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Medical Science Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC exam

According to the reports Medical Science has the highest success rate among optional subjects chosen in the Medical Science Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC exam. Mostly this subject is chosen by doctors, biomedical engineers, nurses and pharmacists. Others need assistance for their studies because they don’t have the required background like doctors. But aspirants need to show their skills through the marks of general studies, essay paper and interview to get a high score. So a good understanding and the knowledge about the subject matter is a must when facing this medical science optional subject. Through this medical science exam, aspirant’s understanding about the topics like basic concepts and applications of knowledge to problems faced by patients are tested.

Basic medical knowledge, general medicine and community medicine are the main topics related to this subject. However there are two papers that come under this exam. The first paper includes the topics like human anatomy, human physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology and forensic medicine and toxicology. The second paper consists of topics like general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology including family planning and community medicine. So the aspirants need to go through all these topics and must get a sound understanding about them.

Preparation Strategy for Management as optional

#1. Set your target

Target of a medical science aspirant is to pass the exam by studying the subject matter on time. So for that a good plan is required. As an example, aspirants can make a time table which manages the time to arrange their work and finish the syllabus before the exam. If the aspirants need to show their skills and score a good mark in the exam, they need to master all the topics on time. That’s the only way to reach their targets.

#2. Prepare proper notes

The syllabus of this subject seems to be long. But when going through the syllabus, aspirants are able to break down the subject matter one by one. That is a great time to make their notes. Highlighting special points they can make a clean, short and proper note. This note will help them to go through the whole syllabus in a small period of time before the exam. So making proper notes is a wise step to put forward.

#3. Prepare for important statics with diagrams

Medical science is a subject mostly related to scientific facts and concepts. This syllabus consists of many diagrams and statics. Aspirants can take advantage of these statics and diagrams to fulfill their target. These statics and diagrams are made for the easy understanding of the reader. So the readers can get the whole idea of that topic only through them. So, going through those statics and diagrams and memorizing them is a shortcut to score a good mark.

#4. Topic-wise Enhancement

Because the syllabus is a bit long, the aspirants need to memorize all of the content in their head. If they mixed the content, their organization will be destroyed and as a result they won’t be able to remember the facts. So as a solution for those aspirants can follow the topics one by one. After reading and understanding a topic they can go for the next topic. This method will be a great help for them.

#5. Practice previous year questions

Past papers are the best method to memorize and test the learned content. Aspirants can find and write the previous year exam papers on this subject when the exam date is close. And also they will get a sound understanding about the paper structure and the questioning structure which enables them to stay without confusions while facing the exam.

Bottom Line

Medical Science Preparation Strategy for UPSC is a great optional subject in UPSC exams for those who are interested and for those who are familiar with them. But anyone can pass the exam with good assistance. Going through the simple and complex subject matter and practicing past year questions and papers is the best way to prepare for the exam. Reading the content and understanding the matter is very important in subjects like medical science. So every aspirant must complete the whole syllabus before the exam with all the understanding and knowledge. Building up confidence and hopes is also a good method to face the exam fearlessly.

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