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Checklist to find the right way to achieve success in the IAS Exam 2023

IAS is one of the most competitive and prestigious exams that calls for ultimate proceedings in the context of making smart learning moves. In Civil Services preparation, hard work with a tint of smart attempt results in sharp effects in the form of assuring success. It includes everything from considering what to prepare, how to prepare, how to divide the topics, how much time should be allotted to every topic, how to make short notes, how to revise, and many other similar queries.

While making the strategy for perfect preparation mode, most students commit some common errors that are hard but necessary to miss. Such errors are quite probable and one must avoid them. Here is the checklist of those common mistakes carried out by most aspirants is given. Just check it out and find out whether you are on the verge to make such blunders.

Holding the fake promises and rumors for long

This is the ultimate of all. Most IAS aspirants tend to believe the false promises or rumors, announced by fellow aspirants or experts. The rumors usually relate to the exam related information or exam patterns or even score criteria. It is always advised to the aspirants not to go with such rumors as they are usually half-baked information which is spiced with the false or misinterpreted ingredients. Before believing in any information, just go through with the big picture and then make the final decision.

Believing too many books will bring better result

Another mistake carried forward by most IAS aspirants. They believe that studying too many books will give them a better result. However, the truth is just the opposite. There are hundreds of books on every topic which you can consider during your preparation tenure. Do you think, you can go through all the books in such a short span of time? You can go through but when it comes to learning the related facts and figures relevant for an exam, you actually required the precise collection of books only.

To overcome such blunder, be strict to read a particular book related to any specific topic and try to understand its worth. It’s much better than wasting your precious time and energy in mugging up from different books.

Deploying more time in reading than writing

What will happen, if you keep on reading, reading, and reading and avoid practicing for the IAS exam in writing? If you do so, you will end up with a miserable performance. I know, it’s scary, but that’s true. Most aspirants read so many books and avoid making strategies for writing the exam paper. Reading is necessary, but writing is equally essential and one should configure the plan to prepare for that too.

The IAS aspirants must gather related information via reading the appropriate study material but follow a regular practice session to be a winner.

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Following long hours of study and neglecting sleep

Undoubtedly, long hours of study are necessary while preparing for the IAS exam. However, many students take this very seriously and often neglect a sound sleep that leads to deterioration of the mind’s efficiency. Aspirants while planning their learning approach must keep a specific time for sleep as well. This is to keep them efficient and sharp throughout their journey.

To prepare well, aspirants must take a sound sleep about 7-8 hours to remain fresh and healthy for the exam.

In addition, to apply remedial actions to the above-mentioned errors, aspirants must catch up with their scheduled study module. Be focused on what you study and how you study and keep a check on the expert advice timely.