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Importance Of Experienced Mentor During Your IAS Preparation

Do you really need the help of mentors during UPSC preparation? You shall discover about the role of IAS mentor in this blog post. Let’s dive in!

It is a well-known fact that UPSC syllabusis quite huge and complex in nature. So, candidates preparing for UPSC exam tend to lose themselves inside the syllabus.

Some days, you end up reading the newspapers for hours together. Do you think it is a wise implementation? In spite of spending so many hours, aspirants find difficult to recall.

When you are unable to recall the important news, it is definitely a waste of time and energy. Will you agree? There is a possibility of buying too many unwanted books.

In the end, you cannot even manage to complete a single book. Students will not realize that they are killing time. It continues for months together.

Eventually, you seem to be confused with the preparation. You end up with bad conceptual clarity and will be unable to present your answers properly on paper.

Before learning about the benefits of having a mentor, get to know about the problems faced by IAS aspirants.

# Understand The Difference Between Mentoring And Coaching

Students tend to use both the terms mentoring and coaching in the same situation. But, it is not right. Please do not be mislead by this confusion.

Both of them follow a different set of principles. Mentors believe in long term relationships with students. They focus on providing positive growth and success to the IAS aspirant.

Basically, he is a source of wisdom, knowledge, positivity, teaching, and support. Do you agree that a mentor is totally different than a normal teacher?

Coaching is a short-term relationship. The connection with students is for a limited time period. The main focus is to provide the committed knowledge in a specific course duration.

Coaches help the IAS aspirants by correcting the behaviors through a standard explanation. Personalization is not the point of concern here.

Mentors and Coaches provide incredible value to the IAS aspirants. However, mentors are responsible for personalized guidance and commit for the long term.

During coaching, you get a chance to attend the classes and improve in certain areas. You can seek help in acquiring immediate explanation of targeted subjects.

# Problems Faced By IAS Aspirants

  • The candidates end up in great confusion. They will not know what to study and what not to study. This is the killing doubt that pushes you into an uncertain situation.

With so many books in front of you, it becomes difficult to find out what to study. There is so much information available on the internet.

As a new student, you will definitely find it difficult to differentiate between useful information and unwanted resource.

  • Preparing for the IAS exam is like running a marathon. A smooth preparation demands at least one year. So that you will be able to cover the entire UPSC syllabus with multiple revisions.

In fact, students easily lose their focus on studies. You will need motivation in such a situation. It lets you study consistently.

  • Students are not always right. You will need to get corrected at regular intervals. Without monitoring, it is very difficult to keep yourself in the right track.

If you are with a trustworthy mentor, he will take care of everything related to correction and guidance. As a serious IAS aspirant, one has to go through certain steps.

It includes study, test, receive feedback, and seek evaluation. You need to have an experienced mentor to undergo this process of preparation.

  • In UPSC exam preparation, practice is the key to success. Ensure that you write a maximum number of answers possible. Solve a good number of questions.

It improves your writing skills for sure. However, only writing will not fetch you perfection. Evaluation and feedback are necessary. Try to get authentic feedback from experts.

# Importance Of Personalized Guidance in UPSC Exam Preparation

Every IAS topper is definitely gets inspired by a great mentor. The role of a mentor is enormous. Sharing knowledge is just one portion. Talking and learning from his experiences is more than wonderful.

Coming to the importance of having a mentor, it is not easy to go through a full-fledged preparation. A fresh candidate needs guidance from an experienced mentor at any cost.

In the early days of preparation, you tend to face some of the common questions. Here is the list of some.

  • What is the best way to start my IAS preparation?
  • Which is the suitable optional subject for me?
  • How to manage both my work as well as IAS preparation?
  • How to prepare a perfect study time table?

In this way, you will have a lot of doubts running through your mind. Get it cleared by a teacher who owns the related experience.

# Benefits Of Having An Experienced Mentor During UPSC preparation

Generally, reputed IAS coaching institutes take care of providing you with good mentors. Now, it is the perfect time to learn about the benefits of seeking mentorship.

What happens when students get experienced mentors during IAS preparation period? They will get a chance to undergo one on one training sessions.

It will be scheduled on particular days of the month. Sometimes mentors will be ex-civil servants. Otherwise, they would have at least the interview stage.

What if the student has taken an online course? Will they get the benefits of mentorship? Yes! Definitely. It depends on the coaching institute. In turn, they conduct online video sessions.

  • Mentors help you in the everyday study plan. Discuss your personalized requirement with a mentor. He will suggest you the study time table based on the same.
  • You will be asked to solve the subjective question on a daily basis. So, it helps to improve your writing skills.
  • Ask doubts on a regular basis. You need not wait for any particular time. There is a dedicated session for each one of you. Clear your doubts and get ahead with the preparation smoothly.
  • They will help you to complete the syllabus in time. Also, you can accomplish a sufficient number of revisions. You are made to practice properly for both Prelims and Mains exam stage.
  • Ultimately, a candidate is ensured to experience the unique learning experience with a mentor. Your duty is to find a reliable resource.

# Role Of IAS Mentor In Student’s Preparation Period

In the civil services exam, none of the mentors prefer teaching students like in schools. They just guide you through the right path and reveal the techniques to prepare well.

Do you want to be successful in the UPSC exam during first attempt itself? Of course, it depends on the individual’s efforts and hard work.

The mentor is supposed to identify the candidate’s mistakes and correct them whenever needed. In addition, mentors are also responsible for the following:

  • In case, there is a certain change in UPSC question paper pattern. You will be totally engrossed in preparation. Mentors will notify you about the important changes.
  • Suppose, you are finding it difficult to understand the concept even after reading it many times. Mentor will help you get the conceptual clarity.
  • Current affairs are the most dynamic subject. You might not know how to analyze the news articles. Which points to remember? How to include them while writing an answer. Mentors provide support in analyzing the current affairs.

Do you still not have a mentor? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and find one! Please build the required presence of mind and patience to listen. Check out the top 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Carefully pay attention and implement whatever they suggest you. However, assess what a mentor says. You might not feel every point as the right thing to implement.

Just because they have appeared for the exam before you, it does not mean they are perfect in everything. Before implementation, think wisely.

Try to get in touch with an organization where they have mentors with more than 10 years of experience. They should be ready to work for your success.

# How to Be Successful With a Mentor?

It is very important for a candidate to invest a good amount of time with a mentor. Choose only the one who fits naturally to your expectations.

Ultimately, you should be able to share the exam fears and goals openly. Only then they can find ways to help you. Please do not expect the mentor to work on your short term needs.

Do you find any point of area as difficult to perform? Share your failure and difficulty with the mentor. Never hesitate regarding this aspect. Otherwise, it will lead to failure.

Pay attention to what your mentor says. After listening, do your research and then implement it. Anyways, do not misuse the relationship with your mentor.