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How IAS Coaching Methods have changed in the Past 10 Years

UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in India which requires sheer determination, unwavering focus, and great commitment to crack. Apart from the above mentioned mental capabilities, an IAS aspirant also needs the right guidance to clear the examination. For many years, IAS coaching centers are training students to help them crack the UPSC easily.

IAS coaching across the country has evolved its teaching methodology, infrastructure, and facilities in the past 10 years. These changes have not only helpedIAS aspirantswith strong academic and financial backgrounds but also, those with average academic and weaker financial status.

Today, there are hundreds ofIAS coachingcenters in India which provides excellent facilities and scholarships to deserving students. It is a remarkable effort by theIAS coachingcenters to give equal opportunities for education and coaching/training to underprivileged students.

Moreover, the teaching methods of the IAS coaching institutes have changed for the good. They understand that the change in teaching technique is essential to keep pace with the latest exam pattern of the UPSC. Also, to make understand the topics and chapters to the newer generation of students.

Let’s discuss what all has changed in theIAS coachingcenters in the last ten years. Here is the list of new implements of teaching methods and facilities inIAS coaching.


The Internet has indeed made this world a global village. Now, anyone can connect and contact with anyone around the globe. But, this was not the case ten years from now. There were no facilities of internet, ebooks or online study material which today’s generation has easy access to.

Now, IAS coaching centers have kept the latest technologies, full access to the internet, and digital library for their students. Even, they take online sessions and classes for their students.

Most of the IAS coaching centers have enough computers, digital notepads, and projectors to teach their students from online sources. Digitalization has helped students to practice test series and samples.

Weekend and Extra Classes:

Many IAS aspirants are working professionals who don’t have enough time to attend regular classes so they opt for weekend classes. Such classes are designed by keeping in mind the requirements like timings, number of lectures, batch arrangement, etc for the candidate.

Weekend classes are especially for those candidates who are working and want to prepare for Civil Services exams in their spare time. These are longer duration classes but the study material and teaching faculty are the same for both regular batches and weekends.

Some students prefer to buy the study material from the caching and prepare for the UPSC exam at home. Nowadays IAS coaching is flexible and molds according to the needs of the candidates.

Extra classes are for those students who find difficulty in understanding a few chapters. IAS coaching centers organize extra classes or doubt classes for such students. Teaching faculty co-operate with such students and give them extra time and clear their doubts.

Such features were not there earlier and students had to suffer a lot. But now,IAS coaching centershave upgraded their teaching methods with time for the better understating and relationship between teachers and students.

Guest Lectures:

Best IAS coaching centers in India have introduced this new way of interacting and motivating the IAS aspirants.

They often invite IAS toppers of recent years to deliver a speech and share their experiences with the students.

IAS toppers come to different IAS coaching and motivate students to keep working hard for their dreams. They also share some tips on how they had prepared for the UPSC exam and cleared it. IAS coaching centers organize guest lectures at least once in a month to help students get the right direction and motivated.

This two-way interaction with IAS toppers helps IAS aspirants to ask questions related to preparation and notes-making.

Online Classes:

Earlier it was tough for students living in remote areas or villages to have access to quality education but the internet has made things easier for everyone. Now, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, anyone can prepare for the UPSC exam without taking regular classes or shifting to popular IAS hubs like Delhi, Patna, etc. Now, IAS aspirant has full access to quality education without any geographical and financial barriers.

They can enroll themselves in the Online IAS coaching and take get study material, regular classes, video clips, and other required help in the UPSC preparation from the IAS coaching.

Many students are going for the Online IAS classes nowadays because it’s a lot cheaper than regular classes and quite handy. The student who wants to prepare for the UPSC exam through online IAS coaching then they must have a smartphone or a laptop. They get all the study material from the IAS coaching via Email.

Earlier taking IAS coaching was difficult but not anymore.

Regular workshops:

Students must learn from practical implications. Workshops are the only way to teach students how to apply certain techniques or methods in their lives. All practical are related to the UPSC examination which consists of techniques to prepare for the IAS examination, enhance focus during preparation, keep motivation high, how not to get distracted, etc.

IAS coaching centers have come up with an amazing idea of introducing lifestyle importance in UPSC preparation. Workshops are conducted to remind students of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and proper study plan during the preparation of the UPSC exam.

IAS coaching not only provides quality education to students but also grooms and polishes their skills which are important for overall personality development.


There was a time when only rich parents were able to send their children for tuitions and coaching classes but in the past ten years things have changed a lot. Now, any parent can send their children for better training and coaching classes without much bothering about the money.

Online coaching and offline coaching classes are made affordable as they provide scholarships to deserving students. Scholarships are not limited to only students with an excellent academic background but also girls and economically backward students.

Scholarship tests are held in almost all coaching centers where the highest scorer gets almost 100% scholarships from the coaching.

IAS coaching provides a 100 % scholarship to deserving students and some concession to economically backward students. Such initiatives have helped students from remote areas and financially constrained families to dream big and pursue expensive careers.


UPSC is one of the most popular exams in India and over 6 lakhs aspirants apply for the exam every year. Civil Services jobs are popular in our country because it gives a stable life, decent salary, respect, and ample opportunities to work at the grassroots level of society.

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