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Drishti IAS Mock Interview Fees & Registration Process

There are many institutions engaged in offering coaching and training for IAS. But there is no comparison to Drishti IAS. Applicants can read through to learn how to apply for Drishti IAS Mock Interview offering the best interview experience.

The majority of the toppers take UPSC mock interviews from Drishti IAS as it an important part of the Civil Services Exam preparation. Taking Drishti IAS help to develop a holistic module for the candidates that help them improve their social and logical skills. They should take part in these mock interviews ahead of the exams to ace up their preparation.

Why Choose Drishti IAS for Mock Interview?

Drishti IAS is a professional and reliable IAS coaching institute based in India. It has various centers from where IAS mock interview is facilitated. The interviewing panel is a pool of experts from different backgrounds. The institute aims at preparing every single candidate applying for the Drishti IAS Mock interview Fees for the final interview. Over 1000+ IAS aspirants have availed the limitless advantage of the specially designed mock interviews. Drishti IAS coaching academy has also uploaded several IAS mock interview videos for the convenience of applicants.

Candidates preparing for the IAS exam are advised to take Drishti IAS mock interview 2020 seriously. The marks obtained by candidates help them to be considered for the post, thus a good score is essential. Drishti IAS UPSC mock interview has helped many students in the past to ace up their UPSC CSE Interview and gave them a chance to improve their qualities and focus on their shortcomings.

Examination Date for UPSC Prelims 2021 – 27th June, 2021

Due to the current pandemic, it is important to reconsider your preparation strategies as per the changing needs of the exam. Drishti IAS mock interview in Hindi helps students by designing the most appropriate strategy for the eligible students so that they can get a good score in the UPSC IAS exam.

Drishti IAS Mock Interview – Advantages

  • Drishti IAS mock interview 2020 provides a simulated interview experience of a real UPSC interview to the candidates preparing for the same.
  • The mock interview help candidates handle the pressure at the time of the interview and it lowers their anxiety and stress level while facing the real interview.
  • Drishti IAS mock interview video prepares the UPSC aspirant in advance about the kind of questions they may face.
  • Candidates get a chance to prepare for the personality test in a low-stress environment.

How to apply for Drishti IAS mock interview

The process of registration for the Drishti IAS mock interview 2020is free from hassle. Candidates can easily register for Drishti mock interview by referring to the official website. The male and female candidates interested in IAS mock interview 2020 can register online. Alternatively, students can also download the form from the official website and submit the filled form to the Drishti IAS interview venue.

The institute has also made the availability of IAS mock interviews in the Hindi language. Students can also take limitless advantage of it. The mock interview questions are designed by the retired IAS offices, experts, and professionals from administrative services.

The aspirants can send their DAF to interview@groupdrishti.com to get detailed information on Drishti IAS UPSC mock interview. Students can also make a phone call on +91- 9319290694 for Drishti IAS mock interview fees structure and other information.

Success at the UPSC exam can only be achieved by practice, practice, and practice. So, take advantage of a mock interview to get the desired result. Post completion of the UPSC mock interview, candidates are provided with feedback. A personal mentor who can guide you while preparing for the UPSC is the best way to ensure a steady development and the institute plays the role of a mentor. Moreover, the Drishti IAS mock interview fee is quite reasonable.

Details related to the interview schedule can be obtained easily. Get in touch with us to know more about UPSC mock interview registration and related information.

Rush to enroll for the result-oriented Drishti IAS UPSC mock interview today!

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