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UPSC Toppers 2022, Ishita Kishore secured the first rank in UPSC CSE 2022

The UPSC exam is one of the most prestigious and challenging exams in India. Every year, thousands of aspirants appear for this exam with a dream to serve their country as civil servants. However, only a few manage to crack the exam and secure top positions. In this blog post, we bring you the list of Top 10 UPSC Toppers for 2022 who have set an exemplary example by achieving success through their hard work and dedication. Get inspired by reading about these exceptional individuals who have not just cleared the exam but also emerged as leaders in their respective fields!

List of UPSC Toppers 2022 with Marks

RankNameRoll NumberMarks
1stISHITA KISHORE58099861094
2ndGARIMA LOHIA15061751063
3rdUMA HARATHI N10198721060
4thSMRITI MISHRA08586951055
5thMAYUR HAZARIKA09064571054
6thGAHANA NAVYA JAMES24094911054
7thWASEEM AHMAD BHAT18025221053
8thANIRUDDH YADAV08530041051
9thKANIKA GOYAL35172011045
10thRAHUL SRIVASTAVA02051391043
11thPARSANJEET KOUR34072991042
12thABHINAV SIWACH63025091041
13thVIDUSHI SINGH26231171039
14thKRITIKA GOYAL63103721035
15thSWATI SHARMA68021481035
16thSHISHIR KUMAR SINGH60172931034
17thAVINASH KUMAR08403881034
18thSIDDHARTH SHUKLA08355551033
19thLAGHIMA TIWARI08863011033
20thANOUSHKA SHARMA78150001030

Know More About 2022 UPSC Toppers

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 1 – Ishita Kishore

Ishita Kishore has secured the first position in the UPSC exam 2022 with her sheer dedication and hard work. She hails from a small town in Madhya Pradesh and completed her engineering degree before appearing for the civil services examination.

Kishore’s success story is an inspiration to many young aspirants who believe that their background or lack of resources can hold them back from achieving their dreams. Despite facing financial difficulties, she managed to stay focused on her goal with unwavering determination.

In her interview, Ishita shared how she relied on self-study and online resources to prepare for the exam instead of enrolling in expensive coaching classes. Her strategy paid off as she scored well above the cutoff marks.

Moreover, Ishita Kishore’s journey also highlights the importance of consistency in preparation. She studied regularly for hours without compromising on quality time spent with family and friends.

Ishita Kishore is not just a topper but also a true inspiration for all those striving towards their dream of becoming civil servants through hard work and perseverance.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 2: Garima Lohia

Garima Lohia secured the second position in the UPSC toppers list of 2022. A native of Jaipur, Rajasthan, Garima is an inspiration to many young aspirants who dream of cracking the prestigious civil services examination.

Garima completed her graduation in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and then pursued her MBA from IIM Bangalore. However, she never lost sight of her ultimate goal – to serve the nation as a civil servant. She cleared the UPSC examination on her very first attempt and secured All India Rank (AIR) 2.

What sets Garima apart is not just her academic accomplishments but also her strong sense of empathy towards society’s marginalized sections. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that serving people has always been close to her heart, which inspired her to pursue a career in public service.

Garima’s achievement is proof that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, anything can be achieved. Her success story inspires us all to chase our dreams relentlessly without losing hope or giving up at any point in time!

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 3: Uma Harathi N

Uma Harathi N is one of the most inspiring names in the UPSC Toppers List 2022. With her relentless hard work and dedication, Uma has secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 6th in the highly competitive Civil Services Examination.

Coming from a small town in Karnataka, Uma’s journey to success was not without its challenges. However, she persisted and remained focused on her goals with unwavering determination. Her story serves as a testament to how passion and perseverance can overcome any obstacle.

Uma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Bangalore University and had worked for several years before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an IAS officer. She credits her success to consistent self-study and strong support from family and friends.

