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Law optional preparation strategy for UPSC exam

There are two types of aspirants who face this Law Preparation Strategy for UPSC. They are law graduates and law non graduates. However both of these parties must go through the syllabus well and face the exam with a lot of confidence about the subject. The syllabus of law optional is huge. So it will take a lot of time to go through it and understand the subject matter. This subject has a static nature which means that the candidate doesn’t need to update over time after going through the subject matter. All he or she needs is revisions and answer writing practices. There are lots of study materials and books to cover the syllabus. So the aspirants need to reach them and read them and master the subject before facing the exam.

The first paper of law optional has Constitutional & Administrative Law and International Law. The second paper comes with two sections as section A and section B. Section A covers the Law of Crimes (IPC) & Law of Torts while Section B covers the Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law & Contemporary Legal Developments. So the aspirants need a sharp understanding about these topics to write descriptive and correct answers. The answers can need to be described with legal point of view with legal terminology. Using relevant case examples are also important. To differentiate the answers also give the philosophy behind every law.

Preparation Strategy for Management as optional

#1. Set your target

The target of this exam is to master the law subject and show the knowledge of the aspirants on the subject. After passing the subject aspirants will get a number of opportunities to enter the field of law. To pass the exam and score a good mark in the subject, aspirants need to finish the syllabus before the exam. In such cases timetables will help them. Anyone can create their own organized time table which breakdowns the subject matter with time periods to study them. Following that time table will help to finish the syllabus on time.

#2. Prepare proper notes

As the law subject is a pretty big subject, aspirants have to remember more and more subject matter on their head. To simplify and make the process easy they can create their own notes. After every topic the aspirants can write a brief note with important points highlighted. This note will be extremely important when the aspirant is close to the exam. It will enable the aspirant to go through the whole syllabus quickly.

#3. Prepare for important statics with diagrams

Law has a considerably big syllabus as mentioned above. So as a technique of memorizing complex subject matter, aspirants can use diagrams and statics. Creatively made diagrams which describe all the important points of a certain subject will be more efficient in remembering the subject matter. So these diagrams and statics can be included in the notes too.

#4. Topic-wise Enhancement

Different types of topics are included in this law subject. So the aspirants have to go through all of them while understanding the subject matter. If the content can be understood topic wise, it will be great for the aspirant to remember the facts according to a certain format. So mastering the syllabus topic by topic is a good method of studying.

#5. Practice previous year questions

If the aspirants can find and get the past year papers of the UPSC law optional subject, they can write them and practice well. They will face the same format of the paper and so going through the past papers will be helpful to understand the structure of the paper and the questions. Writing the answers alone and correcting them by the aspirants themselves is the best way of using the previous year questions.

Bottom Line

Though the Law Preparation Strategy for UPSC has a pretty big syllabus and complex subject matter, a great preparation strategy will guide the aspirants for a high score. So all the aspirants must follow all the topics of the subject with a good understanding and also they must practice the previous year past papers too. Then only they will get the practice of facing such exams with confidence. So studying the subject matter well is the only way to reach success.

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