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UMA HARATHI N UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 3, Biography & Success Story

Everything you need to know about the UPSC 2023 3nd Rank Holder Uma Harathi N

NameUma Harathi N
Age28 Years
All India Rank3rd Rank
Roll Number1019872
Number of Attempts5
Optional SubjectAnthropology

Uma Harathi N Biography

Uma Harathi N, hailing from Telangana, secured the impressive third position in the 2019 UPSC Civil Service Examinations. Uma Harathi N, a proud Telangana resident, holds a degree in civil engineering. It’s important to mention her unwavering family support, with her father currently serving as the superintendent of police for the Narayanpet district and her mother dedicating her time to being a homemaker. Luckily, her father has been a strong advocate for her decision to pursue a career in the civil service.

In her UPSC journey, Uma Harathi N found success with anthropology as her optional subject. After completing her education, she dedicated six months to working at an online Civil Services Coaching Institute. Additionally, she had the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program in Japan, spending 15 remarkable days there.

Uma Harathi N Education Background

Uma Harathi N, securing an impressive AIR 3 in the UPSC 2022 examination, proudly holds a degree from IIT Hyderabad, where she pursued her B.Tech in civil engineering. Her academic journey commenced at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad, where she completed her schooling up until 10th grade. Following her graduation, Uma embarked on her UPSC preparation, opting for Anthropology as her optional subject.

In addition to her dedicated studies, Uma Harathi N gained valuable experience by working at a civil services coaching institute for a duration of 6 months. While initially intending to prepare for the UPSC exam in Delhi, she discovered that the tranquillity required for efficient preparation eluded her. Turning to her friends, she embraced the power of group study, leveraging their support to propel herself towards her goals.

Her academic background, work experience, and utilization of collaborative study methods have all contributed to her remarkable achievement.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Strategy

Uma Harathi’s path to securing the prestigious Rank 3 in the UPSC examination was marked by unwavering determination, careful strategizing, and an unwavering focus on her objective. The UPSC civil services exam demands unwavering consistency and discipline. Moreover, continuous evaluation of one’s plan is crucial for achieving success.

Throughout her preparation, Uma Harathi emphasised a comprehensive comprehension of the topics and subtopics, leaving no stone unturned. Staying updated with the ongoing events played a significant role in progressing through the UPSC assessment. She maintained a well-balanced approach across all areas and ensured thorough coverage of the syllabus. Completing practice tests proved to be a valuable tool for effective time management.

Uma Harathi N Tips for UPSC Aspirants

When it comes to making the crucial choice of taking the civil services examination, dedication and effort are imperative, regardless of one’s academic prowess. The civil services test demands substantial and conscientious preparation in order to achieve success. The journey can be quite lengthy and intricate. Consistency and discipline stand as vital pillars for any candidate aspiring to conquer this exam. It is equally important to periodically reassess and fine-tune one’s study approach at predetermined intervals.

Uma Harathi N Struggles and Challenges

Uma Harathi N’s remarkable achievement of securing AIR 3 in the UPSC 2022 exam is a testament to her resilience and determination. Uma faced numerous struggles along her journey, persevering until she finally cracked the exam on her fifth attempt.

  • Uma’s path took a turning point when she reached the interview stage during her third attempt, only to face disappointment due to her performance in the Mains exam, where her scores fell short of expectations.
  • It was during her fourth attempt, when she faced failure in the Prelims, that Uma realised she needed to make a pivotal change.
  • Reflecting upon her journey, she recognized that Geography, her chosen optional subject, was not aligning well with her strengths and abilities. This realization prompted her to switch to Anthropology, a decision that ultimately transformed her preparation.

Uma openly acknowledges that these setbacks provided her with invaluable opportunities for introspection. The failures allowed her the much-needed time to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of herself.

Uma Harathi N’s story is one of resilience, adaptation, and personal growth. Her ability to learn from setbacks and make the necessary adjustments played a vital role in her journey towards cracking the UPSC examination.

Uma Harathi N Optional Subject in UPSC

Uma Harathi N made a significant decision by opting for Anthropology as her optional subject for the UPSC exam. Initially, she had chosen Geography for her first four attempts. However, through evaluation, she came to the realization that Geography was not the ideal choice for her. In her pursuit of the right path, Uma turned to Anthropology, seeking guidance from relevant study materials and engaging in fruitful discussions with her friends.

Uma emphasized the importance of being well-acquainted with the Anthropology optional syllabus for the UPSC exam. She recognized the value of studying with focus and intention, not overwhelming herself with excessive reading. Uma believed in the principle of understanding the study material thoroughly rather than merely accumulating vast amounts of information. Mindful engagement with the UPSC study material emerged as one of the crucial factors that all aspirants should bear in mind.

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