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KRITIKA GOYAL UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 14, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about Kritika Goyal – UPSC 2023 14TH Rank Holder

With determination and perseverance, Kritika Goyal achieved success in her fourth attempt by securing the impressive All India Rank 14 in the UPSC examination. Having been selected as a reserved candidate, she is currently undergoing training under the DANICS program.

NameKritika Goyal
All India Rank14th Rank
Roll Number6310372
Number of Attempts4
Optional SubjectLaw

Kritika Goyal Family Background

Hailing from Punjab, Kritika Goyal’s father, RP Goyal, holds the esteemed position of District Additional Sessions Judge in Sonipat. He has gained recognition for his significant contributions in the notable Maruti scandal case. Furthermore, Kritika’s brother, Gautam Goyal, is also serving as an IPS officer, exemplifying their family’s commitment to public service. Her cousin sister and brother-in-law have both achieved their dreams of becoming IAS officers in the 2019 batch. Additionally, her cousin brother is a proud officer of the 2020 IDES batch.

Kritika Goyal Preparation Strategy

During the final year of her graduation, she made the bold decision to embark on the UPSC journey. Opting for self-study without any coaching, she dedicated herself to rigorous preparation. She diligently participated in numerous mock exams and test series held at different centers, honing her skills and knowledge. Choosing law as her optional subject, she devised a strategy centered around consistent test-taking and repeated revisions. Her steadfast determination motivated her to complete each test series within the allocated time frame, ensuring thorough coverage of the syllabus. Her disciplined approach laid the foundation for her success.

Kritika Goyal Success story

Kritika Goyal, a dedicated individual, has persevered through four attempts at the UPSC exam. During one of her attempts, she achieved an impressive rank of 314 and began her role as an SDM in Delhi. Despite her professional commitments, she continued to diligently prepare for her subsequent attempts. Notably, Kritika holds a prestigious Gold Medal from Gujarat Law University, showcasing her expertise in the field of law. In her pursuit of success in the UPSC exam, she wisely opted for law as her optional subject, leveraging her knowledge and skills in the field.

The initial two attempts posed challenges for her, as she couldn’t clear the preliminary stage and even faced difficulty with the CSAT in the second attempt. Nonetheless, her fortunes changed with the third attempt, as she secured a place on the reserved list. However, it was during the UPSC CSE-2022 that her journey took an extraordinary turn, achieving an outstanding All India Ranking of 14 on her fourth try.

Kritika Goyal Family support and Impact

Throughout her UPSC journey, Kritika Goyal found unwavering support from her family, who served as her pillars of strength. She relied on her brother’s study notes and valuable guidance to enhance her preparation strategies. At home, she diligently wrote multiple test series, and her IAS brother-in-law graciously reviewed her answers. Collaborating with her cousin brother, they prepared together, and he played a pivotal role in assisting her with the preliminary exams. Kritika’s cousin sister provided valuable advice and guidance, offering support at every step of the way on her path to success. Their collective support fueled her determination.

Kritika Goyal Future Plans

She envisions her future mission as the effective implementation of government priorities, ensuring that they are carried out in the most suitable manner. She firmly believes that focusing on grassroots-level initiatives can bring about significant positive changes. Her goal is to contribute towards this endeavour by striving to execute government plans and policies in a manner that benefits the local communities. With a commitment to making a difference, she aspires to work towards creating a meaningful impact in her chosen field.

Kritika Goyal Suggestions for Future aspirants

When asked to share advice with aspiring candidates, she emphasised the importance of staying true to one’s own journey. Patience, she stated, is the greatest asset in this process. Consistency is another key factor, as without it, qualification becomes unlikely. She emphasised the need to maintain a daily study routine, for even missing a single day can disrupt progress.

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