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5 Successful Tips to Crack IAS Exam 2023 – 24

For all the candidates who are in the preparatory phase of the IAS examination, they are generally upset and confused. There are numerous queries in their mind regarding exam eligibility, exam dates and the most common is how to clear the IAS exam.

Many looks for coaching, but wrong guidance might cost aspirant a lot in a matter of time and money. This happens because these centers leave the students with poor coaching and low-quality study materials.

Rather than wasting time, it’s better to choose an IAS coaching in Delhi. There is also a number of sources like mock tests and updated syllabus that helps the aspirant to fulfill the desired goal.

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In order to clear the IAS exam, below few tips will sure go to answer you for your every query:

#1 Read about the IAS in Detail

At the very first step, a candidate must know about the exam in detail. One must be completely aware of eligibility criteria for the IAS Exam; understanding of the UPSC exam pattern must be aware of the complete UPSC syllabus and must have a wide knowledge of previous year question papers. Before starting preparing for civil service exam pattern, one must consider to do a proper search and reach every aspect of this exam.

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#2 Organized Study Plan

In the need to prepare for IAS Prelims, one must be ready with an effective and organized study plan. Moreover, he or she can also make a realistic study plan and make serious of an important concept that should be prepared. Do not forget to work on last year’s question papers and use only the right resources for your current affair as part of the curriculum.

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#3 Time Management

Nowadays, the syllabus or the curriculum does not matter the most as the main factor is the TIME. Every UPSC practice set is based on your speed, i.e. in how much time; you can solve the maximum questions. So it is advisable to make proper plans before preparing for the exam and try to spend some quality time on extracurricular activities.

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#4 Check Out the UPSC trends

After understanding UPSC’s questions and the type of questions you can easily prepare for the exam. In this way, you can prepare accordingly. For this, try going through the last 3 to 4-year question papers and you can easily get the idea of the overall pattern.

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#5 Be Updated With Current Affairs

Either it is UPCS Prelims Online Test Series or an interview, UPSC exam has more focus on current issues and events. You must make sure to remain updated with the current issues and events. It’s good to make a routine on reading all frequently asked questions on current affairs.

So, it’s time to ready for the UPSC online exam and schedules a thorough learning plan and stick to it. Also, be specific to manage your time effectively to cover up the syllabus and topics within the stipulated time frame.

Take timely guidance from the Top IAS coaching in Delhi and work accordingly. Once you get addicted to all the above-mentioned points, no one can stop you from cracking your dream.