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Economics Optional Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exams

Economics is one of the optional subjects chosen by a large number of aspirants. The correct choice of the optional subject plays a very vital role in taking you one step closer to your dreams. If you are the one who has an urge to comprehend technical things and who has a great curiosity for it, then choosing Economics will surely boost up your score in the Economics Preparation Strategy for UPSC exam.

This is a very relevant subject that helps you remain ahead in the current times as well. No matter whether you have studied this subject earlier or not but if you dive deep down with this then you are surely going to fetch great marks in it. Scoring in this subject purely depends upon your hard work and your zeal to learn.

You need to study the optional subject religiously regularly because neglecting the chosen subject can flip your score. If you are the one who has opted for Economics as optional, then this is the right place where you have landed. This guide is designed to provide you with a proper preparation strategy so that you can step forward towards your dream. Let’s have a look at the strategy to precisely understand how you can proceed with the preparation of Economics Preparation Strategy for UPSC.

Preparation Strategy for Economics as optional

#1. Set your target

Preparing well doesn’t only mean that you study well and excel. It means that you should set a proper target for yourself that you want to achieve while preparation. Always set short-term and long-term goals for yourself that you want to achieve while studying. You can set short-term goals like, for instance, today I will complete this topic and you can manage it by the end of the day. If your syllabus is complete 1-1.5 months before the Mains, then you can consider yourself well-prepared for the exam.

#2. Prepare proper notes

When you are preparing for Economics, then you should prepare your notes well for the subject. You should study all the topics mentioned in the syllabus in-depth so that you can prepare for each topic by pouring your heart and soul. You can even highlight or underline the important points in the book. But, it will always be better if you prepare your notes. Preparing your notes will not only help in structuring your answers well but it will also make the topic crystal clear in your mind.

#3. Prepare for important statistics with diagrams

Learning every concept is difficult. But, if you find new ways to learn things then it can surely add some extra advantage to your preparation. Try to memorize the important statistics of Economics with the help of diagrams, flow charts, pie charts, etc. These means of memorization can help you to make a picture in your mind that will help you to automatically get in touch with the topic whenever you hear its name. This technique can do wonders for you if you are studying in this direction.

#4. Topic-wise Enhancement

While preparing for Economics as optional in UPSC, you have to be sure that you prepare well for every topic mentioned in the syllabus. When you are studying some topic, be sure that you should also see its previous year questions. Once you go through the previous year’s questions while preparing for the subject, you come across the level of your preparation and what type of questions you can encounter on the day of the exam. This will not only boost up your morale for that topic but will also clear a bunch of your doubts.

#5. Practice Previous year questions

Preparing and practicing the previous year’s questions is one of the primary keys that can lead you towards the stepping stones of success. When your Mains are about to come in the coming 1-1.5 months, then practicing the previous year’s papers will give you a glimpse of your preparation. It can also depict the areas where you can work and improve upon so that you can crack your dream exam. It is the end game that will prepare you for your exam and boot up your motivation level. You just need to be consistent to experience excellence in your life.

Bottom Line

Preparing for Economics as an optional is not very difficult. If you are persistent and determined enough for your goal, then no one can stop you to pursue your dreams. You just need to be undeterred and firm on your decision. If you put your hard work and knowledge in the correct direction, then you can surely see the results. This is a technical subject that not only helps you to boost up the problem-solving skills but will also help you in current affairs. Don’t get demotivated that you won’t be able to crack the exam or it will be very tough. If you made up your mind to crack the exam, then you will climb the ladders of success.

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