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MAYUR HAZARIKA UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 5, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about the UPSC 2023 5th Rank Holder Mayur Hazarika

NameMayur Hazarika
All India Rank5th Rank
Roll Number0906457
Optional SubjectAnthropology

Mayur Hazarika’s Early Life and Education

Mayur Hazarika’s educational journey has been remarkable. After completing his higher secondary studies at Ramanujan Junior College in the Nagaon district, he pursued and successfully obtained his MBBS degree from Gauhati Medical College and Hospital. Driven by a strong passion for public service and a desire to bring about positive transformations in society, Mayur set his sights on cracking the UPSC examination.

Preparation Strategy of Mayur Hazarika

Mayur Hazarika, the fifth All India Rank (AIR) topper in the UPSC exam, recently shared his distinctive approach to exam preparation with the media. He emphasised the simplicity of his strategy, challenging the notion that time alone determines success in UPSC. According to Mayur, the key lies in smart work when tackling competitive exams. His personalised preparation strategy encompassed the following elements:

Independent Study: Mayur Hazarika opted for self-study instead of relying on coaching for UPSC. He firmly believes that with a focused approach, one can crack UPSC through self-guided learning.

Online Video Lectures: As part of his resources, Mayur Hazarika utilised free online video lectures while preparing for UPSC. These videos proved invaluable in understanding and retaining important concepts, offering an engaging audio-visual medium for effective information retention.

Smart Work: Mayur Hazarika, along with other successful UPSC candidates, emphasises the significance of smart work in competitive exam preparation. He believes that aspiring candidates should prioritise their study materials and focus on key areas to optimise their efforts.

Through his unique blend of self-study, online video lectures, and smart work, Mayur Hazarika achieved an impressive fifth rank in the UPSC 2022 examination, inspiring fellow aspirants to adopt a strategic and efficient approach to their exam preparation.

Mayur Hazarika Struggles and Challenges

Competitive exams, such as the UPSC, always pose a significant challenge. Mayur Hazarika, who achieved the fifth All India Rank (AIR) in UPSC 2022, encountered his fair share of hurdles during his preparation.

Juggling Work and Studies

While preparing for the UPSC Prelims, Mayur Hazarika was a practising doctor, making his journey particularly demanding. Balancing the responsibilities of work and studies brought about immense stress and anxiety. However, driven by his goal, Mayur managed to dedicate 4-5 hours each day to studying after fulfilling his professional obligations. His unwavering commitment paid off when he cracked UPSC Prelims with an impressive score, further fueling his determination to persevere.

Dealing with Stress

Mayur Hazarika openly shared his own experience of dealing with stress during his UPSC exam preparations. Nonetheless, he maintained a positive outlook and focused on finding practical solutions rather than succumbing to overwhelm. Sticking to his well-crafted preparation strategy, Mayur achieved the remarkable fifth rank (AIR) in UPSC Mains, serving as a testament to his resilience and perseverance.

Mayur Hazarika’s journey exemplifies the importance of determination, resilience, and a positive mindset when overcoming challenges during the preparation for competitive exams like UPSC.

Mayur Hazarika’s Achievement and Family Support

The accomplishment of Mayur Hazarika was intricately woven with the unwavering support of his family. Despite limited resources, his parents provided unwavering assistance and encouragement throughout his preparation journey. Their belief in Mayur’s abilities served as a constant source of motivation. Furthermore, his siblings and close friends provided emotional support, enabling him to maintain unwavering focus and determination.

Mayur Hazarika Future Plans

Securing the prestigious fifth rank in the UPSC Toppers List, Mayur Hazarika has revealed his keen interest in joining the Indian Foreign Services. During an interview, Hazarika shared that his fascination with foreign affairs and international relations began to grow during his third and fourth year as a medical student. With his sights set on serving the nation, this accomplished UPSC topper is now prepared to embark on his dream journey as an Officer in the esteemed administrative department of Foreign Affairs.

Mayur Hazarika Optional Subject

The UPSC topper, hailing from a Science and Medical background, made a deliberate decision to opt for Anthropology as his optional subject in UPSC Mains. This choice not only harmonised with Hazarika’s educational background but also resonated with his personal interests. With a solid academic grounding in the Sciences, he confidently tackled the demanding Descriptive section of the exam. Selecting Anthropology as his optional subject reflected a strategic approach, enabling him to leverage his subject expertise and effectively navigate the intricate and challenging exam questions.

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