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Jagrati Awasthi AIR 2 UPSC Topper 2020 Success Story

Jagrati Awasthi has topped UPSC exam 2020 with AIR 2. Jagrati Awasthi is from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She is an Engineer. She has completed her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. Jagrati Awasthi was working with BHEL as an engineer from 2017 to 2019. To become an IAS officer was a dream of Jagrati Awasthi since childhood and she completed it by her hard work and dedication. `

Jagrati Awasthi Shares her journey and preparation strategy about how she topped with AIR 2 in the UPSC exam.

Biography of Jagrati Awasthi

Jagrati Awasthi started her journey of IAS in 2019. She left her job at BHEL to prepare for UPSC. It was her second attempt at UPSC. She gave her first attempt in 2019 but unfortunately she could not clear the prelims exam. After that she left her job and gave her 100% for the UPSC exam and she cleared and topped the exam with AIR 2. She is the topper in girls. Jagrati lives in Bhopal. Her father Dr. S.C Awasthi is a Homeopathy Doctor and her mother Mrs. Madhulata is a former teacher. She has a younger brother. He is pursuing MBBS from Gandhi Medical College Bhopal.

Jagrati Awasthi was a topper from the beginning and she had a dream of becoming a collector since childhood. She left her job and made perfect strategies for UPSC preparation and she cleared the UPSC exam in just 2 years. Jagrati believes we can achieve our goals with determination and hard work. After losing her first attempt, she found out her mistakes and tried to work on it. In second attempt she succeeded and Now Jagrati has become a role model for many girls.Jagrati’s optional subject was Sociology.

Jagrati Awasthi’s UPSC Marksheet

Jagrati Awasthi’s UPSC mark sheet is given below:

General Study -1110
General Study -2121
General Study-3105
General Study-4107
Optional-1 (Sociology)138
Optional-2 (Sociology)146
Written Total859
Personality Test193
Final Total1052

IAS Preparation Strategy of Jagrati Awasthi

Jagrati Awasthi shares her preparation strategy and how she plans for the examination. Jagrati Awasthi was very determined about her study and she never lost her confidence when she lost in her first attempt. Jagrati said,”Covid 19 and lockdown created an obstacle for me but didn’t stop me. I came back and joined online classes”.

  • Jagrati Awasthi chose Sociology as an optional subject and started preparing accordingly.
  • Jagrati never attended any coaching. She says coaching is not necessary, if you are determined about your studies you can prepare by self study also.
  • She always studies for 12 to 14 hours a day. But it’s not necessary for every student. You should study according to your capabilities.
  • She advised understanding the syllabus is very necessary for CIvil Service Examination. It will help you to understand the pattern of the examination.
  • Always look for the previous year question papers. Previous years question papers help you to find out the repeated question. There is a chance that it can be repeated again in the exam. So, always focus on the previous papers.
  • Always keep surrounded with positive people. They will motivate you to do better in exams.
  • Time management is very important for IAS preparation. always make a time table and set your study time according to subjects.
  • She prepared current affairs with the help of Hindu and Vision booklet, along with Civils Daily for the Mains exam.

Clearing UPSC exam is a dream of many aspirants and hard work and positive attitude is the key to success according to Jagrati Awathi. She wants to work for the rural areas and the development of women empowerment. Jagrati Awasthi has fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer by her hard work. After quitting her job, she utilized covid time by increasing study hours. So, always find positivity in any situation. Jagrati’s journey has been challenging and inspirational for many students.

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1. Who is Jagrati Awasthi?

Answer- Jagrati Awasthi is a topper of UPSC exam 2020 with AIR 2.

2. Did Jagriti Awasthi join any Coaching Institute to prepare for CSE?

Answer- she had joined the Coaching Institute. But due to Corona, she had to come back from Delhi and since then she was fully dependent on self-study.

3. What are Jagrati Awasth’s qualifications?

Answer- Jagrati Awasthi completed her Graduation in Electrical Engineering from MANIT Bhopal.

4. What was the optional subject of Jagrati Awasthi?

Answer- Jagrati Awasthi selected Sociology as her optional subject.