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Top 5 Misconceptions About IAS Exam Preparation

Preparing for IAS and stacked with several queries concerning the exam and preparation method? Like other exams, IAS has its own model of success that recalls different preparation styles and modes of study. Most aspirants stuck into the confusion between the information they received from various sources. Due to a load of information, they find it difficult to analyze the truth behind the information which later on takes charge of a myth.

Of course, the myths are based on false information or small information derived from random or unreliable sources. Discarding off those myths is necessary to have a clear vision of your goal. To help you out, we have come upon with some common myths and truth behind them. Let’s have a look.

  1. To crack this exam, you need to study a minimum of 20 hours a day:

    Just tell me frankly, is it possible to study for a continuous 20 hours on a single topic? Well, I don’t think so. For the perfect study, you need not mug up the things. Rather, you should focus on smart study getting the detail of the concepts. Instead of that continual study of 20 hours, you can pick 8 hours of consistency and focus and you can easily achieve the result.

  2. You need to study a number of books to clear the Prelims and Mains

    It’s not that whosoever told you any book for IAS exam preparation, you start reading the book. Rather, focus on reading what is actually required. Shift your study pattern from just slogging off the books to understand the basics. Don’t mere mug up the things listed in the number of books. Plan your study pattern and make a smart move by picking the right things.

  3. IAS is the supreme exam among others and it’s impossible to crack it:

    IAS is like any other exam that carries its own approach to success. It’s not like you can’t clear it up. With a dedicated approach and hard work, you can easily make your goal of success. If you were in terror of this exam, you might fail to make the win. Instead, kick off the fear of the exam and apply a can-do attitude and you can easily beat the heat of the exam.

  4. I am a Hindi candidate; it’s a disadvantage for me:

    this myth is quite common to be followed by students coming from a non-English background. They often find themselves at the low due to a lack of confidence and relevant study material. Remember, language is never a barrier to your success. You can easily select the language in which you are comfortable irrespective of any particular demand.

  5. I fear my age limit in my category; Am I too late:

    Unless and until you are dedicated to clear off the exam, you will never be late. Remember, you can clear the exam by the time you are eligible in a particular category. So, plan it thoroughly and make the hit with your complete will power.

Remember, fearing of the exam will never get you the success. You need to stand up and fight for what you deserve. With the help of best IAS coaching centers, dispel off all your myths about the IAS exam and its preparation and move forward to counter your career dream.

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