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Rules to Crack IAS at the First Attempt

If you are one of those IAS aspirants want who want to succeed at the very first attempt then just follow some intelligent rules. Preparation for IAS Exam has to be special as it is the mother of all exams in India. There are some students who get just one and last attempt to clear these exams and there are also some students who can’t afford many attempts because of financial constraints or some other family responsibilities.

If you are one of those, then just cheer up because we will guide you with some simple yet effective rules to make your dreams come true.

Choosing Coaching Sources

There are many IAS coaching centers in India so do good research on them before you choose the one that best suits you. Some of you may opt for a center away from home, for them checking on the infrastructure facilities available is very important e.g. for example food, lodging, water, light, location, etc. Some others may choose a center near their home where they need to work on curbing their present obstacles and focus on preparing well.

One can start by choosing a separate quiet room or corner in the house to study and staying away from friends and relatives a bit more to avoid unnecessary distractions. There is good news for even those students who can’t afford to go to IAS coaching centers. These days almost all study centers have developed some great websites for students. While most of them are paid but there are also a few free sites. Referring to these online help is also very useful.

Plan Study time

As the old proverb goes “A stitch in time saves nine”. Whatever is your syllabus and whatever is the time available for you just plan it well for best results. Plan each day, week and month’s study beforehand and do your best to go by the way your plan.

Revise well

Pay good attention to revisions because this is a great short cut to success. Refer to some good books and notes and set aside time for your revisions. It will not just help you in good memory but also in clearing your doubts instantly.

Take up mock Tests and Exams

Periodic tests and mock exams will surely raise your confidence and brush up your knowledge to a great level. So look forward to these mock exams. Collect old exam papers to get a good idea of the pattern of the exams. Making a list of the expected questions is also a good study plan.

Remain Motivated

At all times keep up your spirit and keep yourself motivated. Read blogs and articles written by toppers, watch motivational videos in your free time. Speak to people who share the same dream as you and always create a positive environment around yourself.

Always remember that hard work with some smart planning is the key to success. So give your best foot forward by following these rules because UPSC preparation always needs a well-planned strategy to achieve your goal successfully.

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