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How to Crack the UPSC Exam in First Attempt 2023 ?

Nowadays, all the youth wish to build their career in civil services. Are you one among them? Remember, you need to undergo a challenging experience.

However, if you are passionate about serving the nation, go for it. Many of the IAS aspirants have heard that exam would be tough. So, they doubt whether it can be cleared in the first attempt itself.

I would say, yes! It is possible. But, you need to put in a lot of efforts and hard work. In the first place, you must clear the IAS exam with top score.

UPSC board conducts the exam on a yearly basis. It gives multiple attempts to every IAS aspirants. However, the number depends on the category you belong to.

Find out what you need, to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt. Accordingly, you can prepare.

What Do You Need To Clear The Civil Services Exam in First Attempt?

Clearing UPSC exams in the first attempt is not an impossible task. There are many live examples who are successful. Also, there are toppers every year grabbing reputed civil service posts.

Keeping this inspiration in mind, let us explore the advantages of clearing the exam in the first attempt. In the first place, it saves a lot of time. Your money is not wasted. Above all, your fresh mind and energy is an added advantage.

To make this happen, you need to have the right study approach. But, there are many candidates who fail in the first attempt itself. Why does this happen?

Here is a list of reasons for you. Go through them and avoid to attain success.

Lack Of Planning

You need to define clear planning and strategy. Otherwise, it is difficult to clear the exam. Planning itself is a difficult task for many IAS aspirants. So, it leads them to unorganized preparation.

Finally, with no option left in hand, they wait for the next attempt. If you find it so difficult, then go out and meet the mentors or IAS coaching institutes. They can definitely help you.

Ignoring NCERT Books

If you know the importance of foundation, you will never think of ignoring NCERT books. Every successful topper has referred to NCERT books thoroughly.

Just before you start with standard UPSC books, read at least once from Grade 6. When you do this, it pushes you far ahead of other competitors who ignore NCERT.

Above all, when you have a strong foundation, it makes the whole preparation period to run smoothly. Especially, prelims stage of UPSC. It is totally depended on NCERT.

Wrong Choice Of Optional Subjects

Please do your proper research before getting started with an optional subject. Do not get stuck in between the preparation period. Think practically and make a final decision.

Basically, the subject must be easy for you to study. Check for scoring ability and length of the syllabus. What is the expected time it takes to complete the entire UPSC Exam syllabus?

Are the proper study resources available in and around you? How is the competition? In case you require the help of coaching, keep it ready. Keep all these questions in mind before getting started. Once you start, never look back till you reach success.

It should be better if you can do at least one revision before prelims. Have conceptual clarity in all the topics. Making notes is really a good habit. It supports the process of revision.

Do not keep any doubts in mind. Get it cleared on spot. Otherwise, you will end up with incomplete knowledge. It drains out all your self-confidence.

Do understand the time constraints. It is difficult to study fresh just before the mains exam. You will have lot many subjects to prepare. Do not postpone it to the end.

Studying From Too Many Books

Do not just collect and pile up the books in front of you. More than helping your preparation, it has a damaging factor. Please avoid this if you want to clear the exam in the first attempt.

So, I suggest you undergo the minimalist approach. Buy only the required set of books. Let it be as minimum as possible. Absolutely true! It avoids knowledge fatigue. What happens when you read many books?

Too much of information blocks your mind. Unwanted information gets filled up in your brain. As a result, memorizing the learned concepts become very difficult.

All you need is the less number of books and study materials. Go in-depth. Revise the topics multiple times. Make notes during the preparation. This sharpens your mind and increases the chances of winning.

Ignoring The Practice Sessions

Have you got the set of previous year question papers? That’s great to hear a Yes from you. Practice them on a regular basis. The more you practice, the more perfect you become.

When you intensify the process of practicing, it greatly helps the prelims phase. Another important resource for practice is mock tests. Improve your answer writing skills without fail.

Try to be analytical while approaching the answers to each question asked. Always keep a time limit while practicing. Improve upon the speed and quality with consistency.

Failing To Take Up Motivation Sessions

Boredom and distraction kill the strength of your preparation. Please do not get distracted from your goals. It results in multiple attempts. But, how to avoid any such distractions?

Firstly, the affinity towards your dream is a matter of concern. Keep yourself motivated if you want to score good marks in the first attempt itself.

It is okay to sacrifice a few pleasures for a short period. At least, one year should be your main goal. In this period, you need to avoid disturbances. Later, success becomes part of your life.

As observed among toppers, they have this quality in common. Highest dedication to become an eminent IAS officer. Please do not quit until you reach the final goal. Gradually, it is possible to develop the attitude required.

Loss Of Clear Thoughts

Do not seek advice from everyone you meet. Be serious with only one mentor. Follow them strictly and focus on clarity. If your mind is clear, it becomes easy for you to grasp things quickly. Have you observed?

So, every IAS aspirant must focus on this aspect very strictly. Be transparent with your close group. It includes your family, friends, seniors, and lecturers.

Whenever you get questions, please get up and ask it. Expect only the honest answers. Focus on what mistakes you commit during the preparation period. Work exclusively on them to improve. Ultimately, be 100 percent honest with yourself.

Scared Of Huge UPSC Syllabus

Never look at the syllabus as a terror. Of course, it is huge. But, there is no need to worry. All you have to do is divide and conquer. In other words, you are going to split the entire syllabus into small portions.

So, it looks simple and easy to read now! Do you agree? Understand which subjects need more time for preparation. Also, some subject needs your intelligence rather than time.

I can say theory papers like History, Geography, Polity, etc need more time. Whereas aptitude CSAT needs more skills and practice. Based on the requirement, prepare the study plan. Now, the huge syllabus has vanished! Isn’t it?

Missing Revision Sessions

Apply the rule of two times revision in your study schedule. Basically, start your preparation early. If you do it late, there will be no time for revision.

UPSC preparation with no revision is a bad idea! Your study agenda should contain at least 2 times of revision sessions. It applies to both prelims and general studies.

Start revision when you have one week before the exam. It is impossible to find success in UPSC first attempt without double revision.

Plan Your Own Set Of Questions

Above all, the UPSC exam is unpredictable. You cannot anticipate the questions and be in your own world. It seems to be dangerous! So, maintain the separate books for current affairs.

Whenever you come across the recent developments, update the key points in your book. Follow the same procedure for other subjects too.

At this point of time, you will have revision books for all the subjects. So, you need not worry about guessing the questions. Just go through the notes you made previously. It should suffice the preparation.

Important Note To All The IAS Aspirants

Finally, you are the decision maker. We can give you tips, strategies suggestions, and many more. But, you are the showman. It is you who have to study for the long hours as mentioned in the time table.

Maintain your physical and mental health to withstand the UPSC preparationperiod. These points are highly responsible for the final outcome.

As a final note, it is definitely possible to clear the exam in the first attempt. From this blog, you also know how to achieve the same. All you have to do is perfect implementation.

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