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Top 5 Best IAS Coaching Institutes in Indore for UPSC 2024

IAS is the most prestigious and toughest competitive exam in India. There are plenty of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 aiming to produce eminent civil servants. Do not fall into the trap of bad coaching centers. Make sure you check the presence of the following two factors:

  • Strategic Coaching Programme
  • Authentic Study Materials

A good institute must include the above two elements in their UPSC coaching program. Many students have failed in the IAS exam due to misguidance from disorganized coaching programs. So, be very careful while selecting the best IAS coaching in Indore. Always remember that the institutes can only guide you. The hard work and preparation should be put from your end. Make the best use of all the resources and mentorship provided by the institute. Keep your self-confidence and determination at the highest level.

Tips For Choosing The Top IAS Coaching in Indore UPSC Exam Preparation

Examine both the old and new IAS coaching institutes in Indore. You can ask the already enrolled students and decide about the quality. The course offered must focus on maximum knowledge acquisition. Students must be made to undergo regular mock tests. As a well-known fact, UPSC syllabus is very huge. You will need the well-planned classes to complete the complex syllabus. Learn about the teaching faculty at the institute. They play a major role in bringing success to a student’s life. A comfortable infrastructure and learning environment also takes the major portion in providing the Best IAS Coaching.

If possible, collect the reviews about the Coaching Institutes from senior students. Their feedback helps you to make better decisions. Never follow the crowd and choose the academy blindly. Lastly, you can compare the fee structure. Verify the previous top ranks acquired by the institute. Sometimes, the information might be displayed just for the advertisement purpose. Spend a considerable amount of time and research about the best IAS Coaching. Here is the list of trusted institutes for your reference.

List of Best IAS Institites for Classroom Coaching

First Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 is

#1. Kautilya IAS Academy

Kautilya academy got established in the year 2014. They are able to deliver best UPSC coaching in Indorewith the presence of high-quality expert teaching faculty. All the subject matter experts strive hard to push aspirants towards success. Most importantly, the institute has set an amazing milestone. Students are promised with strategic preparation. Their scientific teaching approach has proved to be a powerful element.

The academy trains ambitious students to face the toughest UPSC exam. If you are looking to join the best IAS coaching in Indore, check Kautilya Academy. All the classes are conducted in offline mode. Contact the management to learn about the admission process.

Benefits Of Joining Kautilya IAS Coaching Institute

  • Students who reside in remote areas can access the IAS coaching and opt for their correspondence course.
  • Owns the brilliant library facilities for all IAS aspirants.
  • Provision of well-structured and computerized study materials.
  • The institute is responsible for more than 3500 reputed administrative post selections.
  • Subject matter experts offer free counseling and personalized guidance.
  • The institute designs current affairs study material. They conduct research work from authentic sources.

Courses Offered by Kautilya IAS Academy

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeesCourse Details
Complete Foundation Course – General Studies – Prelims + Mains + InterviewContact for More InformationGet in touch for Fees DetailsEnquire for More Information
Correspondence CourseContact for More InformationGet in touch for Fees DetailsEnquire for More Information
Test Series – Prelims + MainsContact for More InformationGet in touch for Fees DetailsEnquire for More Information

Website URL: https://www.kautilyaacademy.com/

Address: Payal Plaza, Bhawarkuan Rd, Opp Bhawarkuan Police Station, Professor’s Colony, Vishnu Puri Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Contact Details: 09111010991

Second Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 is

#2. Sharma IAS Academy

Sharma Academy is popularly recognized as the Institute of national standards. Since 2010, they have been helping aspirants with best UPSC coaching in Indore. Under the thought leadership of Surendra Sharma, the institute has set the benchmark. The team of best academic minds rules this IAS academy. Achieve your dream goals through the institute’s high standard coaching. Every student is pushed towards success. They help you focus and learn through a consistent approach.

