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AVR Full form


AVR Full form – The Word AVR Stands for Aortic Valve Replacement. An AVR is a kind of open-heart medical procedure used to treat issues with the heart’s aortic valve. The aortic valve controls the progression of blood out from your heart to the remainder of your body.

Process of AVR

An AVR includes evacuating a harmed or defective valve and supplanting it with another valve produced using creature tissue or engineered materials. It is a significant activity that isn’t reasonable for everybody and can set aside a long effort to recoup from.


The aortic valve may should be swapped for two reasons; one is the valve has gotten limited (aortic stenosis) – the opening of the valve decreases, impeding the progression of blood out of the heart and the second is the valve is broken (aortic spewing forth) – the valve permits blood to stream back through into the heart. Whenever left untreated, the issues with aortic valve can deteriorate after some time and in serious cases can prompt perilous issues, for example, cardiovascular breakdown.

There are no prescriptions to treat aortic valve issues, so supplanting the valve might be prescribed if an individual is in danger of genuine intricacies however are in any case all around ok to have a medical procedure.

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