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UPSC RESULT 2021 | Final Result for UPSC Civil Services 2021

UPSC is the short form Union Public Service Commission. Known as the toughest and most esteemed test in the country, it is conducted by the union public service commission (UPSC). UPSC likewise leads various cutthroat tests to fill in different common help openings for the public authority of India. The competitive exam conducts is the Civil Services Examination (CSE), prevalently known as IAS (Indian Administrative Service) test. It is conducted in two stages, specifically UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains. The prelims test contains objective-type questions, while the inquiries posed to mains need expressive and exposition-type replying. The UPSC is answerable for directing different assessments for the post like IAS, IPS, and IFS, and so on.


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has endorsed the final result of UPSC 2021 today May 30.

The final result disclosed that Shruti Sharma indexed the No. 1 position. The top positions are accommodated by girls this year. Shruti Sharma tops the civil services exam, and Ankita Agarwal and Gamini Singla get second and third rank respectively. A total number of 685 candidates have been recommended for appointment by UPSC and the girls have stepped out to be the toppers this year.

The final result can now be checked on the official website upsc.gov.in

UPSC Top Three Ranks

UPSC results 2021 have been announced and for the first time ever, all the first three ranks have been secured by women. Below is the list of the people who secured the first three ranks

First Rank – Shruti Sharma

Shruti sharma from Delhi has bagged the first rank in the Most prestigious exam in the country. Shruti sharma is a former student of St Stephens college Delhi who graduated with a bachelors in History. She later joined Jawaharlal Nehru University to do her post graduation. She prepared and took coaching for Upsc from Islamia Residential coaching academy (RCA). Apart from her, 22 other candidates from Islamia Residential academy have passed the exam with flying colours. With first rank in upsc, she has proven that anything is possible for women.

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Shruti Sharma in a recent interview revealed that she was confident about passing the exam, but was not expecting the top rank. She aspires to become an IAS officer and serve the country.

Second Rank – Ankita Agarwal

The second rank has been secured by Ankita Agarwal, former student of Economics from university of Delhi. Political science and International relations was the optional subject taken by Ankita Agarwal in her exams.

Ankita Agarwal hails from west Bengal and she completed her schooling from Kolkata and college from Delhi. After completing college she joined a company to start working only to quit her job after a year to pursue her dream of serving the nation. Ankita had already passed the upsc in 2019. She got into IRS, but her goal was IAS. She appeared for UPSC and passed with IAS in her third attempt with an all India second rank.

Third Rank – Gamini Singla

The third rank has been secured by Gamini singla, a resident of Chandigarh. She was a graduate of btech in computer science. Sociology was the optional subject of Gamini singla

The 23 year old Gamini singla completed her college from Punjab Engineering college. She started preparing for UPSC from 2020 and she depended mostly on self study to prepare for the exam. It was a dream come true moment for Gamini when her childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer came true.

Top 20 UPSC Ranks

Below is the list of the names of people who secured first twenty ranks in upsc exam along with their respective marks.

1. Shruti Sharma – 1105 Marks

2. Ankita Agarwal – 1050 Marks

3. Gamini Singla – 1045 Marks

4. Aishwerya Varma – 1039 Marks

5. Utkarsh Dwivedi – 1036 Marks

6. Yaksh chaudhary – 1033 Marks

7. Samyak S Jain – 1031 Marks

8. Ishitha Rathi – 1030 Marks

9. Preetam Kumar – 1030 Marks

10. Harkeerat Singh Randhawa – 1026 Marks

11. Shubhankar Pratyush Pathak – 1025 Marks

12. Yasharth Shekhar – 1024 Marks

13. Priyamvada Ashok Mhaddalkar – 1024 Marks

14. Abhinav J Jain – 1024 Marks

15. C Yashwanthkumar Reddy – 1023 Marks

16. Anshu Priya – 1022 Marks

17. Mehak Jain – 1022 Marks

18. Ravi Kumar Sihag – 1022 Marks

19. Diksha Joshi – 1020 Marks

20. Arpit Chauhan – 1018 Marks

These rank holders have proved that hard work and preparation matters a lot in competitive exams like upsc. If you’re prepared well, and took efforts for the exam, you can pass with a rank too.

Most of the students who passed the IAS are from Delhi University, Jamia University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. 4 people who secured ranks within 25 are from Lucknow university. Apart from that 25 people who are differently abled with visually impaired, hearing impairment, multiple disabilities cleared the upsc exam. For the first time ever, all the four ranks have been secured by women.


Uspc is a tough nut to crack, but with hard work and preparation, anything is possible. All the rank holders proved that passing UPSC can be easy if you put in the necessary work and dedication. If you’re well prepared for the exam, you can not only pass the exams, but can pass with ranks next to your name.

A Total of 1093984 applied for UPSC Result 2021 examination, but only 5,08,619 candidates appeared for the IAS exams from which only 658 candidates passed the toughest exam in the country. The pass percentage in the IAS exam is only about 0.2%. Prime Minister Narendra wished all the aspirants who cleared the exams with flying colours.

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