This best IAS coaching in Indore aims at developing a competitive attitude among students. It is the most important aspect of UPSC exam preparation. Grab the qualitative teaching and stay ahead in the competition. They commit to transforming the normal aspirants to geniuses in reality. The academy expects you to contact them for any queries on the admission process.

Benefits Of Joining Sharma IAS Coaching Institute

  • Encourage students to actively participate in standard mock tests. You will build strong self-confidence and determination.
  • The only IAS coaching institutes in Indore to be awarded as Leading e-learning academy of MP.
  • Offers excellent teaching assistance and personality development classes.
  • The institute is a proud owner of another Education Excellence Award 2016. It is given by the MP education minister.
  • Promises well-researched and structured study materials. It enhances the preparation efficiency among students.

Courses Offered by Sharma IAS Academy

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeesCourse Details
Basic UPSC – Prelims + Mains + InterviewDuration – 1 YearRs. 1,10,000Prelims & Mains Course with InterviewEnglish and Hindi Medium CourseComplimentary Tablet
Advanced UPSC – Prelims + Mains + InterviewDuration – 3 YearRs. 2,10,000Prelims & Mains Batch with InterviewEnglish and Hindi Medium CourseComplimentary Tablet

Website URL: https://www.sharmaacademy.com/

Address: 81/12, National Typing Institute, Patni Pura Rd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452011

Contact Details: 09179885224

Third Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 is

#3. Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya Academy is very old and best IAS coaching in Indore. They strongly believe that every student is born to succeed. The institute has set a milestone under the guidance of Mr. AK Mishra. He is popularly known as Success Guru. However, the experts deliver knowledge to both Hindi and English medium students. It has created an equal opportunity for students from different backgrounds. Be a part of the institute’s coaching programme. They assist you to build a strong nation.

The only institute in India to own the name of great political strategist and provide top IAS coaching in Indore. Students at Chanakya academy enjoy the comprehensive training sessions. The teachers cover every subject in detail. Ultimately, they ensure to follow all the standards set by UPSC. Fill up the institute’s online enrollment form to join the programme.

Benefits Of Joining Chanakya IAS Coaching Institute

  • They keep up the coaching as per the dynamic nature of UPSC syllabus.
  • Capable of delivering the best study materials. They are prepared by subject matter experts.
  • Complete support is given to each student through all three UPSC exam stages.
  • Improves the student’s understanding efficiency and subject knowledge.
  • Imparts the logical thinking ability among candidates.
  • Builds self-confidence through informative writing skill development sessions.
  • You will acquire complete training in General studies and optional subjects.

Courses Offered by Chanakya IAS Academy

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeesCourse Details
Foundation CourseDuration – Choose between 1 Year to 3 Year Course.Contact for Fees StructureFoundation 1 Year Course isSpecially for Graduation Students and Working Professionals who wants to have a Complete Knowledge of UPSC Exams while studying or Working. Foundation 2 Year Course is crafted as a Solid Rock Foundation for Graduates Students who intend to learn and beat the competition of National Level IAS Examinations. Foundation 3 Year Course provides a platform for Undergraduates Students who have just entered the Professional Degree Courses. Invites Students who want to groom their career in Government Sectors.
Distance Learning ProgramContact the Management to Reserve your Course. General Studies – Prelims + Mains + CSAT – Rs. 11,000 Basic Prelims – Rs. 4,000 Basic Mains – Rs. 7,000 Basic CSAT – Rs. 3,000Standard Set of 24 Books for GS Complete Package.Available in English and Hindi Extensive Notes with Diagrams, Flowcharts and Figures
Test SeriesHeld on a Regular BasisContact for detailed informationPrelims Classroom Tests – Rs. 10,000 Prelims Online Tests – Rs. 5,000 Main Tests – Rs. 18,00030 Tests for Prelims – 25 GS Tests + 5 CSAT 20 Tests for Prelims – 10 Sectional GS Tests + 8 Full Length + 2 Essays

Website URL: https://www.chanakyaiasacademy.com/

Address: 120, First Floor, Veda Business Park, Bhawarkuan Square, Agra Bombay Rd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Contact Details: 09713094222

Fourth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 is

#4. Drishti IAS Academy

Drishti aims at imparting the top UPSC coaching in Indore. Students from Hindi medium gain excellent guidance. In turn, they offer excellent classroom coaching. Subject matter experts from Drishti own years of teaching experience since 2003. It provides focused training to all the ambitious students who wish to take up civil services exam. They have already achieved milestones in a short span! Delivers the best IAS coaching in Indore by designing the comprehensive study material.

