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Chemistry Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam 2023

In the race of choosing the correct optional subject for the UPSC exam, there is favoritism seen for Chemistry by Science students. Chemistry is one of the optional subjects that is offered in the UPSC exam. But, due to its demand for deep knowledge and understanding, it is not usually opted by everyone. The students that have their graduation or post-graduation in Science, prefer Chemistry. They should prefer it because it is somewhat interlinked with what you have studied earlier.

If you are the one who has a good grip in Chemistry earlier, then you can find no better subject than it. It has a high tendency to fetch good marks and ultimately helping you in rising your rank for the exam. This optional subject has also a very thin competition because it is not a very popular subject for the students who are not familiar with Chemistry. So, this increases your chances to excel more.

Chemistry as an optional subject has most of the parts of the syllabus entirely static, which doesn’t pose many problems for you if you are already familiar with the subject. Moreover, you won’t see the overlapping of this subject with other papers. But, the question lies in how to opt for a perfect preparation strategy to succeed in this exam? How to study meticulously for it? If all these questions are also striking your mind, then you are at the right place to get your questions answered.

Read below the entire article to get a marvelous preparation strategy for the preparation of Chemistry Preparation Strategy for UPSC.

Preparation Strategy

#1. Get well-versed with the syllabus

The first and foremost step to get started with the preparation of Chemistry optional is to get acquainted with the syllabus. You should check the syllabus well from the official site of UPSC. It would be better if you get it in the form of a hard copy. If you get the hard copy then it would be easy to keep a tab of the topics that you are studying.

Once you are familiar with the syllabus, then you can move forward to the next step of preparation. But, it is an essential prerequisite that you should never miss upon. It will also help you to have a glimpse to how much extent you are aware of the topics and what is new there to learn.

#2. Have crystal clear basics

If your basics are not clear then there is no point to move further. To have a great grip on the subject, you must first read the basic concepts of Chemistry from the NCERT books of class XI and XII. This will be an important step for those who have lost a connection with this subject for quite some time. Always go for the preparation in a gradual manner. Don’t try to jump for the topics of the syllabus if your basics are not clear.

If you have done Science either in your graduation or post-graduation, then there are high chances that you are familiar with most of the basic concepts of the subject. So, try to prepare as per your previous expertise in the subject.

#3. Practice Numerical

Numericals are one of the core aspects of Chemistry. Most of the time they are quite tricky. If you are clear with the basic concept and background behind the numerical, then you can even fetch full marks for your answer. But, you need to be quite cautious while attempting them. If in case, you make some glitch in calculations and the answer is not apt then you can even lose entire marks for the question.

So, you need to practice meticulously for the numerical portion. Once you make this practice a part of your preparation strategy then no one can stop you from scoring the highest marks in Chemistry.

#4. Revision at regular intervals

Even if you are well acquainted with this subject, then also you need to revise them at regular intervals. The more you revise the more you are through with your concepts. Chemistry has a lot of concepts and theories related to it and to always remain on track with the subject, you need to revise it regularly.

You can make your handwritten notes so that you can revise them easily. You must remember every concept with your heart and soul. With the help of your short notes, you can revise even more quickly and efficiently. This will make you prepared wholesome for the day of examination and you will feel more confident with each revision.

#5. Practice previous year question papers

Practicing the previous year’s papers will not only boost your confidence but will also help you analyze the important topics from the examination point of view. This will help you to have an introspection about how well you are prepared for the exam and in which areas you are lacking a bit.

This will help you have a glimpse of the paper pattern so that you are not surprised on the day of examination when you have to give the exam. You can also understand the topics from which the frequent questions are asked so that you can put more emphasis on them.

Bottom Line

Chemistry as an optional subject for UPSC aspirants is one of the most scoring subjects. If you are the one who has opted for this subject, then you need to make a proper study plan and strategy for your preparation. You just need to be self-motivated and focused to follow the correct direction to fetch maximum marks and excel. This is your chance to prove your mettle and make your dream a reality. Make a proper balance between the studies and your personal life so that you remain emotionally strong also. Just have faith in what you are doing and pages will be turned in your favour.

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