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KANIKA GOYAL UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 9, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about Kanika Goyal – UPSC 2023 9th rank holder.

NameKanika Goyal
All India Rank9th Rank
Roll Number3517201
Optional SubjectPolity

Kanika Goyal Biography

Kanika Goyal, hailing from Kaithal, Haryana, has etched her name in the field of civil services with her remarkable accomplishments. Despite coming from a humble background, Kanika harbored a childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer. Fuelled by strong determination, she pursued her aspirations and stands today as a shining example of perseverance and hard work.

After completing her schooling at Hindu Girls Senior Secondary School in Kaithal, Kanika embarked on her academic journey at Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi. Alongside her studies, she wholeheartedly embraced online coaching for the UPSC examinations, dedicating several hours each day to rigorous study. Kanika’s focused approach and unwavering dedication bore fruit as she secured an impressive ninth rank in the fiercely competitive UPSC CSE 2022.

Kanika Goyal Educational Background

Having completed her 12th examinations at Hindu Girls Senior Secondary School in Kaithal, Kanika Goyal established a solid academic footing early on. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, she embarked on a journey of higher education at Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. Kanika’s educational trajectory serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to achieving excellence.

With a strong educational foundation, Kanika cultivated critical thinking abilities and gained a broad perspective that proved invaluable in her preparation for the formidable UPSC examination. As a distinguished UPSC topper, Kanika Goyal’s remarkable accomplishments are rooted in her impressive educational background, which laid the groundwork for her resounding success.

Kanika Goyal Family support and Impact

Kanika Goyal’s journey to success in the UPSC exams was not a solitary one, but rather a result of the unwavering support she received from her family. They stood as a steadfast pillar of strength, believing in her abilities and providing the much-needed encouragement during difficult moments. With their profound understanding of the UPSC’s demands and their selfless sacrifices, they made her path to achievement a bit smoother.

Kanika Goyal Preparation Strategy

Kanika Goyal’s success in the UPSC examination can be attributed to her well-planned and disciplined preparation strategy.

She prioritised building a strong foundation by clarifying concepts and constantly expanding her knowledge.

• Kanika committed extensive hours to focused studying, immersing herself in the subjects to gain a thorough understanding.

• Her approach to preparation was adaptable yet rigorous, enabling her to maintain a balance between her studies and other aspects of life.

• Kanika recognized the value of utilizing any available time for studying, making the most of breaks or moments when engaged in other activities.

Kanika Goyal Struggles and Challenges

Kanika Goyal’s road to triumph was marked by hurdles and difficulties that tested her strength and perseverance. The highly competitive nature, extensive syllabus, and demanding nature of the UPSC examination presented formidable obstacles along her path.

Despite coming close to success in her initial attempt but falling short of making it to the final list after the interview in UPSC CSE 2021, Kanika remained resolute. She confronted each challenge with determination, demonstrating her ability to stay focused and resilient in the face of adversity. It was this unwavering spirit that ultimately propelled her towards her well-deserved success

Kanika Goyal’s success story

Kanika Goyal’s journey towards success is an inspiring tale that resonates with aspiring individuals aiming for excellence in the UPSC examination. Driven by her unwavering determination, Kanika embarked on her preparation journey, overcoming various obstacles with resilience and an unyielding spirit.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks along the way, she never allowed them to deter her from her path. Each setback served as a valuable learning experience, strengthening her resolve and propelling her forward. Through consistent dedication and a disciplined approach, Kanika’s efforts bore fruit as she secured an impressive ninth rank in the prestigious UPSC civil services examination.

Kanika Goyal Optional Subject

When it came to the UPSC examination, Kanika understood the importance of choosing the right optional subject. After careful consideration and a deep understanding of the syllabus, she confidently opted for Political Science and International Relations (PSIR).

In the UPSC civil services examination, candidates are provided with the opportunity to select an optional subject in addition to the mandatory subjects. Kanika Goyal’s decision to choose PSIR was based on her strong grasp of the subject matter and its relevance to the overall syllabus. Her thoughtful and strategic approach to selecting her optional subject played a significant role in her preparation and eventual success.

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