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Study Tips for The Last 20 Days Before Prelims UPSC Exam

Do you want to know how to prepare in the final 20 days before the UPSC exam? Here, in this blog post, you have the best strategy to boost your IAS exam preparation in the last few days.

We have discussed with the previous year toppers and have come up with the following tips. Follow them to gain the best preparation strategy.

Every IAS aspirant must take these tips seriously. Otherwise, you might lose important aspects before attending the most challenging exam.

  • In the final days, give the highest importance to the revision of all subjects. Students are already preparing from day 1. So, you would have been learning for a long period.

So, give more time for revision. This helps you to recall more points on the exam day. The tendency to forget the information is very less. You need not struggle to remember the points while writing answers.

  • Practice a lot of mock question papers. It will definitely prepare your mind for the upcoming final exam. Yes! Absolutely. Practice makes a man perfect.

When you do such rigorous practice, you learn how to crack the tricky questions in the UPSC exam. For example, learn how to choose the best correct option in prelims.

You will also know how to eliminate the wrong answers easily. How to deal with an unknown question? What to do when you know only the partial concept? Get it only with constant practice.

  • Please do not stop reading the newspapers. It is one of the common mistakes IAS aspirant tends to make in the last few days. You can really seek important information by consistently going through the newspaper.

In the end, reap the benefits and enjoy your success. Make sure you do not go deep into the articles. It is simply a waste of time. You are expected to have an overview of the important topics.

  • Have you enrolled in any of the mock test series? If you have joined any reputed IAS coaching institute, they will provide you with the mock tests. Otherwise, you can also get on the internet for free as well as paid.

Assume you are writing the real exam while attending the mock test series. This improves your confidence level. Later, get it evaluated and check the marks obtained.

Identify the mistakes and rectify them without fail. Try to analyze your mistakes without which it is impossible to score top rank in UPSC. Finally, you will know how to write only the correct answers.

  • Learn what is your strong point and weak point. Just going on learning new concepts and writing mock tests will not help you. It is mandatory to understand your caliber completely.

It helps you to hit the perfect target. With this mentality, you find it easy to deal with the guesswork. Of course, you need to be smart in guessing.

Wrong answers will definitely fetch you the negative marks. It is not safe right? So, learn how to do proper guessing and be on the safer side.

  • Do not feel low if you score fewer marks in mock tests. It is completely okay! Be happy that you got another opportunity to correct yourself before the final exam.

It is one of the best ways to learn for the future. Mock tests can never be the same replica of the final exam papers. It is designed in a quite different manner.

So few marks should not push you into depression. It happens to most of the candidates. Please do not go out of the mood. Take it positively and analyze your mistakes again.

  • Get to know about the missing point. Why you are not able to score well. Is it the problem with knowledge or question difficulty level? What can be the reasons?

Honestly find out the reasons and commit yourself to the learning routine. This is one of the most ignored last minute study tips by students.

  • Sometimes, you might not come across certain types of questions during the practice time. So, do not worry! When you see it all of a sudden, accept the new thing. It will teach you something for sure.

So, be prepared, know it in prior, and learn from it. Please do not panic in such a situation. It all demands your positive mindset. Otherwise, you cannot build your confidence in the last 20 days.

  • It is fine if you experience any new concept. It is not possible to prepare for the 100 percent syllabus. Some small topics would have been left here and there.

You should have calm and composed mind during last minute preparation. If you have made honest attempts from the beginning, then there is no need to worry. Be confident about the success.

  • Do not stress that kills your peace of mind. Please avoid junk food, maintain a healthy balanced diet, and get a good sleep. Too much of tension is really not a good sign.

Ultimately, it will decrease the efficiency of candidates in the last minute. So, keep following the normal routine and observe whatever you implement. Preparation without analysis is of no use.

20 Days Revision Study Plan For Prelims IAS Exam

Do you want to see how a last 20 days study plan looks like? Here is the plan. I have included both the weekly as well as a monthly plan.

I have assigned three rounds of revision. You can reduce or increase based on your ability. Each revision is implemented for one week approximately.

Are you ready to start the 20 days study plan implementation? Go ahead and continue reading.

May 13 to May 15 (3 Days)

You can start off with general issues on environmental ecology, History of India, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Indian National Movement.

As you have 3 days time, you can also cover the revision of Indian and World Geography. Also, I would suggest you complete Indian Polity & Governance.

May 16 to May 18 (3 Days)

In the next set of 3 days, begin with Economic & Social Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Sustainable Development, Social Sector Initiatives, and Demographics.

May 19 to May 20 (2 Days)

Finish the revision of General Science in the next 2 days. Also, you would have made notes of current affairs of both national and international news. Revise the same.

May 21 to May 22 (2 Days)

Why don’t you complete these set of topics quickly? It includes Paper 2 (CSAT), Logical Reasoning, Comprehension, Decision Making, Basic Numeracy, Interpersonal Skills, General Mental Ability, Data Interpretation.

May 23 to May 25 (3 Days)

Now, you have completed the first 10 days of time table. You have reached the midpoint of the journey. Solve the set of practice papers now. You will know the level of preparation. It also boosts your confidence.

May 26 to May 27 (2 Days)

Revision of conventional subjects should be a good choice at this point of time. It includes History, Polity, Science, Geography, and the Environment. It will better to include current affairs along with these subjects.

May 28 to May 29 (2 Days)

Again get started with current affairs. Go through all the notes you have made till date. Cover the international and national topics. Sounds like a plan?

May 30 to June 1 (3 Days)

This is the final 3 days before the exam. The perfect time to reduce the study pressure. Just go for a small number of revision periods. I would suggest you do meditation. It helps to keep yourself calm and self-motivated.

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Unique Methodology to Work On CSAT

Are you from a technical background? If you have a good mathematical and analytics background, it becomes easy to crack this paper.

You can solve 4 question papers of previous years. It should be a sufficient thing to do in the last week of preparation.

Do you have a non-technical background? Don’t worry! Purchase a set of 6 CSAT papers from a reputed resource. Go ahead and solve them. Do not look into the answers.

Prepare for the mistakes from standard resources again. It would be beneficial to solve 50 plus reasoning based questions. You can take the help of Arun Sharma’s book.

Remember, the questions that appear in CSAT are very basic in nature. You are expected to solve simple logic. It should be easy to clear this exam phase with the required qualifying marks.

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