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How to nail UPSC IAS Prelims?

Almost 90 days are left for the big day, the UPSC Prelims. Are you ready with your preparation plan? Now is the time to recollect the knowledge you have gathered and test it out, whether it is sufficient to beat the heat of the exam or not. Most of you fall under the category of those students who maintain a dependency over others in terms of education.

The complete blame for the running tendency doesn’t fall over you rather your parents, surrounding society and our outdated education system also plays a major role in it. We all are into the midst of gaining education through our comfort zone without pinching an extra effort of tiresome.

Unlike various career choices, IAS exam preparation asks a different attitude towards career advancement. Instead of memorizing predefined facts and figures, it focuses on raising questions and challenges on the facts. It’s a dream career for those who are willing to explore, interpret and understand something different from textbooks. Though, textbooks are necessary but what if you are not learning extra from them. Getting into an IAS stream asks for a clear vision towards creating a new foundation of a system that encourages independent thoughts. It relies upon creating a new chapter instead of reciting the old one. OR Take Help from Top IAS Coaching in Delhi

If you are still not ready with your final preparation plan for the UPSC Prelims, then you must head now towards making the final touch to your studies, as the time waits for none. To give a shot to your success ride, you can take the help of certain tips and be ready to lead the queue.

  • Double revision before an exam: you should plan your studies very carefully. You should strictly consider revision time for every subject. Especially, revision of general studies and aptitude sections should be done twice at least a week before the exam.
  • Analyze your focus portions: Analysis of exam pattern is very much necessary; you should focus on those portions from which most questions are asked. Make a detailed preparation of those heads from the best available sources.
  • Solve mock test papers: pay special attention to solving sample question papers and previous years question papers. It will help you in getting a complete idea over accuracy and speed management. Also, you can also learn the best way to find the most appropriate option in the exam.
  • Make your basic clear: remember, IAS exam focuses mainly on clarifying the concept rather the mugging up the predefined facts and figures. To avoid any confusion, you must pay special attention to clearing up the basics with thorough understanding and analysis.

Following the above tips will help you in targeting your goal with a clear perspective. Target your goal depending upon your talent to achieve that. It’s high time and you have to make the most of it by putting your 100% in it. Study whenever, wherever you can. Just focus on your goal and think nothing beyond that. Listen to your teachers carefully and follow a detail-oriented learning process to nail your success.

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