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Top 10 Strategies to prepare UPSC Exam

Top 10 strategies to prepare for UPSC exam: UPSC Exams are really important to test one’s abilities and knowledge, be it theoretical or practical. Not only students but also working-class take exams for this prestigious exam. And for facing UPSC examinations each and everyone needs a proper strategy for preparation.

It is, however, difficult to know how to manage your time in order to prepare for the best until you have some experience or guidance.

Some most useful strategies or tips are listed below, out of which most of them are just ‘common sense’ and others are more about how to take care of yourself so you don’t get too exhausted. After all, you are preparing for UPSC exams. You need to have a focused approach and better time management.

List of Top 10 Strategy to prepare for UPSC exam

#1. Start early, over-prepare, and then go with the flow:

Nothing is better than knowing about the UPSC exam and syllabus thoroughly, which you are going to take when you have loads of time. This will give you an upper hand over the syllabus and will be helpful in preparing you mentally. Studying early for the IAS examination has a lot of pros, one of which is, you can make useful notes so that on the last day you don’t panic about studying everything from the books. You can have those handy notes, through which you can revise easily.

#2. Time is your biggest friend

This is the key to study vitally for the UPSC exam. You should know how to divide your subjects so that you are able to pay attention to all of them equally. Certainly, some of them are a bit easier than others while you may find that others need a little more time for revision. So, you need to plan your revision to ensure that you use your time to the best advantage. The more you revise before your IAS exams the more likely you plan to succeed.

#3. Ask for help

This is where most of the UPSC aspirants make mistakes. Don’t be ashamed in asking for any help regarding your studies. You should ask your teachers or your friends or classmates to guide you in whatever you find difficult to understand. Best IAS coachings could also help you in this. Watching toppers and follow their plan also works but only in certain cases because you are different. Try to devise your own plan for becoming an IAS officer.

#4. Vary your revision techniques and locations

You don’t have to read the study material all over again every time. In contrast, you can learn by doing mind maps or flowcharts, etc. to make it more interesting. Furthermore, you shouldn’t keep studying in the same position for hours, try to loosen up a bit and change your locations to refresh your mind. Our mind tends to get bored easily so changing the place for a while, will give some refreshment to your mind and you could be more focused.

#5. Take regular breaks

There is a myth in our society about IAS exams. You’d easily find people even in your home that one has to study 18-20 hrs to crack the civil services. However, it’s not correct. It is not good for you to keep on studying continuously. Regular breaks are important for better learning and understanding. Also, it is good for your health. A good 5-6 hrs every day is more than sufficient to crack this prestigious exam.

#6. Sort out your subject material

Before starting the preparation for the UPSC examination you must check that you have all the necessary study material. Getting all your gear together makes it easier to find what you need while you’re studying. Additionally, there are various study materials available on the Web. You simply will get confused. Less is more should be your formula here. Follow one or two top IAS coachings and you will be through.

#7. Don’t cut your sleep

Nobody becomes more productive by sleeping less. The study always suggests that sleeping for at least 8 hours will help you to concentrate better the next day. So don’t panic. Staying up all night to cram will only make you stressed and nervous. It’s better to start your revision early so that you don’t feel pressured before the exam.

#8. Keep your cool and review your answers if possible

Don’t panic and try to relieve our stress by doing anything that makes you calm like listening to your favourite music. Try not to have many conversations about the exam with your peers because it may make you feel nervous. Also while writing the exam manage your time properly so that you don’t waste too much time on a single question as UPSC exams are famous for complicated questions. Furthermore, try to answer all your questions before time so that you can review all your answers again but never forget you have negative marking in place as well.

#9. Use your reading time

Try to analyze each and every detail of the question paper carefully during the reading time provided in the exam centre. Check the number of questions, pages also the marking scheme so that you can write the answers to the point or give detailed study depending upon the distribution of marks.

#10. Break down the questions for better understanding

A question comprises a lot of parts. But there is nothing to be afraid of because you can simply break down those questions and understand the real meaning behind it and what you are being asked. This goes for any kind of numerical problem or one where you need to compare and explain different things.

These are some basic strategies to use while preparing for UPSC exams. These only give a rough idea of what all basic things you need to focus on but they may also vary from person to person.

Furthermore, if we talk about competitive examinations, the UPSC exam being one of them, they are a bit more difficult than normal school or college examinations. That is why most people prefer to go to the best IAS coaching institutes where they are offered all of the study materials. These institutes also follow most of the aforementioned strategies and encourage their students to follow them. They teach them how to manage their time and schedule, and some basic tricks to solve the answers quickly in the exam so that they don’t waste much time.

Not only IAS coaching institutes but most of the other Coaching Centres to teach their students how to crack the examination without taking too much pressure.

I hope this top 10 strategy to prepare UPSC exam will boost your UPSC preparation. You could also whats-app me if you have any other questions.

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