Drishti Academy has classroom coaching and distance learning programme. Interested students can seek the management help and learn about admission. The presence of interactive forum has helped thousands of students to clear their doubts.

Benefits Of Joining Drishti IAS Coaching Institute

  • They own a powerful and strategic teaching system. It unfolds the student’s ability to top in UPSC exam.
  • Their theoretical classes promise you to get the 100% conceptual clarity. Subject matter experts provide an in-depth explanation.
  • The academy focus on building a competitive attitude through motivational and personality skill development classes.
  • Updates and renews the teaching materials based on the UPSC syllabus.
  • The institute provides a comfortable learning environment. It motivates the candidates to prepare effectively.

Courses Offered by Drishti IAS Academy

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeesCourse Details
General Studies – Prelims + MainsEnquire for fees structureRs. 1,20,000Enquire for Course Information
G.S + CSAT + Essay + Test SeriesEnquire for fees structureRs. 1,63,000Enquire for Course Information
Test Series – PrelimsEnquire for fees structureRs. 7,000Enquire for Course Information
Test Series – MainsEnquire for fees structureRs. 15,000Enquire for Course Information

Website URL: https://www.drishtiias.com/

Address: 3rd Floor, Sundaram Complex, Opposite ICICI Bank, Bhawarkua Main Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Contact Details: 07314046462

Fifth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Indore 2024 is

#5. KSG India

Khan Study Group runs under the guidance of Dr.Khan. He is the great academician who founded KSG in the year 2008. The institute is responsible to provide result-oriented UPSC coaching in Indore. All the IAS aspirants who dream to serve the nation as an eminent civil servant must join KSG. They have helped many candidates to attain top ranks.

There are seven reputed centers of KSG in India. Are you searching for the top IAS coaching in Indore? This institute serves your purpose. Classroom coaching happens in regular offline batches. Students can enroll in a course or mock interviews through the official website. Also, they accept the payments through cash, cheque, online, bank draft or pay order.

Benefits Of Joining KSG India IAS Coaching Institute

  • The expert teaching faculty at KSG gives the highest priority to students.
  • Organizes for doubts clearing and group discussion sessions on a regular basis.
  • Students are made to attend regular mock tests and practice answer writing skills.
  • You can opt for study materials in one of the two languages. It includes Hindi and English.
  • Excellent study planning and delivers systematic coaching programmes. It eliminates all the unnecessary wastage of time. Learn about what to study and what should not be studied in prior.
  • Provide high-quality current affair study materials, editorials, notes, and questions.

Courses Offered by KSG India IAS Academy

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeesCourse Details
Foundation Course – General StudiesEnquire for Batch TimingsRs. 95,170Mains + Prelims + Essays
Foundation Course -CSATEnquire for Batch TimingsRs. 5,000Prelims Paper II
Test SeriesEnquire for Batch TimingsRs. 10,000Prelims + Mains
Advanced GS CourseDuration – 2 YearsRs. 1,75,000G.S + CSAT + Essay + Interview
Optional CoursesEnquire for Batch TimingsRs. 32,000Enquire for More Information
Correspondence CourseEnquire for Batch TimingsRs. 34,000Complete General Studies

Website URL: https://www.ksgindia.com/index.php/about-us/ksg-branches/indore-madhya-pradesh

Address: 232 – 233, Veda Building, Near Apple Hospital, Bhawar Kuan Chowk, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Contact Details: 09893772941

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