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PARSANJEET KAUR UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 11, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about Parsanjeet Kaur – UPSC 2023 11TH Rank Holder

With a remarkable achievement of securing the eleventh rank, Parsanjeet Kaur emerges as a shining star. Having completed her Master’s degree at the esteemed University of Jammu, she attained this notable position through sheer diligence, unwavering commitment, and a patient approach. In her pursuit of success, Parsanjeet relied on the power of the internet and self-study, proving that resourcefulness and independent learning can pave the way to triumph in the challenging UPSC examination.

NamePrasanjeet Kaur
All India Rank11th Rank
Roll Number3407299
Optional SubjectZoology
Hometown/CityJammu and Kashmir

Parsanjeet Kaur Biography

Parsanjeet Kaur, a 23-year-old resident of Poonch town, has achieved remarkable success in the UPSC examination, securing the 11th rank nationwide. Hailing from Radio Station Mohalla in Poonch, Parsanjeet is the daughter of Nirmal Singh and Darshan Kour. Not only did she excel in the UPSC examination, but she also qualified for the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services this year.

Parsanjeet shared that her educational journey began in Poonch, where she received her primary education. She further pursued her graduation at Government Degree College, Poonch, and completed her Masters from the University of Jammu. Remarkably, Parsanjeet accomplished her achievements through self-study, without the assistance of any coaching.

Parsanjeet Kaur Family and Educational Background

Ms. Parsanjeet Kaur, the daughter of pharmacist Nirmal Singh and Darshan Kaur, holds a remarkable journey towards her civil service aspirations. Graduating from Government Degree College in Poonch, she encountered a compelling article during her school days that shed light on the role of a Deputy Commissioner in India. This influential piece fueled her determination to join the civil service and bring positive change to the lives of those around her.

Driven by her passion, Ms. Kaur pursued her postgraduate studies in science at the University of Jammu. Without the aid of coaching, she exhibited exceptional prowess by securing the 32nd rank in the JKAS examination. Her outstanding achievements in both the KAS and IAS examinations solidify her path to success and inspire others on their own journeys.

Parsanjeet Kaur Preparation Strategy

Relying solely on self-study, without any coaching assistance, she attributed her success to the unwavering support of her family, effective time management, and sheer hard work.

Describing Poonch as an underdeveloped border area, she acknowledged the lack of adequate resources. Right from the beginning, she exhibited strong dedication and stayed focused on her objective. Kour stressed the importance of devoting 7 to 8 hours daily to her studies, earning praise from her teachers for her commitment. With her unwavering dedication, she successfully cracked the examination without the aid of any coaching.

Parsanjeet Kaur Struggles and Challenges

Prasanjeet recalls that during her preparation, Poonch lacked proper coaching centers and internet connectivity, posing significant challenges. Despite achieving a rank in the Jammu and Kashmir administrative service the previous year, she felt unsatisfied and determined to pursue her ultimate goal of becoming an IAS officer. With unwavering focus, she devoted herself to her education, determined to turn her dream into a reality.

Parsanjeet Kaur Optional Subject

Parsanjeet made a bold choice by selecting Zoology as her optional subject, recognizing its inherent challenges. Having studied the subject during her graduation, she felt confident in her ability to excel. Additionally, the abundance of study material and resources available for Zoology played a significant role in solidifying her decision. She believed that this subject would be an ideal fit for her, considering her existing knowledge and available resources.

Parsanjeet Kaur Future Plans

With a strong determination to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Parsanjeet Kaur envisions making a significant impact in the healthcare and education domains. Expressing her commitment to becoming an IAS officer, she aims to contribute towards the upliftment of the community in Jammu and Kashmir. Recognizing the existing challenges in healthcare and education, particularly in Poonch, she is resolute in her mission to tackle these issues and bring about positive change.

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