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WASEEM AHMAD BHAT UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 7, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about the UPSC 7th Rank Holder – Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Jammu and Kashmir, Waseem Ahmad Bhat achieved an impressive seventh position in the renowned UPSC civil services examination. After securing the 225th rank in the previous year, this talented individual has demonstrated remarkable progress and success in his journey.

NameWaseem Ahmad Bhat
All India Rank7th Rank
Roll Number1802522
Number of Attempts3
Hometown/CityJammu and Kashmir

Waseem Ahmad Bhat Biography

Waseem Ahmad Bhat’s birthplace in Bragam Dooru Shahabad, Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir, India, marked the beginning of his lifelong pursuit of academic brilliance. With dedication, he conquered the formidable UPSC exam, earning a spot in the prestigious Civil Services to contribute to his nation.

For the past two years, Waseem Ahmad devoted himself to the rigorous preparation for the UPSC exam, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of success.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat Education Background

Waseem completed his civil engineering certification from NIT Srinagar before taking on the challenge of the UPSC Exam. His academic foundation and unwavering dedication have undoubtedly played a role in his overall performance.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat, securing the seventh rank in UPSC 2022, exemplifies the importance of persistence and determination in achieving success.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat Preparation Strategy

Waseem’s path to success was paved by his meticulous preparation strategy. He understood the significance of acquiring comprehensive knowledge, building strong conceptual foundations, and maintaining consistent practice. Devoting several hours each day to study, he adhered to a well-structured timetable.

Waseem’s approach encompassed a blend of self-study, coaching, and regular assessments to monitor his progress. He utilized a range of study materials, including standard textbooks, reference books, past question papers, and online resources. Additionally, he sought guidance from a reputable coaching institute, benefiting from expert advice, test series, and interview preparation.

Waseem’s dedication and focus ensured that he stayed abreast of current affairs, recognizing their pivotal role in the UPSC examination.

Waseem Ahmad Bhat’s Challenges

Waseem encountered a multitude of obstacles while preparing for the UPSC exam. The extensive syllabus, fierce competition, and the weight of expectations were among the hurdles he faced. Moreover, coming from a non-English background, he dedicated extra effort to enhance his language proficiency.

To conquer these challenges, Waseem fostered a positive outlook, sought the company of supportive individuals, and prioritized a well-rounded lifestyle. He firmly believed in the strength of steady progress and unwavering determination, enabling him to navigate setbacks and forge ahead.

Success Story of Waseem Ahmad Bhat

Waseem Ahmad Bhat, securing the 7th rank in UPSC 2022 from Anantnag district, credits his remarkable achievement to the unwavering support he received. Reflecting on his time in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, Waseem Ahmad Bhat expressed how he gained valuable insights from engaging with a diverse group of individuals, including those who had taken the UPSC exam and others who hadn’t.

Praising the impressive performances of his Kashmiri friends in the exam, Waseem Ahmad aspires to serve as a dedicated public servant, with a particular focus on serving the marginalised and indigenous communities. He strongly believes in the exceptional talent present among Kashmiris, emphasising that given the right opportunities, they will showcase their abilities and make a positive impact.

Waseem Bhat Family support

With unwavering determination, Waseem Bhat turned his dream of becoming an IAS officer and serving his community into a reality through sheer hard work. Expressing his joy, Waseem Ahmad Bhat’s father, Mohammad Yusuf Bhat, shared that Last year his son had qualified for the exam and secured the 225th rank. But now, he has achieved the seventh rank. He also said that this news brings immense inspiration and happiness to Anantnag and Kashmir. Belonging to a humble background, Waseem Bhat’s family faced financial challenges. However, Waseem’s father proudly stated that despite these circumstances, his son dedicated himself to rigorous preparation and achieved remarkable success.

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