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Top 5 Best CAT Coaching in Indore | IIM Admission 2024

The best CAT Coaching in Indore list is prepared after deep research and analysis into each institute’s background. We have taken enough time to complete the top 5 CAT Coaching Institutes list. The is finalized based on students’ feedback and the online reputation of each CAT Institutes.

Why Indore for CAT Preparation

Indore is one of the main cities of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. Indore is the center of many corporate offices and industries. Due to being an important city in Madhya Pradesh, it’s getting various benefits. Many companies set up their offices and factories in Indore and wanted exposure in Madhya Pradesh State. A connected network of Indian Railways and well road transport Connectivity is also a great benefit for Indore with air connectivity.

As for education, Indore is a leading education hub. Many national and international school colleges are there in Indore. There are a good number of shared accommodations, PG, and hostels in Indore. Many outsiders from other cities of Madhya Pradesh and other states reside there in Indore. The rapid rail network is also planned to be in operation in Indore.

There are many CAT coachings in Indore that one can join for preparation to get help to achieve their dreams. CAT coaching can help to improve consistency, time management, and regularity. It’s very important to choose the right CAT coaching in Indore with experienced faculty.

Top 5 CAT Coaching in Indore 2024

There are a lot of options to choose CAT Coaching in Indore. Sometimes there is confusion about choosing the best among many. Here we are listing out the top 5 CAT coaching in Indore based on various criteria, this article will help you to sort CAT coaching based on your preferred features and requirements.

  1. T.I.M.E. Indore
  2. Bulls Eye Indore
  3. IMS Indore
  4. Career Launcher Indore
  5. PT Education Indore

First Rank in the List of Best CAT Coaching in Indore 2024 is


Triumphant Institute of Management Education Privet Limited or T.I.M.E. is one of the most popular institutes among CAT aspirants. T.I.M.E. Indore is famous for its highly qualified faculty and most faculty graduate from IIT and IIM. Many students are selected for the CAT and other exams. Right guidance is very necessary for the CAT exam because of its competitive nature. Students get chances of selection if they find good coaching with excellent faculty.

The program of CAT exam is designed to train students in basic to advanced-level problems. The classroom program of T.I.M.E. Indore is the most preferred choice among the CAT students. The faculty is focused on every area of the student’s preparation. The way of developing basic knowledge is excellent. Students can assure themselves about the preparation of the exam. If any students find difficulty in a particular area, then the faculty helps them in understanding and solving the problems. These qualities make T.I.M.E. Indore one of the best institutes.

Notable features of T.I.M.E Indore-

  1. A special key feature of T.I.M.E Indore is its conceptual clarity and result-oriented nature that help students to prepare easily in a competitive atmosphere.
  2. Quality education and Comprehensive learning program,
  3. Comprehensive test and evaluated with a large number of test papers,
  4. Regular doubt-clearing sessions provided by experienced faculty,
  5. Section-wise testing that helps students to prepare individual areas,
  6. Seminars and practice by test series with detailed analysis,
  7. Concept training for more clarity.

All you need to know about T.I.M.E – Best CAT Coaching in Indore

Fee StructureINR 70000 as per course structure
Batch Size30-40 Students per batch
Study MaterialOnline and offline
Doubt SessionWeekly doubt sessions
AddressLG 3-4-5-6, D.M. Towers, Below Standard Chartered Bank, 21/1 Race Course Road, Near Zanjeerwala Square, Indore-452001
Contact No.9752095950, 9752095951, 9752095952
Email idindore@time4education.com

Pulse Phase Review – T.I.M.E. Indore mainly focused to provide best in class Course work and experienced faculty. CAT Aspirants trust T.I.M.E. for its well-structured study material. Mentor’s Profile and accessible locations are also making T.I.M.E. Indore one of the Top choices among various destinations. We recommend T.I.M.E. Indore for CAT coaching due to these features.

