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Arth Jain IAS Topper 2020, AIR 16 | IAS Success Story

The Civil Services Examination is the most popular and the toughest exam. Every year thousands of students prepare for the UPSC exam but only a few are selected. UPSC recently declared the result of 2020 and Arth Jain IAS secured AIR 16 and made her parents and family proud. Arth Jain belongs to Madhya Pradesh. It was his second attempt at the UPSC exam. It was his dedication and hard work that he didn’t lose hope and continued his preparation.

Arth Jain shares his journey of UPSC and preparation strategy about how he prepared for the examination.

Biography of Arth Jain IAS

Arth Jain belongs to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He is an IIT graduate. His father Mr. Mukesh Jain is an IPS officer of the Madhya Pradesh cadre. Currently, he is posted as the state’s transport commissioner. Arth Jain’s younger brother is also preparing for UPSC. he has completed graduation from IIT Delhi. When he was in the second year of graduation, he decided to prepare for UPSC. Arth Jain continued his preparation of UPSC along with graduation.

In his first attempt, he didn’t even clear the prelims. In Spite of getting sad and hopeless, he decided to continue his preparation. He says the reason for his failure was not being given enough time to study. He was not focused on revision and practice. He learned from his mistake and got over it soon. When he again appeared for the UPSC examination he topped the exam and secured AIR 16. He chose Mathematics as an option subject.

Arth Jain’s UPSC Marksheet

Arth Jain’s UPSC mark sheet is given below:-

General Study-I099
General Study-II117
General Study-III092
General Study-IV122
Optional Subject-I (Mathematics)145
Optional Subject-II (Mathematics)154
Written Test853
Personality Test168
Final Total1021

Arth Jain IAS Preparation Strategy

Arth Jain shares his strategy about UPSC preparation. He advises all the aspirants to learn from their mistakes and failures. It will give you a clear vision of your preparation. Failure makes us strong if we take it positively. Arth Jain UPSC Topper says:-

  • First thing that every aspirant should do is understand the syllabus and exam pattern. It will give you a better view about examinations.
  • Understand the importance of revision also. Revise your daily study. By revising, you can remember more things.
  • Divide the syllabus according to your interest. Give more time to the subjects in which you are weak. Give more time to optional subjects also. Optional subjects should be based on your interest.
  • Regular answer writing practice is equally important. Practice answer writing in different ways. Read answers of toppers. It will give you ideas about writing answers.
  • Read the newspaper regularly for current affairs preparation. You can preparare current affairs online also. NCERT books help a lot during current affairs preparation.
  • Take a mock test for practice. It will boost your confidence and give you a clear idea about which subject you should work more on.
  • For interview guidance you can attend any coaching. Many coachings give online guidance for interviews. It will save your time.

If you are preparing from home, it’s important to have a positive environment. Family support is very important. You can not get success in one day. UPSC is a long journey. You have to keep calm. Believe in your hard work, you will definitely succeed.

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1. What is the educational background of Arth Jain IAS?

Answer- Arth Jain graduated from IIT.

2. What rank Arth Jain secured in UPSC 2020 exam?

Answer- Arth Jain secured 16th Rank in UPSC 2020 exam.

3. Which subject Arth Jain opted as optional in UPSC exam?

Answer- Arth Jain opted for Mathematics as optional in UPSC 2020 exam.

4. How many marks Arth jain got in personality test UPSC 2020 exam?

Answer- Arth Jain got 168 in the personality test UPSC 2020 exam.

5. In Which attempt Arth Jain cleared UPSC 2020 exam?

Answer- Arth Jain cleared UPSC 2020 exam on the 2nd attempt.