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SMRITI MISHRA UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 4, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about the UPSC 4th ranker Smriti Mishra

NameSmriti Mishra
Age25 Years
All India Rank4th Rank
Roll Number0858695
Number of Attempts2
Optional SubjectZoology

Smriti Mishra Biography

Smriti Mishra was raised in the town of Prayagraj alongside her family. Her dad, Rajkumar Mishra, serves in Bareilly as a CO, while her sibling practices law in the Supreme Court. Smriti has consistently been a diligent student and achieved great success in her education during both school and college. Along her educational path, Smriti developed a strong passion for serving the public and dreamed of creating a beneficial influence on society.

Smriti Mishra Education Background

Smriti Mishra, who secured the fourth All India Rank (AIR) in the UPSC civil service exam 2022, is an alumnus of the esteemed Miranda House College at the University of Delhi. She successfully completed her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree at the college before pursuing Law. Her early education took place in Agra, where she attended St. Clair’s Higher Secondary School. Smriti Mishra’s accomplishments have not only brought pride to her alma maters but also serve as an inspiration for numerous young individuals, especially aspiring girls, who aspire to join the civil service in India.

Smriti Mishra Struggles and Challenges

The path towards securing the fourth position in the UPSC was far from easy for Smriti Mishra. She confronted a fiercely competitive atmosphere where numerous hopefuls vied for a limited number of positions. Smriti chose to disconnect from social media for a span of three years during her preparation for this prestigious examination. Additionally, she invested an immense amount of time, often sacrificing leisure and personal commitments.

In the face of setbacks, many aspiring candidates often become disheartened. However, Smriti demonstrated that maintaining focus and consistency can lead to the realisation of one’s goals. It was through her unwavering dedication that she not only conquered the examination on her third attempt but also attained an exceptional rank, setting a remarkable example for others.

UPSC Preparation Strategy of Smriti Mishra

Cracking the UPSC examination is no small feat, given its reputation as one of the most demanding competitive exams. Smriti embarked on the challenge of mastering the extensive and diverse UPSC syllabus, which encompassed subjects like history, geography, polity, and current affairs. As a result, she dedicated numerous hours to not only covering the syllabus but also enhancing her writing skills.

Maintaining a rigorous study schedule required discipline and concentration, as she delved into stacks of books, study notes, and online resources. Smriti discovered that writing and creating her own notes proved to be immensely beneficial, aiding her in retaining a wealth of information. She firmly believes that self-study forms the crux of clearing the UPSC examination, emphasising its utmost importance.

Smriti Mishra’s Participation in UPSC 2022

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is renowned for its rigorous nature and esteemed reputation in India. Smriti Mishra embarked on this journey with the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, which took place on 5th June 2022. Among the immense number of 11,35,697 applicants for the examination, she stood out as one of the 5,73,735 candidates who successfully appeared for the preliminary round

Smriti Mishra’s Success Story

Raised in a family that deeply values public service, Smriti developed a profound sense of responsibility to contribute to her country’s betterment from an early age. Her father, a selfless and devoted Police CO, served as a significant source of inspiration. When Smriti achieved an impressive 96.6% in her Class 12 examinations, her family recognized her potential to accomplish remarkable feats in the future.

After completing her schooling, she relocated to the capital city alongside her brother to pursue higher education. What remains unknown to many is that Smriti cleared the UPSC exam on her third attempt. Interestingly, she even faltered in the prelims during her second attempt. Despite this setback, Smriti refused to relinquish her dreams and determination to succeed in the exam and serve her country.

Smriti Mishra’s Optional Subject

During the Written (Main) Examination, individuals are provided with the chance to select an optional subject that aligns with their educational background and personal interests. Smriti Mishra decided to pursue Zoology as her optional subject, utilizing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the field. This choice exemplified her commitment to capitalizing on her strengths and achieving excellence in her chosen area of study.

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