Other branches in Indore – No other branches in Indore

The second rank in the List of Best CAT Coaching in Indore is

#2. Hitbulls Eye

HitbullsEye Indore is a name that produced many CAT students with 100 percentiles over the past many years. They have an experience of more than 20 years in the field of test preparation. The faculty is highly qualified and experienced. They provide students with a clear path toward achieving their goals. The HitbullsEye Indore has built its reputation by setting a new milestone of success in competitive exams like CAT. The institute is dedicated to working and they guide every student about the preparation for the exam. The students scored well in the exam because of the interactive classroom sessions. Sample papers and mock tests help students to solve difficult problems. The faculty of the institute helps students by giving video lectures that they can watch at any time and prepare for the exam at home.

Notable Features of Hitbulls Indore –

  1. A special key feature of HitbullsEye coaching is their innovative way of learning with beneficial resources and highly qualified faculty.
  2. Sectional and chapter-wise tests,
  3. Excellent study material and well-designed courses,
  4. Successful test preparation that helps students build their basics
  5. Personalized monitoring in a good environment,
  6. Expert faculty with updated technologies,
  7. Online and offline classes.

All you need to know about Bulls Eye- Bes CAT Coaching in Indore

Fee StructureYes, I have a wise session available
Batch Size20- 30 Students
Study MaterialOnline and offline
Doubt SessionYes, we have doubt session available
AddressMahasagar Corporate Geeta Bhawan, 102 Manorama Ganj, Indore, Madhya Pradesh- 452001
Contact No.0731-2496000
Email idinfo@hitbullseye.com

Pulse Phase Review – HitbullsEye for CAT preparation in Indore is recommendable for its small batch size and innovative way of learning. At HitbullsEye Indore aspirants can get a better experience than other coaching institutes in terms of well-researched study material and a team of well-qualified mentors makes HitbullsEye Indore one of the top priorities for the CAT entrance exam.

Other Branches in Indore – No other branches in Indore

The third rank in the List of Top CAT Coaching in Indoreis

#3. IMS Indore

IMS is serving excellence in the field of management in more than 40 cities. IMS Indore is also a part of giving excellent education. IMS focuses on the improvement of the language section program. The faculty of the institute Indore ensures that students start loving the subjects. The institute provides personal attention. Small batches are also beneficial to interact with every student.

Their daily doubt-clearing sessions help them to find their weaknesses and the solutions to tackle the problems. IMS Indore is a beautiful center. The classrooms and library are highly updated and student-friendly. The faculty of IMS Indore helps students to achieve their goals and they continue to guide them on the path to achieve success. The institute provides a valuable preparation for the management course with sincerity, and discipline. IMS Indore offers one of the best test series which is very useful for CAT aspirants.

Notable features Of IMS Indore –

  1. Conceptual training, personalized counseling, and day-to-day doubt-clearing sessions are the key points of IMS Indore.
  2. Regular and updated study material,
  3. Personalised guidance with updated study material,
  4. Mock analysis and performance tests,
  5. Daily doubt-clearing sessions are also conducted,
  6. Limited batch size and competitive environment.

All you need to know about IMS – Best CAT Coaching In Indore

Fee StructureINR 60000 to 70000
Batch Size25 to 30 students
Study MaterialOnline/Offline
Doubt SessionYes, regular doubt session available
Address2nd Floor, Commerce House, Zanjeerwala Square, Race-Court Road – 452001
Contact No.0731-4986592, 829196698
Email idIndore@imsindia.com

Pulse Phase Review – Conceptual training, personalised counselling and day to day doubt clearing sessions makes IMS recommendable. Overall worthy and result oriented destination as CAT Coaching in Indore.

Other Branches in Indore– No other branch.

Fourth Rank in the List of Best CAT Coaching in Indore is

#4. Career Launcher Indore

Career Launcher is now becoming a brand in the education sector and specially in the field of management. Career Launcher Indore dedicatedly works towards achieving career Launcher’s vision. The centre provides personal attention with dedicating faculty right from the small batches to daily doubt clearing sessions. The faculty is always aware of the updated syllabus and changing test pattern.

Career Launcher Indore has produced excellent results in CAT exams also. Career Launcher Indore focuses on overall development of the students. The institute has been shaping the lives and career of many students. At Career Launcher the faculty enables individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. The core ideology of the institute is that they focus on excellence and technological innovation. Every program is designed very easy for students so that they can prepare them and achieve their goals.

