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Avinash Kumar UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 17, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about Avinash Kumar – UPSC 2023 17TH Rank Holder

Avinash Kumar, a 25-year-old from the humble village of Badhuwa on the Indo-Nepal border in Bihar’s Araria district, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 17th rank in the prestigious civil services examination on his third try. Despite facing disappointment in his previous two attempts where he couldn’t qualify the preliminary test, Avinash’s determination and hard work paid off. Avinash’s success story is an inspiration to all aspiring civil servants and demonstrates the power of perseverance and dedication.

NameAvinash Kumar
All India Rank17th Rank
Roll Number0840388
Number of Attempts3

Avinash Kumar Biography

Avinash Kumar, aged 25, hails from the ordinary village of Badhuwa situated on the border of India and Nepal in the Araria district of Bihar. His father, a former teacher at a government school, raised him. Avinash made his third attempt at the challenging civil services exams and managed to secure the 17th position. Unfortunately, in his previous two attempts, he couldn’t pass the preliminary test

Avinash Kumar Educational Background

Following his completion of matriculation, he achieved remarkable success in his XII examinations at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro, securing an impressive score of over 93%. Motivated by his academic achievements, he decided to pursue an engineering degree from Yadavpur University Kolkata, where he excelled and was honoured with a gold medal. Subsequently, he embarked on a professional journey in the electricity department of West Bengal, where he served as an engineer until the year 2020.

Avinash Kumar Preparation Strategy

Avinash Kumar’s thoughtful strategies and diligent preparations played a vital role in his achievement of a commendable rank in the UPSC exams. Reflecting on his journey, Avinash revealed that prior to his successful attempt, he had already appeared for the UPSC exam on two occasions. However, for his third attempt, he decided to rely predominantly on self-study after receiving coaching.

He emphasised the significance of serious reading and subject-wise self-study for aspiring UPSC candidates, highlighting that clearing the exam without dedicated self-study would be a formidable task. Avinash’s experience underscores the importance of comprehensive preparation and independent learning, demonstrating that with the right approach, success in the UPSC exams can be attained.

Avinash Kumar Family Background

Hailing from the Araria district of Bihar, Avinash Kumar has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 17th rank, bringing honour not only to his district but also to the state of Bihar. His ancestral village is situated in Badhua village, which falls under the Farbisganj block. Avinash’s father, Ajay Kumar Singh, worked as a teacher and currently enjoys his retirement by engaging in farming activities within the village. Avinash’s mother, Pratima Devi, fulfills the role of a homemaker. Their collective efforts have contributed to Avinash’s success and have brought pride to their family, village, and region.

Avinash Kumar Success story

Avinash shared his experience of attempting the UPSC exam twice before facing failure. However, undeterred by these setbacks, he persisted and made a determined effort for the third time, which led to him securing an impressive 17th rank. Avinash attributed his success to a combination of coaching and self-study. He emphasised the importance of conducting thorough research on each subject and seeking guidance from seniors, acknowledging their valuable assistance in his journey. In his advice to aspiring UPSC candidates, Avinash stressed the significance of dedicated reading and organising self-study in a structured manner, with a focus on individual subjects. By following these approaches, Avinash believes that others can also achieve success in the UPSC exams.

Avinash Kumar Suggestions for Future Aspirants

Avinash emphasised the importance of diligent reading and subject-wise self-study for aspiring UPSC students. He advised that success requires a combination of hard work, patience, and self-study. Avinash also encouraged students to stay focused and undeterred in challenging situations, urging them not to fear failures.

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