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Complete Strategy To Score 300+ Marks in Sociology Optional Subject

Explore the secrets to score more than 300 marks in Sociology. Please understand! It is extremely important to select the proper optional subject in UPSC exam.

The score you get in optional subject affect the overall UPSC ranking. But, you have to give equal importance to both optional subject and general studies.

Today, we are talking about Sociology as an optional subject. It has proved to be a good choice. Students need to have a decent understanding of ability and good writing skills.

If you have a good grip on this subject, it becomes easy to handle the social issues in GS paper 1. Fortunately, essay questions also appear from Sociology.

Sociology Optional Subject Analysis

Sociology is a non-technical subject. Do not worry even if you are from the science background. It will be easy to comprehend. Basically, the syllabus is divided into 2 papers.

Paper 1 of Sociology focus on foundation concepts. So, these topics are considered static in nature. You need to have a good retention capacity to do well in this paper.

However, the concepts are very easy to understand. Because Sociology is a theory subject.

Coming to paper 2 of Sociology. Here, the concepts are application based. Mainly, it deals with the analysis of Indian society and its culture.

So, understanding these topics is not difficult work. You can easily replicate the answers during the exam. All you need to do is regular revisions.

Why Should You Choose Sociology as Optional Subject?

The subject is comparatively easy. Also, it has got less syllabus. Students need not have any prior knowledge to take up this subject. There is no special skill required to understand the concepts.

The entire syllabus is static. It is the common subject among IAS aspirants. So, there is plenty of study resources available. You can expect to witness the learning materials both in online and offline mode.

The best part is the overlapping of the syllabus with GS paper 1. So, you would have already prepared a few topics in Prelims phase itself.

Best Ways To Prepare For Sociology In IAS Mains 2019

Sociology demands the candidates to have a creative mind. It is needed to understand the social and political issues in a better manner.

So, I have collected a few tips to help you in the process of preparation. Without the right study approach, it becomes difficult to score above 300 marks in Sociology.

  • In the first place, understand the syllabus thoroughly. Read it carefully at least once. Now, you will know the topics present in the syllabus.

So, study only what is required from the learning materials. Keep a track of syllabus along with the preparation. Mark the topics that are not yet completed. In this way, it becomes easy for you to complete all the topics.

  • You will have to develop good analytical power. Just covering the topics as per the UPSC syllabusdoes not serve your purpose. After studying, try to interlink the different topics.

Conceptual understanding is very important to clear UPSC exam. Compare your perspectives with other fellow mates during the group discussion.

  • The primary importance is to understand the concepts of sociology clearly. I hope you got my point! Only then you can write the answers well.

Sometimes, questions can be tricky. You can understand them only if there is conceptual clarity. Otherwise, students end up in a confusion trap.

Study from the standard books and seek help from experienced teachers. Get all your doubts cleared. Please do not ignore any of your doubts.

  • In the Sociology subject, many terms are used to explain the same concept. So, even you should understand the jargon of the subject. Please make an effort to learn the concepts properly.

When you have a good understanding, it becomes easy to prepare own notes. Above all, analyze carefully before making any decision.

  • Your preparation is complete only when you finish practicing the previous year question papers. I recommend you to refer at least 20 to 25 year question papers.

When you do so, it helps you to understand the type of questions asked. It is one of the best strategies you can trust. Enhance your preparation to the next level.

  • Treat every question as a different entity. So, the presentation of answers will also vary. Many questions can be answered in the form of bulletin points.

Few question formats like a review or analysis can be answered in the paragraph format. However, keep paragraphs as short as possible. Make sure to give relevant headings to each para.

When you classify the paragraphs based on the sub-headings, the examiner will definitely love it. He / She will be able to analyze the level of your preparation.

  • Sociology is a humanity subject. Writing skills need to be the best for any humanities subject. There is no exception to Sociology. How to practice good writing skills?

Take up the good number of mock tests and practice well. It strengthens your writing and presentation skills.

  • During the preparation time, make a note of all the important keywords as well as concepts. It helps you to get the grip on technical jargons. Your answers look rich and impressive.

Recommended Books To Prepare For Sociology

Some aspirants join the IAS coaching institute. Some others do not join any. Irrespective of your study source, you must understand the concepts clearly.

Getting 300+ marks in Sociology is easy only when you follow the above tips without fail. Choice of books affects your preparation largely. Best books will increase the chances of success.

Wrong books push you towards failure. Please do not give it a chance. Make your preparation healthy by having only a good set of books.

Do not refer to too many books. It only leads to confusion. Choose before studying. More than quantity, quality is important. Ensure the proper and regular revisions.

Try to use the diagrams while writing Sociology answers. When you use illustrations, it gives a better idea about your answer to the examiner.

Improve your presentation quality with relevant diagrams. It solves the problem of writing lengthy answers.

Do not forget to practice the mock test papers on a regular basis. Complete the contemporary issues with General Studies and also focus on the social perspective.

Do not read the books from page to page. Know the syllabus and study accordingly. Here is the list of recommended books. Have a look at it.

For sociology paper 1, you can refer to:

  • Sociology Thinkers by R.K Mukherjee
  • Sociology: Anthony Giddens
  • Themes & Perspectives: Haralambos & Holborn

For sociology paper 2, you can refer to:

  • Social Background Indian Nationalism: Desai
  • Indian Society and Culture – Nadeem Husnain
  • Modernization of the Indian Tradition by Yogenndra Singh

Challenges Students Face In Sociology Subject

There are some challenges you need to face when Sociology is opted. Have a look at them and know before starting the preparation.

In the first place, develop a keen interest in the subject. Without interest, it will be quite difficult to study for the UPSC exam.Otherwise, the topics will trap you in boredom.

You will lose the right attitude towards the preparation. Finally, you cannot comprehend properly. After you study each subject, examine it and then move on.

Yes. Of Course! You need to do a deeper analysis to prepare well. So that you get different perspectives of the same concept. For a beginner, this would be a difficult task.

As you can come across the huge number of topics and hypotheses, candidates feel bogged down. It would be better if you prepare the mind before getting started.

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Learn The Sociology Answer Writing Skills Without Fail

Keep your answers structured. Examiners will have linear understanding logic while evaluating. If you make the evaluator feel happy, the chances of getting good marks are more.

Please practice writing answers consistently. You might not be able to cope up with the quality and exam pressure. Provide a logical conclusion and sound objective. Precise answers have more weightage.

Keeping the word limit in mind is all important. There will not be sufficient time to write long answers during the exam. You are just wasting time and energy.

You will not feel stressful on the exam day if you have practiced it prior. Use the flowcharts whenever required. Explanation becomes simple.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you a complete idea about Sociology subject. By now, you might have learned the preparation tips required to score more than 300 marks in Sociology.

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