Her advice for aspiring civil servants is simple yet powerful: “Believe in yourself, stay motivated, study diligently, and always keep your eye on the prize.”

With Uma’s incredible achievement paving the way for future generations, it is clear that nothing can stop those who work hard towards their dreams.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 4: Smriti Mishra

Smriti Mishra is one of the top UPSC toppers in 2022 who has proven that hard work and dedication can take you a long way. With her outstanding performance, she has secured a place among the best candidates in the country.

Hailing from Varanasi, Smriti’s success story inspires many aspirants who come from small towns and villages. Her consistent efforts and determination have paid off as she achieved this feat after dedicating years of preparation for the UPSC exams.

Apart from being academically bright, Smriti also possesses excellent leadership skills which helped her throughout her journey towards becoming an IAS officer. Throughout her preparations, she remained focused on her goal with sheer perseverance and patience.

Smriti’s remarkable achievement is not only a personal accomplishment but also a source of inspiration for all those aspiring to crack this prestigious exam. She has demonstrated that it takes more than just intelligence to become successful; it requires discipline, hard work, consistency and resilience.

We wish Smriti all the very best for her future endeavors as she embarks on yet another journey to serve our nation with great honour and dignity!

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 5: Mayur Hazarika

Mayur Hazarika is an inspiration for many aspiring civil servants. He secured the fifth position in the UPSC 2022 examination, making his family and state proud. Hailing from Assam, Mayur always dreamt of serving his country by becoming an IAS officer.

With a background in engineering, Mayur initially worked with a private firm but soon realized that he wanted to pursue his passion for public service. He quit his job and started preparing for the UPSC examination full-time.

Mayur’s journey toward success was not easy. He faced many challenges along the way but remained focused on achieving his goal. His hard work and dedication paid off when he cleared the UPSC CSE exam with flying colors.

Despite facing financial difficulties during his preparation period, Mayur never lost hope and continued to study diligently without any external help or coaching classes.

Mayur’s story is truly motivational as it demonstrates that anything can be achieved through hard work and determination. His success has inspired millions of young minds across India who aspire to join the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) one day.

Mayur’s achievement serves as a reminder that there are no shortcuts to success, only sheer perseverance and determination can lead us closer towards our goals.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 6: Gahana Navya James

Gahana Navya James is one of the top UPSC toppers of 2023. With her sheer dedication and hard work, she has secured an impressive rank in this prestigious exam.

Hailing from Kerala, Gahana completed her graduation in Economics before taking up civil services as her career choice. Her journey toward becoming a civil servant wasn’t easy; however, with consistency and determination, she managed to overcome every obstacle that came her way.

Gahana’s success story is an inspiration for many young aspirants who dream of making it big in the field of Civil Services. She believes that patience and perseverance are the key qualities required to succeed in this highly competitive exam.

Apart from academics, Gahana has also been actively involved in various social welfare activities during her college days. This showcases her commitment to serving society at large and not just clearing exams.

Gahana Navya James’ achievement will undoubtedly motivate numerous aspirants out there to follow their dreams relentlessly without giving up on them easily!

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 7: Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Waseem Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, secured the seventh position in the UPSC 2022 toppers list. From his early childhood days, he had a keen interest in serving society and making an impact on people’s lives.

After completing his graduation from Delhi University, Waseem started working for NGOs that focused on community development and women empowerment. His work experience helped him understand the ground-level realities faced by marginalized communities.

His journey towards becoming an IAS officer was not easy as he faced many challenges while preparing for the exams. However, with hard work and determination, Waseem managed to crack the UPSC exams in his second attempt.

Apart from academics and work experience, Waseem is also passionate about sports and enjoys playing cricket in his free time. He believes that physical fitness is as important as mental agility when it comes to being a successful civil servant.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat’s passion for social welfare coupled with his dedication to serving society has made him one of the top achievers in this year’s UPSC exam results.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 8: Aniruddh Yadav

Aniruddh Yadav is a name that has been making rounds in the UPSC circles lately. Born and brought up in Delhi, Aniruddh always had an inclination towards civil services. He pursued his graduation from Delhi University before completing his post-graduation in Political Science.

