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10 Myths About UPSC Exam

There are a few myths that spread in the air regarding the UPSC civil services examination. In this article, we will talk about Top 10 popular myths about USPC Exam.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is one of the most renowned exams in the country. There are many people out there who aspire to clear this examination. Aspirants burn their midnight oil to clear this examination and serve the nation. This civil services examination holds a very crucial place not only among youngsters but also for people of various age groups.

People who want to clear the UPSC exam put their hearts and soul into preparation. They push themselves to the maximum limits. But, what happens when you are preparing for this crucial exam and you are surrounded by various myths. People have created a lot of myths about UPSC exams and to shoo them off is a very critical task.

If you have also become a victim of these sorts of myths, then this is the right place for you. In this article, you will witness the Top 10 Myths about UPSC Exam that you should blow away from your life and concentrate on your goal.

Myth #1: UPSC is the toughest examination

UPSC has been considered as one of the toughest examinations prevailing in the country. But, it is not the case. Various people have dreamt to serve the nation through civil services. It is due to a large number of candidates and extensive competition, that people consider it as the toughest one. You can overcome this myth by preparing well and not losing your self-motivation. With persistence, dedication, and hard work anything is possible.

Myth #2: UPSC is linked to English fluency

Most people believe that UPSC can be cracked by only those candidates who are fluent in English speaking. This is contrary. The fact is that in UPSC, the candidate is selected based on the skill set and knowledge he/she possesses. The candidates have been given the privilege to appear for the examination in their regional language. So, this is a sheer myth.

The most important thing is not the language, but how clearly and effectively you present your concept or knowledge on the given subject. UPSC is the test of a candidate’s, conceptual, clarity, knowledge, and analytical ability

Myth #3: UPSC can only be cleared with the help of coaching

You can prepare well for your UPSC exam without coaching. It is not at all mandatory that you can crack the exam only if you have taken IAS coaching. The strategies, notes, current affairs magazines, tips, everything is just available online. A well-planned study can lead you to success in UPSC exams. Nowadays, there are ample resources available online that you can use for your boon. These resources can help you strategize and prepare well for D-day. You can even crack the exam with self-study. Clearing the exam only depends upon your hard work and dedication, so there is no ardent need for coaching.

Myth #4: Years of preparation is required to crack UPSC

Many people say that you can crack UPSC only if you spend years preparing for it. This is completely ironic because if you are disciplined enough then you can crack the exam even on the first attempt. You just need to be focused on your goal and everything else would be done. If you make a proper timetable for yourself and follow it meticulously, then no one can stop you from clearing the examination.

Myth #5: UPSC only checks intelligence

UPSC examination is a blend of various aspects of human personality. You can’t relate UPSC only with the intelligence because you need to be vigilant enough to tackle various situations and come out of them with flying colors. You need to be aware of your surroundings and your country to clear UPSC.

Myth #6: Aspirants should study for the whole day

You must have heard people saying that you should study for the whole day to crack UPSC. This is not apt because even the study of some hours done effectively will be fruitful. Whenever you are about to study, then you should concentrate enough to thoroughly understand the things. Once you are focused enough, you don’t need a whole long day to study.

Myth #7: Cracking UPSC is only luck

You must have come across this famous proverb “Hard work is the key to Success”. So, this must answer your myth. Cracking UPSC is not a luck factor. It is your hard work, dedication, and perseverance that determines your success.

Myth #8: IAS officers are more powerful than IPS, IRS, IFS

Every officer has their own set of roles and duties. It is not written anywhere that IAS officers have supreme authority over officers of other ranks. The powers of the officers are only associated with their concerned departments. So, it is not apt to say that IAS officers exercise more power than others

Myth #9: IAS officers can’t be removed from their position

This would be completely inappropriate to say that IAS can’t be removed from their position. If the IAS officer is found indulged in any kind of malpractices then he/she can be removed from their position by the state government. You should exercise your powers effectively if you become an IAS officer.

Myth #10: Only toppers can crack UPSC

This is the 10th Myth about UPSC Exam that Only Toppers can crack the IAS Exam. UPSC has nothing to do with the toppers. If you want to crack the UPSC exam, then you should be consistent. There is no link between UPSC and the academic toppers. Many instances have been observed in which candidates with average academic records have excelled in the UPSC exam. So, cracking the exam depends upon your efforts.

The analytical reports of UPSC exams show candidates from all backgrounds and mostly average academic performance get through the exams successfully. UPSC exams demand a dedicated regular schedule of focused study and the right understanding of the subjects rather than family backgrounds and academic achievements.

Bottom Line

These are some of the 10 common myths about the UPSC exam that needs to be busted. You only need to believe in your inner conscience and hard work to excel in UPSC. No myth should stop you from giving your 100%. You should focus on your goal and remain disciplined to crack UPSC and make your dreams a reality.

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