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UPSC Pathshala – How it helps to Students in IAS Preparation

How is UPSC Pathshala helping students who want to prepare for IAS at home

If you have your eyes set on UPSC and have decided are thinking about choosing a coaching institute, let us take a look at the various options present in front of you. The most popular option is relocating to Delhi or some big city to enroll in coaching for UPSC. The other option would be to take online coaching sitting at home. Both online and offline options have their pros and cons. But if you decide to prepare from the comfort of your home, you will need to remember certain things and prepare in a certain way. Let us see how UPSC Pathshala is helping students to prepare for UPSC from home.

Online Coaching: the pros, the cons, and the options

Let us first understand the various options present before students when they decide to take coaching online. The first type consists of online coaching institutes that provide end to end solutions, including lectures, notes, tests, doubt clearance sessions, etc. The second type comprises of institutes that provide notes and tests only and the third type is made of those that provide only mocks and tests.

Now let us see the pros and cons of each category.


The first category of institutes almost replaces the benefits of going to a physical coaching centre. They provide all the coaching and lectures, notes, and tests physical coaching can provide you. Additionally, they offer you the flexibility of the schedule. You can attend your classes according to your own schedule at your convenience.

They also allow you to change pace and shift your study plan and classes if you so desire. Also, they give you access to high-quality teachers without having to relocate to a different city.

The second and third categories also provide you full flexibility of time and schedule.


The first con is that First, you are not sure of the quality of the teachers. As a student, you might not know how many students they have and thus this option might suffer from a lack of personal attention.

There is a limit to the number of students that can be fit into a physical classroom, but on an online platform, the number of students can be in the thousands and you might not even know it.

Coming to the second category of institutions have similar pros and cons like the end to end solution providers, but additionally, there is no explanation provided. So this is not a great way to prepare.

The institutes in the third category are not providing a method of preparation as tests cannot make you prepare for an exam. They are tools to evaluate your preparation not tools for preparation.

UPSC Pathshala

Now let us see how UPSC Pathshala is helping students who want to prepare for UPSC from home.

UPSC Pathshala has a number of courses under its wing and the foremost of them are the Foundation Course and the Inception Course. The Foundation Course is for the UPSC aspirants who are taking the exam in 2021 or later, and who wants to start with the basics of the required skill set required for UPSC, followed by rigorous preparation. Whereas The Inception course is for the aspirants, who have almost a year left for the examination and want to dive into the deep preparation right away.

Other than that, the Mains Rank Booster course helps students to help them take their rank among the toppers. UPSC Hindi, Central Armed Police Forces Exam and 2 courses on Optional Subjects: Sociology and Geography are also offered. UPSC Pathshala also offers 3 test series, Prelims, Mains and Revisions and Mock Tests.

1. Mentoring

The most important feature of UPSC Pathshala is the mentoring facility it provides its students. This means that a mentor is assigned to each student joining the courses at UPSC Pathshala. This helps the students keep their preparation on track and to keep themselves motivated. The mentors also help in doubt clearing and in arranging for extra classes if required. They are available to give the students a pep talk when required and they keep track of their progress on weekly assignments.

2. Personalized Plan

Unlike most other institutes, UPSC Pathshala helps their students to formulate a personalized study plan for themselves based on their availability and schedule. They also help students to make their own timetable so that the study plan is actionable by the students in accordance with their daily schedule.

3. High-Quality Teaching

The faculty at UPSC Pathshala is stellar and comprises of the very highly vetted professionals in each field. The method of teaching followed is logical and explanatory and not just information exchange. The teachers pay special attention to the linkage of current events to the static syllabus to make the content more relatable and easy to recall.

4. High-Quality Content

The videos at UPSC Pathshala are not just recordings of offline sessions. These are specially made videos that are professionally edited for online studying. In each video, the teacher faces the camera at all times giving the students a feeling of a one to one session with the teacher.

5. Affordable Packages

UPSC Pathshala provides various packages at various price points making them affordable for every student in India.

6. Accessible Courses

Needless to add, the courses are accessible everywhere and UPSC Pathshala even offers their students the videos for offline viewing. Students find this extremely convenient and useful as they don’t have to depend on an internet connection to watch the videos.

7. Scholarship Program

The other thing that UPSC Pathshala offers is a Scholarship program for deserving and underprivileged aspirants. This Scholarship is awarded on merit cum means the basis and is for the deserving students who cannot afford the course due to financial constraints.

8. UPSC Guru

One free feature that UPSC Pathshala provides is UPSC Guru. This is a virtual mentor for your UPSC preparation. UPSC Guru is an app that is a one-stop solution to all the queries regarding the preparation, pattern and anything else related to the UPSC Exam.

So if you have decided to prepare from home, check out the free demo sessions from UPSC Pathshala and decide for yourself.

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