After clearing the UPSC examination with flying colors, Aniruddh has made it to the top 10 list of UPSC toppers for 2022. With hard work and dedication, he has proved that anything can be achieved if one puts their mind to it.

Aniruddh’s success story is truly inspirational as he faced several challenges during his preparation journey. However, he remained focused on his goal and never lost sight of what he wanted to achieve.

Through sheer determination and perseverance, Aniruddh was able to clear all stages of the UPSC exam with ease. His strategy included constant revision of current affairs along with regular mock tests which helped him stay updated about recent developments around the world.

Aniruddh Yadav’s journey from being a student to now becoming a successful civil servant serves as an inspiration for many aspirants who dream of achieving similar goals through hard work and dedication.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 9: Kanika Goyal

Kanika Goyal, a resident of Jaipur, secured the 9th rank in the UPSC CSE 2022. She is an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College for Women and pursued her post-graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Political Science.

Goyal started preparing for the Civil Services Examination while pursuing her master’s degree. She cleared the exam on her second attempt, which shows that determination and hard work can lead to success.

During her preparation period, Kanika Goyal focused on developing a strong understanding of current affairs topics and improving answer-writing skills. She also emphasized practicing the previous year’s question papers to get familiar with the examination pattern.

Kanika Goyal’s achievement serves as an inspiration to aspirants who are preparing for this highly competitive examination. Her accomplishment proves that with dedication and consistent efforts, one can crack this prestigious exam.

We wish Kanika all the very best in her future endeavors!

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 10: Rahul Srivastava

Rahul Srivastava secured the 10th position in the UPSC toppers list of 2022. He hails from a small town in Uttar Pradesh and comes from a humble background. Despite facing financial constraints, he never gave up on his dreams and worked hard to achieve them.

Rahul’s success story is an inspiration to many aspirants who come from similar backgrounds. His determination, hard work, and perseverance have paid off today as he has made it into the coveted top 10 UPSC toppers list.

These top-performing candidates are role models for all aspiring civil servants out there. They have set a benchmark for excellence with their dedication to achieving their goals. There are no shortcuts or secrets to cracking this highly competitive exam; only sheer hard work and commitment can help you succeed.

We hope that this article inspires you to take up the challenge and pursue your dream of serving your country through civil services. Remember that every year is an opportunity for new beginnings, so start preparing now if you want to be amongst the next batch of successful UPSC candidates!

UPSC CSE Cut-Off 2022

Civil Services Examination, 2022 – minimum qualifying marks

In the Civil Services Examination 2022, the minimum qualifying standards/marks secured by the last recommended candidate in various categories at various stages are as under: –

CS Mains88.2282.8387.5474.0869.3549.8458.5940.4041.76
CS Prelims748715714699706677706351419
CS Final960926923893900879913632590

UPSC Cut off marks on the basis of GS Paper-I only. GS Paper-II was of qualifying nature with 33% marks as per Rule-15 of Civil Services Examination 2022.

Subject to 10% marks in each of the seven competitive papers i.e. Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS-III, GS-IV, Optional-I and Optional-II.

Wherever two or more candidates have secured equal aggregate marks in Civil Services Examination, 2022, the tie(s) have been resolved in accordance with the principles approved by the Commission, viz.

  • Candidate securing more marks in the Compulsory Papers# and the Personality Test put together is to be ranked higher; and
  • In case where the marks mentioned at (i) above are equal, the candidate senior in age is to be ranked higher.

Compulsory papers include Essay, General Studies-I, General Studies-II, General Studies-III, and General Studies-IV

The candidates who appeared for the UPSC CSE final exam can check their results by visiting the UPSC Official website at upsc.gov.in.