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Anmol Rathore: Rank 7 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about UPSC Topper Anmol Rathore – AIR 7 UPSC Topper 2023

  • Name : Anmol Rathore
  • Hometown/City : Bhaderwah, Doda, (The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Roll Number : 3406060
  • Year of Appearance : 2023
  • Attempts : Third
  • Optional subject : Law
  • Age : 24 years
  • Graduated in : Bachelor of Laws (Gujarat National Law University)
  • Total marks secured : 1045

Anmol Rathore- Biography

Anmol Rathore, a determined individual, from Jammu and Kashmir cracked the UPSC CSE 2023 exam on her third attempt at just 24 years old. Her achievement is critical, taking into account the serious nature of the civil service exam and her constancy in accomplishing the demands of the exam. Anmol Rathore, who currently holds the All India Rank (AIR) 7 position is from Doda, a district in Bhaderwah, of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Rathore broke the UPSC CSE 2023 test in her third attempt. Prior to her UPSC journey, she already cracked the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service (JKAS) in 2022 and is now an IAS with the publication of the UPSC CSE results on 16th April 2024.

Anmol Rathore- Educational Background

Anmol Rathore who cracked the UPSC CSE by securing a stellar rank 7 has a strong educational background.

  • She did her initial schooling in the New Era Public School of Kishtwar.
  • Later, she did her secondary education in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • After her secondary education was complete she became a law graduate by completing her Bachelor’s of Law (LLB) from the prestigious Gujarat National Law University.

Her educational history shows her interest towards law, a subject which eventually helped her in choosing her optional in the UPSC exams as well.

Anmol Rathore- Work Experience

After completing her graduation in law, Anmol Rathore started preparing for various exams including the UPSC CSE. In her attempts to get a job in the administrative line, she successfully cracked the state PSC of Jammu and Kashmir in 2022. She not only cracked but also secured the first rank in it. Soon after, she joined the new position of an administrative officer of J&K.

She was preparing for the civil service examination of India while she was also fulfilling her duty as a state official. This shows her determination and perseverance to strive until you achieve your goals.

Anmol Rathore- Family Background

Anmol Rathore comes from a background where her father is a banker serving in the Jammu and Kashmir Bank. Her mother is also a working professional, serving as a teacher. Anmol is the only child of her parents and the environment of her family has instilled in her the value of discipline and hard work.

In an interview, Rathore said that the pressure of being an only child has always rested on her shoulders. This ultimately helped her in motivating her to make her parents proud. This eventually resulted first in Rathore cracking the State PSC and later cracking the prestigious UPSC CSE.

Anmol Rathore -Optional Paper and Strategy

Since she was from a Law background, she also chose law as her optional paper. She advised those thinking of taking law as their optional to rely upon their college notes and to start preparing for the paper in the final year of their degree.

Anmol Rathore- UPSC Preparation

Anmol Rathod began her preparation for the UPSC exam in her final year of law. She used to give a regular 4 to 5 hours for her UPSC exams. This is due to her prior commitments as an administrative officer of J&K which she became after cracking the State PSC of J&K in 2022.

Anmol Rathore- UPSC Topper AIR 7 Success Story

Anmol Rathore cracked the UPSC CSE in her 3rd attempt by securing a stellar rank of 7. Prior to her achievements she also has seen failures in two consecutive attempts. But despite the failure, her unwavering determination, hard work, and perseverance helped her glide through the most competitive exam in the country.

Her success story is not only inspirational but also motivational to those who are struggling in their own attempts for the civil Service examination.

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