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Literature Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is the Government recruitment exams for different civil services including the Indian administrative services, foreign services, Indian civil account services etc. It conducts a national wide exam for 24 services under the central and state governments of India. The candidate of these exams must be a graduate and an Indian citizen. The qualification rate of this exam is very low. So there are some techniques/strategies that would be very helpful for the Literature Preparation Strategy for UPSC

They are as follow;


Before consulting any book, it is important to read previous year questions so that you may have an idea of what to expect and so that you can prepare your exam accordingly.


It is important to cover the whole syllabus, so list down the reading material and make a time table according to your reading and understanding pace and follow that time table.


Don’t only stick to the text books only, but go for more reading material such as search for scholarly articles, research papers, videos related to that topic and additional books so that you can have a better and deep understanding for the better preparation of your UPSC Exam.


The optional exams are very lengthy so maintain consistency while answering the question. Some students jump from one topic to another topic this creates distortions that ruin the answer completely because while jumping from one point to another students miss out many important points. So it is very important to answer your question in a well-structured form and maintain consistency in it.

To avoid making mistakes, make a mind map of your answer before starting writing it. By doing this you can cover all the ideas or aspects properly in the order.


With this your handwriting should be consistent too. A messy handwriting puts your checker in a bad mood. The more clearly you will write the more easily your examiner can check that paper. Even if you are covering every aspect of your answer and your handwriting is messy your examiner can’t read it properly. So, obviously the one who can’t read the text properly can’t mark it properly.


Quote writers, thinkers, philosophers, and poets that will make your writing more beautiful, attractive and appealing. It will engage the examiner and puts a very positive impression of yours in front of the examiner. This makes you look well-read in the eyes of examiners.

Don’t control your mind and express yourself, because literature is all about expressing yourself by adding quotes from different writers. Don’t overdo it.


When you start reading writers and poets you start to develop their ideologies as well. This will help you write more efficiently. As writing creatively is one of the demands of attempting a literature paper.

The idea of studying literature is to create an opinion. All writers, philosophers, poets have their own point of view. So if you create a good opinion of your own that is unique and justifiable that will surely affect your marks positively. On the contrary if you tend to copy the opinions your examiner will mark your paper as an average paper.


Learn where to invest more of your words and where less of your words. Mind mapping will help them again. Attempt the question according to its total number and meet your word count. Don’t overwrite anything because there will be much for you to cover. So it is better to stop than writing useless material.


If you are uncertain about a question the advice is not to leave it. Attempt the question, because anything is better than nothing. You don’t have to worry about this because in literature you can get away by writing the basic general ideas that are already mentioned in the question. So take a deep breath and attempt that question as well.


In conclusion, passing a Literature Preparation Strategy for UPSC is not that difficult given that you are prepared well for that. You need to be consistent and have a proper plan for preparing for exams. An effective plan can help you in getting the result you wanted.

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