Notable Features Of Career Launcher Indore –

  1. A special key feature of Career Launcher Indore is its special design of curriculum which enables students to prepare well in exams.
  2. Personalised monitoring by experienced faculty,
  3. Daily doubt clearing sessions,
  4. Comprehensive learning with expert faculty,
  5. Consistently high results and helps students to perform well,
  6. Unique teaching methodology and updated syllabus,
  7. Structured preparation schedule for helping students in preparation,
  8. Limited batch size and focused in a disciplined environment.

All you need to know about Career Launcher- Best CAT Coaching In Indore

Fee StructureINR 61000-65000 per course
Batch Size30 to 40 Students
Study MaterialOnline and offline
Doubt SessionYes, Daily doubt clearing sessions available
Address4th Floor, 9 MG Road, Above Yes Bank, Near TI Mall, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 452001
Contact No.0731-4049334, 9630038080
Email idIndore@careerlauncher.com

Pulse Phase Review – It is one of the best brands for CAT preparation in Indore. A well-structured study material and faculty profile additionally prime location in Indore, makes Career Launcher Indore, recommendable as most of the aspirants choose Indore for CAT coaching from various cities nationwide. Yet Career Launcher follows a Strict and well recognised SOP regarding unique teaching methodology which makes it differ and better than other coaching in Indore. Hence we recommend Career Launcher from our side for CAT aspirants in Indore.

Other Branches in Indore- 2nd floor Mahatma Gandhi road

Fifth Rank in Best CAT Coaching in Indore is

#5. PT Education

Every student who is preparing for the CAT exam has a dream to crack the exam. CAT coachings institute plays a major role in the preparation for the entrance exam. Every student wants to join good coaching that can solve their problems. PT Education institute is popular among CAT aspirants. The institute started in July 1993 and now it’s become a professional institute for management preparation.

The headquarter of PT Education is Indore. PT Education institute prepares for multiple entrance exams. The faculty of the institute is highly qualified and they focus on each student and try to solve their weaknesses. The institute has produced many toppers. PT Education Indore is doing great work in the education industry.

Notable features Of PT Education –

  1. Intensively researched and strategic teaching pattern is the key feature of PT Education Indore.
  2. Test series and notes are helpful for students,
  3. Limited and small batch size.
  4. Experienced and qualified faculty.
  5. Periodic performance tests,
  6. Daily doubt clearing sessions.

All you need to know about PT Education- Best CAT Coaching in Indore

Fee StructureINR 80000approx.
Batch Size20 to 30 Students
Study MaterialOffline
Doubt SessionYes, they offer doubt clearing sessions
Address4th floor, Yashwant plaza, Opposite Railway Station, Indore, Madhya Pradesh -452001
Contact No.0731- 2511500
Email idinfo@pteducation.com

Pulse Phase Review PT Education is our next recommendation because of its different but valuable features. Intensively researched and strategic teaching pattern making its positioning among top-rated and preferred CAT coaching in Indore. Our recommendation is PT Education for those who love technology-driven teaching methodology for CAT preparation.

Other Branches in Indore- No other branches in Indore

FAQs About CAT Coaching in Indore

Q-1 What factors must be considered while CAT preparation?

Answer- Focus on Reasoning, Quant and English. Time management must be in focus.

Q-2. What is the average cost of living in Indore?

Answer: Food and lodging are similar to other tier 2 cities. Transportation is cheap as it uses in sharing public transport mode.

Q- 3. How is local transport in Indore City, does it help to be reachable in Indore?

Answer: Local transport network of city buses and sharing auto is very good in Indore, most of the Coaching centres are well connected with the public transport network.

Q-4. What is the best time to join CAT coaching?

Answer: The best time to join for CAT coaching is in the starting of graduation final year. This way you will get enough time to study for the whole year while having completion of degree.

Q-5. Is it necessary to join coaching for CAT?

Answer: However, it is not necessary to join any coaching institute to prepare for the CAT exam. If you know your strength and capabilities you can clear the exam without any coaching.

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