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Effective Cost Analysis Of Your UPSC Exam Preparation

Are you curious to learn more about expenses during IAS Exam Preparation? Generally, the civil services exam preparation seems to be a costly affair. It is good that you have got this question today!

However, the cost varies from one city to the other. In this blog post, you can get a complete picture of the cost analysis from the start to the end.

Expenditure associated with IAS preparation is just increasing year after year. In spite of this fact, the craze for a career in civil services is just amazing.

Candidate tends to get scared by looking at the huge amount of fees charged by IAS coaching institutes. Also, students come from far distances and stay in metro cities.

This also leads to accommodation and food expenditure. Ultimately, they want to kickstart their brilliant career. It is just a one-time effort.

The cost depends on different factors. They can be location, classroom coaching, online coaching, and a number of attempts you make.

Now, let us have a look at the most basic cost involved in the preparation for IAS exam.

How does the cost depend on Place Of Preparation?

Your IAS preparation cost depends on the city you choose to get started. Students need to afford basic amenities. It includes accommodation rent, food, transportation, water, and electricity supply.

All these basic amenities are costly in metro cities. It is a well-known fact. For example, cities like Delhi will have more expenditure when compared to Jaipur or Indore.

The most preferred area for IAS coaching in Delhiitself. Here, all the localities are considered as posh in nature. As a result, the living expenses shoot up.

If a famous locality New Rajinder Nagar is taken as an example. The fully furnished and basic amenities can go more than 15K INR. It also includes internet connection as well as library facilities.

In other localities, the room cost with basic facilities can be around 10K INR. If you are looking for other cities apart from New Delhi, you can save some money.

Apart from the living expenses, an IAS aspirant must also deal with other expenses. It includes a good coaching institute, extracurricular activities, and daily transportation.

Apart from joining the coaching institutes, you can also prepare from home. In the past few years, students are preferring to study from home.

The main advantage is the comfort zone you get. Most importantly, the other basic facilities are taken care of by your parents.

The only obstacle you find during online IAS preparation is the lack of consistency. So, be ready to work hard and own an excellent internet connection. This should be sufficient.

Online coaching is generally cheaper when compared to institutes. Instead of going all your way to the unknown city, candidates also take up this opportunity.

Nowadays, the reputed coaching institutes have got a well-defined postal course. You will be provided with a high-quality correspondence course, comprehensive study materials, and test series.

In a nutshell, IAS aspirant is the one who is responsible for the final expenditure of the preparation period.

Which Type Of IAS Coaching Do You Prefer?

There are plenty of IAS coaching institutes in Indiafor you to join. Only a handful of them offers reliable guidance. Teaching the entire syllabus demands experienced hand.

You just cannot trust anyone you want. Some of them treat it like an education business to make money. You are coming far away from home location to study. So, research is a must!

Of course, you need good coaching facilities. Students will be looking forward to join only the top IAS coaching institutes. Its time to analyze about the fees charged by them.

Here, you will have to face the variations in prices range. One category of institutes charges more than 1 lakh INR. On the other hand, there are some who also charge between 40,000 INR to 50,000 INR.

The price mentioned above includes a comprehensive study package. It includes test series, study materials, and current affairs.

When it comes to the fee structure, coaching institutes decides the pricing based on various factors. To give you a brief idea, here is the list of points to analyze.

  • If you choose complete course package with both mains and prelims, it costs you around 70K INR to 1.25 lakh INR.
  • You want help only in optional subjects, then they will charge you somewhere between 30K INR to 50K INR.
  • Do you want to take up only mock test series for practice sessions? It costs you between 10K INR to 20K INR.
  • Customized coaching only for essay writing, CSTAT, Regional language, etc. Again, this costs you between 10K INR to 20K INR.
  • Even if you just want coaching for current affairs, it is available for 5K INR to 10K INR.

The fee structure depends on the type of course you choose. If you want to get a brief idea about the entire preparation cost, I can say it will be somewhere between 1.5 lakh INR to 2 lakh INR.

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned expenses are only related to the fee structure of coaching institutes. There many other things you should also focus on. Look at the below list:

  • Standard UPSC Books
  • Monthly Magazines
  • Newspaper Subscription
  • Printed Notes
  • Solved UPSC Papers

Your Preparation Expenditure Based On Number Of Attempts

Of course, it is always said that the first attempt is the best one. You will lose enthusiasm as the number of attempts you make increases.

Generally, beginners demand detailed guidance. Because, when a candidate attempts for the first time, he/she is new to the concept.

You should basically understand the concept of UPSC preparation. It is not similar to normal examinations. You are planning to take up the most challenging exam in India.

When candidates make multiple attempts, they tend to cut down the costs related to books, accommodation, etc. Moreover, they prefer taking up online courses.

By the time candidate reach the second or third attempt, they choose to move back to the home location. Later, study on their own with the study materials they already have in hand.

So, now they wish to spend only on test series, current affairs, or small selected courses. In this way, there would be a reduction in expenditure.

In some cases, students will opt for crash courses. It has become a trend now. They just want the latest information and keep the preparation in line.

How much does the standard IAS Books Cost?

Choose any mode of preparation. It can be either online or classroom coaching. You will have to purchase the required set of books. They are of ultimate importance for your CSE preparation.

As a serious IAS aspirant, please do not ignore to purchase the basic books. In spite of the notes provided by the institutes, you will have to own them.

For example, NCERT textbooks are the most common and compulsory resource. I can expect it to cost between 10K INR To 15K INR.

You can also get the soft copies of NCERT books. Not only them, but you can also find other important reference books. Students buy it for an economical price. Sometimes, you get it for free too.

Other Expenditure During The Time Of Application

If candidates apply through online, you are supposed to pay 50 INR. However, there is an exemption for all female candidates. They need not pay the application fees.

If you apply for an exam in offline medium, then you must pay 100 INR. This is the prelims fee. For mains and interview, you need to pay 200 INR. In total, for all the three exam stages, a general candidate is expected to pay 300 INR.

However, even the physically handicapped students need not pay any application fees.

Final Words To IAS Aspirants

Ultimately, you should be ready to spend time and work hard consistently. Are you ready to dedicate the required number of hours? The success depends on how serious you are about your career.

If you have a good wifi connection and ability to self-study, you just need nothing. There are many students who have cleared the UPSC exam with top marks without formal coaching.

It is not only UPSC. There is a certain amount of expenditure for every career. You have to understand the worth. Once you are successful, all the expenses and hard times you spent will vanish.

In turn, it provides you an amazing self-satisfaction. If you aim at serving the society, you will enjoy the sense of accomplishment.