching in India

BYJU’s IAS Prelims Test Series2500
Current Affairs Webinar Series4500
IAS 2017 Mains Tablet Course25-30000
IAS 2018 (Pre + Mains) Tablet Course55-60000
IAS 2018 CSAT TabletRs 25000-30000
IAS 2019 (Pre + Mains) Tablet CourseRs 70000-75000
IAS Anthropology Optional Online StreamingRs 25000
Mains Test Series 2018Rs 5000
UPSC Prelims 2018 Crash CourseRs 25000

Ranked at 8th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#8. ClearIAS 

ClearIAS is an education-technology startup, with a vision of educating India. It helped many candidates to successfully clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination. 

With the help of technology, ClearIAS has developed unique ways of making learning an enjoyable experience. 

That’s the reason why we are equally loved by school students just like IAS exam toppers.

To ensure high-quality education is accessible to millions in the country. Provide free study materials, regular articles to guide aspirants, prelims and mains mock exams, toppers interview, etc. 

So that every candidate gets equal opportunities to achieve their aim.

A career in Civil Services (Central/State) is an ambition of thousands, but unfortunately, many deserving candidates don’t achieve their dream. 

Classroom IAS coaching is often very expensive and is available only in metros like Delhi. It was at this juncture ClearIAS conceptualized, a vision to bridge the gap of facilities and guidance between urban and rural.

Contact Details:  Website: www.clearias.com

Ranked at 9th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#9 VajiRao IAS Academy

Vajirao IAS Academy is amongst the best online IAS coaching institutes. You can join this UPSC coaching by paying Rs 5000 as a registration fee.

A highly motivated founder explores all the possibilities to provide quality education. And, during COVID 19, it is launching its online batch for IAS/PCS preparation.

You will be guided until you clear the exam or become a master in the subjects. Moreover, the quality of education is also very high.

The study materials and online test series are sought and always in demand. 

Vajirao IAS Academy Contact details – [email protected]

Ranked at 10th Position in the List of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS in India

#10. Neostencil.com

Many students have a dream of clearing the UPSC exams and joining the most prestigious services of the nation. 

But, the ordeal of leaving the security and comfort of home, family, and friends may not be an easy option for all. Maybe you are stuck in a job or a personal situation.

Maybe you just don’t want to face that daily traffic, commute, and frustration. Think about it – in a typical 3 months course with 80 sessions for almost 3 hrs. are wasted commuting and waiting for classes every day. 

That is 240 hrs. total or 8 hrs. study time wasted for 30 days!! And, of course, relocation can be a very costly move…

The Goal of Neo Stencil

That’s why NeoStencil exists. To help you pursue your dream. They have nurtured and created toppers.

Neostencil believes you can get what you want to achieve in your life but when you are under a good mentor, better guidance, and have better study stuff. 

So, here we come with the goals of providing all these facilities with a lesser amount, providing the right guidance that will add value to your preparation.

With the main objective of helping each UPSC aspirant fulfill his dream of becoming an IAS officer, we at NeoStencil are working hard to provide high-quality study material for the Civil Services Exam.

Read More About Neostencil for Online Coaching

Fee Structure for Online IAS  Coaching: 

IAS Prelims Crash Course 201930000
Prelims Test Series6500
Current Affairs3500
General Studies course20000
Prelims cum Mains Integrated Test Series35400

To Enroll your into Online Class: Visit Neostencil Website

Here Are Some Resources to Check out:-

Why Online IAS Coaching?

Note: Do not let COVID 19 put a break to your studies. Continue your IAS preparation with Online Resources /Coaching Centers with keeping yourself safe.


Through online IAS coaching, students can study with their comfort. They don’t have to leave their home with online classes. It helps them to focus and save a lot of time.

Not only can students study from the comfort of their home in a healthy environment but they can also seek mental support from their parents in times of need.

Flexible Schedule

Offline IAS coaching institute has a fixed time schedule. It does not matter whether a student is comfortable studying during the day or night. 

They must attend the classes at the time given by the coaching center. This becomes difficult if you’re a working professional.

With online IAS coaching, students can have flexible time for IAS Exam Preparation. They can plan a schedule that suits their sleep pattern and work out ways to complete the syllabus well in time according to their learning speed.

There is no commuting involved and you can finish your other work and take the classes whenever you are free.

Self-Paced Learning

In online IAS Coaching, students can learn at their own speed. They can prepare a learning schedule that matches their learning speed. 

On the other side, in offline coaching classes, all students must maintain a similar speed as that of the teacher.

Lower Cost

Mainly, Offline IAS coaching is more expensive than online coaching. Not only expensive in terms of course fees but also the amount that goes into traveling. 

The best part about signing up for online IAS coaching is that students can study from wherever they want.

Furthermore, those hailing from remote areas can particularly get benefited by opting for online coaching. 

Additionally, they won’t have to leave the comfort of their home, deal with homesickness and other drawbacks that come with shifting to another city.

Ample Resources

In offline IAS coaching students are required to take down notes while the faculty is teaching. 

They must also take down all the notes exactly like they are taught as most of the time topics are not repeated. 

On the other hand, in online IAS coaching students can watch video lectures repeatedly until their doubt exists.

Factors that Determine Your Success

Since the Civil Services Examination (UPSC) is one of the country’s top-qualified qualifying exams, the candidate should be equally focused, determined and should have the correct guidance for cracking it. 

While the first two qualities are within themselves, the last, “guidance” can only be achieved with the help of experienced and skilled teachers. 

Most importantly, this is where the role of online IAS coaching institutes is played.

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Choosing the Right IAS Online Coaching Institute

With the increase in the popularity of the Civil Services Examination (UPSC), many online IAS coaching institutes have become mushrooms in the entire Delhi.

Most of these institutes claim to make you an IAS soon. But, sadly, that’s not the case. Do not be the victim of marketing hunting.

Checklist to follow while choosing online IAS classes

#1. Notably, students should always subscribe to the online IAS coaching institute which provides online as well as classroom coaching. 

The coaching institute gives you interactive support as they have many faculties at their institution and therefore the meeting with faculties is easy and simple.

#2. Initially, check with the coaching institute about the no. of class tests conducted and the process of writing and submitting this as well as the number of class trials.

#3. Ask the coaching institute to provide free sample videos of the faculty who are organizing teaching in online/video classes.

#4. Students have to avoid such online IAS coaching institutions which provide coaching through faculty who contact various coaching on one platform. 

As they are human they can separate themselves from the technical organization easily without any ethical responsibility. 

That’s why you can never ever be able to communicate with them.

#5. Demand with the IAS coaching institute about the process through which the online students can interact with Faculties. 

Notably, the preferred medium of communication should be through the telephone.

It may take a long time for you to get suspicious and an easy way to communicate your problems.

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